A list of people I'd like to thank:

Kriegsmariner: For long hilarious conversations involving food. Read his story, Insomnia.

DamageDodge: Friend on the site with excellent fanfics. Let's help this guy get 100 reviews. DO IT! YOU WILL!

Amber Treelights: Another great writer who reviewed every chapter. For that, she wins twenty internets :D

Brohoof'd: Great writer with a great fanfic. Also, he's british. Eeyup.

SoundofRainfall: A reviewer and friend with awesome fanfics. This writer was one of my main sources of inspiration.

And my two beta readers, Exploderizer The Brony and Zero Starlight! They both rock and need more recognition, especially Zero. Read their fics!

I would also like to thank Lauren Faust, who created a show I never thought would capture me so strongly and keep me awake until 4am.