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The Kitsune Sanin and the Three Lovers: Chapter Five

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***** Previously

Sasuke shook his head at the memory and how he retold it. Both Itachi and Sasuke where now drying themselves of in the locker room and getting changed and where about to head out. Itachi looked around, "let's find the rest of our group and go out for some food. They split up and told the other on which restaurant to go to when they had everyone.

About half an hour later it was quarter to six when the all showed up and when in to have a meal with one another, Gaara had even brought Matsuri. They all joked around and had a good time with one another's company, they were the loudest people in the place and none of them where even drinking any type of alcohol.

***** Currently

After the meal had been finished Naruto walked off with Sasuke, Gaara, Kakashi, and Itachi. Anko and Yugao were going to follow them when they were stopped. Tsume and Hana were smirking at them. "Well Naruto did say that we had other testing to do, but it actually needs to be done now. Please follow us." Tsume stated as she started walking in a random direction. When they came to a stop they were in the middle of a clearing.

Hana turned around and looked at the two women standing there. "Well to be honest, you two are possibly some of the only few that I will even think of letting him being shared. I really don't have a test for you but my mother does. So I will pass it over to her."

Tsume had not yet turned around. "You two need to understand that I am getting old and don't provide too much to this group as a whole besides experience, something the younger ones only slightly lack now. However I know more about politics, laws, regulations, and policies than anyone else here. Every member of this group has their own special skill set. Naruto is the leader but will listen to every single person here. You are untested as for now. I am a political advisor for Naruto. Kakashi holds knowledge that will lead to future training. Sasuke and Itachi are the better eyes than the rest of us. Obviously my children are here for added strength and support to the main group. However, from what I understand is that, Anko, with you in our group it will make things easier trying to get information, thanks to you time in I&T. Yugao you're an incredible swordsman, and Naruto feels that he is going to have his own village have the academy teach how to sword fight for basic. All I am trying to tell you is that you have already in a way passed my test, however to pass the rest of it you will learn from me about politics, simple as that, Hana your turn."

Hana stared at Anko and Yugao for several seconds before speaking up, "Well my test isn't one that you can pass now, in fact, all it is, is to see you true loyalties, and before you go on about leaving the village and all that crap, I want to see your loyalties." Hana was gone after that and Tsume turned around and looked at the two women, she smiled and disappeared herself.

***** Elsewhere

"Ken are you sure that this will work?" A man said as he looked at the summoning circle that the due had drawn in the clearing.

"Eizen, Shut up, for Kami's sake Orochimaru and Kabuto we're able to pull this off why can't we?" Ken said disgusted at the other man's lack of enthusiasm.

"Just do it you fool." A woman standing clear of the both of them was perched in a tree.

From there the two started to do the hand seals, however neither of the two knew anything about sealing, and well when the summoning circle expanded and consumed the due, they were un aware that this would lead to their demise. Flames rose up from the circle scolding the two men to burned crisps, until a cold breeze blew out the flames, there in the middle of the seal was the desired summon with one other person.

The desired summon looked around cautiously. Then she noticed the tall woman standing beside her, she had pure white hair as if it was snow it looked really silky she had a strange looking forehead protector with a kanji for oil engraved in red she had on pink lipstick and a red line on each side of her face that ran from the corner of her eye to midway down her cheek. The woman had black eyes, she had on a red dress that reached upper to mid thighs, and on it was dragon racing around the dress. She was apparently shoeless however.

The tall woman looked around until her eyes fell on the desired summon, she happened to be butt naked, and then she looked at the woman that was with the two men that had summoned them. "Well how convenient" the woman muttered softly, then she was gone and back again in the matter of a split second. The other woman's clothes in hand. "Here put this on."

Tayuya looked at the woman and the took the clothes gratefully, "Well I don't really understand what's going on, but I understand that you just saved more or some other crap like that, but what are we supposed to do now?"

The woman looked at her for a second, "Well Orochimaru is dead, from my understanding so is the rest of his little regime, you can start over again and come with me to the one that I knew would change the world. So if you would like to last a little bit longer follow me."

Tayuya wasn't entirely sure that she should just out right trust the woman next to her, but weighing in her options she decided that the best course of action was to listen to the woman, who could probably beat the living hell out of her if she so dared. "Alright but which way are we headed?"

The older woman looked at her and smiled only slightly, "To the ruins of a once proud nation." With that the two women were off leaving the tree dead bodies to rot.

***** With Naruto

'So we really need to start heading out.' Naruto thought. Kakashi and Gaara were standing in the Kazakage office with a map on the desk in front of them. "Well my original plan is to head to every nation I can and see what people I can recruit and to alert them of my intentions. So according to the plan I'm sending, you two with Rin, Hana, Sasuke, Kiba, and Itachi to the ruins of Uzugakura, after you go through tea country, from there I'm placing you two in charge of the ones there, I want houses rebuilt and fortifications to be made by the time I return. In my plan B if an incident were to happen I will Harishin to Uzu with the rest of my scout group, I want written progress reports every week, and I will be using the placement jutsu that Pien had used to talk his organization, I will be doing this with Sasuke and Itachi."

Kakashi and Gaara nodded, Kakashi was wondering about something that was said however, "about the house's, should we rebuild the houses, exactly like they were, or shall we perhaps change them to more modern?"

"A good question, I feel that we should keep most of the west side and center of the village as original as possible, do as you please with the rest. I want the market to be parallel with Kage tower not perpendicular, I find that foolish, anyone trying to reach the Kage would go through that area killing as many people as could, this way only a small portion will be hit instead of the whole damn thing." Naruto stated.

"What of Konoha?" Gaara stated

"Inform Temari that once the remainder of the group that I have established, has join my forces, the attack will commence, she may do whatever she wishes until then so long as it doesn't compromise us and our plans, and so long as Konoha exists with their brain washing fools, peace will never belong, when the attack happens a select few civilians will be saved." Naruto stood from his hovering position.

"First I will be heading through Bird Country and going to Earth to explain what is happening, I will be doing either little to no recruiting there, after what my father has done I doubt that I will be just walking in the nation without some form of suspicion, however when they know that the son of the flash is on their side I believe that they will full on agree that the will help us with anything, no matter the distance it is to Iwa." Naruto took a breath and lead his finger along the map to show where he was going.

"Then I will be cutting back into Ame, recruiting and explanation, then Kusa, however I doubt that they will lend over anyone. From there Taki, then going through Oto, risky as that is due to them being hostile to everyone, I also do not plan on any explanation. Then I will be onto Lighting, from there I will double back into Fire Nation pick a few more people up and head to Mist, from Mist onto Uzu." Naruto answered.

"When is this to all to place?" Questioned Kakashi lazily.

"As soon as we depart from Suna, remember avoid Konoha Shinobi at all costs, we are wanted for desertion." Naruto finished by turning around and looking out the window with a deep breath.

Kakashi seeing as the small meeting was done headed out; he wanted to speak with Rin. Gaara on the other hand stayed.

He walked up to Naruto's side, "It's tough to make decisions isn't it."

Naruto just continued staring out the window, "You already know the answer to that question Gaara, as did I with this career, however to lead a small group when almost everyone you used to know is out for your blood is a different story all together."

The two just stood there in silence as the both understood the price of making decisions was. Naruto let out a groan as he cracked his back. A Knock on the door alerted the two that someone was here to see them. Gaara responded like a Kage should by asking for the person to enter.

Tsume entered the room and bowed slightly. Something odd for her to do, but she had her thoughts else were. "Naruto-kun may I speak with you privately?" She asked.

Naruto sighed he had figured something along these lines was coming, he looked at Gaara and started for the door, "We will finish this later Gaara." Gaara nodded and Tsume turned and headed out the door with the much younger man with her.

***** With Tsume and Naruto

As they were walking in the direction of a training field Tsume started, "So what are your plans with Anko and Yugao?"

"Well simply put I believe that they will be great additions to our group, and my only thought was to last in a fight against each and everyone in the group all at the same time, and judging by the glare you're sending my way you think I'm crazy, obviously they won't succeed, however this is mainly a timed thing, to see how long the can fight off the group, if the last longer than the pre-determined time then that passed my test, and the reason that I am doing this is because I have a small feeling that there will be a large conflict coming up and we as of right now will be outnumbered on a large scale, this test isn't to see if the can join us but be allowed on the front lines with the others that I have deemed fit for this kind of task." Naruto justified.

Tsume stared up at the sky in deep thought and looked at the younger man next to her, "that is very well thought out, and even brilliant, you're not only planning on who will be fit for front line duty, but also preparing them."

"Exactly," Naruto said as he stopped in the middle of the training field, "Now as I already figured that isn't all that you wanted to talk about when you called me out."

"Well you're right Naruto this may hurt slightly, but when we shared that night of passion the other day, I don't think that either of us were thinking clearly. Now it hurts me to hurt you, but my feelings for you are not in the right place for that kind of relationship, besides you have my daughter." Naruto how had been frowning beforehand was doing nothing but standing there and listening like he had already figured this was coming. "That and my age I cannot produce children, and sooner than you will, I will die of old age."

Naruto grunted, "Well age is something that really doesn't bother me, and as much as I want to yell and tell you that you are wrong and all that I simply already knew that this was coming and to tell the truth, I understand and I will always accept you no matter what type of path you want, so please live your life as you wish." Naruto finish that with a genuine smile on his face as he walked up to her and kissed her on the lips.

When she pulled away she had to ask, "What was that for?"

"Naruto just continued to smile and started to walk away and said as he was about to leave. "A kiss for the road; a kiss to signify the end of one type of relationship and the start of another." With that Naruto was gone from sight.

***** With Rin and Kakashi

Kakashi entered Rin's room and looked at her as she sat on the bed looking at him. He sighed this was going to take a lot out of him. He sat in the chair that was facing her and the bed. "Listen I know that you hate me for everything that had happened in the past, but people have changed, but please do not fight this group, Rin you mean a lot to the." He was cut off.

"I understand Kakashi, What I said years ago was harsh and mindless, however it needed to be said, I idolized you and you cast not only me aside but did the same to Obito until the very end, He forgave you, as did I after a while, but that does not mean that I wish to continue our relationship, not as lovers, not as friends, you are lucky that I am talking to you as much as I am right now. As for this group I have been told nothing of what is going on so I will not join this group until that has happened, and as far as I can see I am just a prisoner of some sort, so obviously I am going to fight it." Rin said heartlessly.

Kakashi closed his eyes tight and clenched his hands to his knees and faced the floor. Then he stopped he stood, and proceeded to walk toward the door. Once there he stopped and said emotionlessly, "Rin after all the time that we have been apart I had given up hope that you were alive, cared about me, or would ever return, but the moment you threatened this group you became nothing but an enemy of mine, if you were to ever do something against this group that will endanger the lives of my friends I will put you down, also know your place, yes you are prisoner and will remain one and will not be told everything of this groups intentions, I mean how dare you, think that you will just be given all the answers as a prisoner."

Kakashi took one last glance back before opening the door and leaving. He was just walking along when he stopped a shinobi from Suna and asked where the closest bar was. He was pointed in the direction and he headed out. He was walking when the group leader was next to him. "Headed to the bar, huh sensei."

Kakashi stared at the defeated looking blonde. "Ya … some shit never changes, especially with women."

Naruto nodded, "Let's drink to that." As they entered the bar name the Sandy Warrior, they sat at the bar and started ordering drink after drink. As they sat there Sasuke came in, he then sat next to them and ordered a drink himself. Naruto looked at Sasuke as did Kakashi. "What's eating you up?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke 'hummed' with a smile that disappeared, leaving behind a loved one hurts you know."

"Ino on your mind?" Naruto asked. Sasuke looked shocked for a second, and then it was gone.

"Well I guess it's out of the bag on who I like but I feel that there is a problem that I have yet to face, you see before Sakura died, we had a small date, you know when the old guy died at the hospital, well Ino saw us and took it wrong and any time I tried explaining she would cut me off and tell me that she was happy for us. I'm not sure what to do." Sasuke looked at his drink and drank it down.

Kakashi did the same, but Naruto looked at his longer, "Well this is not to be said to anyone else in the group Sasuke but when we split up here soon I will be heading to Konoha later in the trip and rescuing a few people that we have deemed fit. I will be talking with Inoichi about getting Ino and the rest of the Rookie 12 out of Konoha before shit really hits the fan, and a word of advice about Ino, I feel that she is one that you will need to take over the situation with, understand that will only be at the start of the relationship but shut her up in a way you deem fit, and then tell her everything, I mean even all the secrets, you will need to in order to keep her with you."

Sasuke looked at him and nodded, "Let me guess I'm not going with you on this split up?"

Naruto looked solemn at that, "Sasuke it's not that I don't want your help, I need you with the other group to keep them in line, to help start the rebuilding of our village, When I head back from my trip I will be coming back for just a short time, but in that time we are getting Kitsune back and with that we will be gathering our following." Sasuke smirked at that.

"Naruto when are we testing Anko and Yugao." Kakashi spoke up.

Naruto nodded, "Much later tonight."

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