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Chapter 1

Damage was clearly seen on the grounds of the Mansion, inside the mansion old bloodstains and deep set claw marks were seen in most hallways as Weapon X tore through the place. Killing anything his claws could touch. On order. The students have yet to be returned to the school, and Charles decided that wouldn't be a good idea so he kept them at another undisclosed location to protect them.

At the mansion here, he only had the bases of people on hand. Hank also known as Beast, Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin also known as Peter or Colossus, there was himself for obvious reasons, Kurt Wagner also known as Nightcrawler, Scott Summers also known as Cyclops. Not to mention their latest member, albeit reluctantly and temporarily Victor Creed who went by more than one alias in his time, but most commonly used Sabretooth.

They all had one mission, one objective. And that was to help not only one damaged mutant, but two. Their very own Wolverine, also known as Logan and in the past James Howlett. The newest face here as well, X-23. It was disturbing to refer to her as a number. It dehumanized her into nothing more than a mere weapon. From the information they gathered on her and the letter Doctor Sarah Kinney left her name would have been Laura Kinney if she was born in a more civil means.

Doctor Kinney never made it out, and it was because of her that the X-Men managed to get both X-23 out as well as Wolverine who temporarily referred to himself as Weapon X. It was a disturbing turn of event. They had to keep the two of them locked up below. Very disturbing. Weapon X was unresponsive to humane treatment, offered help and showed many signs of post traumatic stress syndrome among other emotional problems that would have to be addressed immediately. The same went for X-23, though in a different level. She thought everything that happened to her was normal.

Charles remembered that night all too well, it was eerily calm and far too quiet for a city.

Charles found himself staring out at the clear sky, he couldn't see the stars, but he could imagine them well enough. He found himself wondering back to good times, simple times. Back before the X-Men or his first attempt to form a team, Hank was the only one who was an X-Man from the start. Mystique and himself were pretty much siblings, only back then she was called Raven. He missed her, but this life she had and the life he had, was their choice in the end on that beach. And they both will live with the consequences and the rewards of their own separate paths.

He found himself sitting there for a good hour until something started to bug him. It was quiet, too quiet. Turning on the television to create some noise he found the news not giving away anything other than the usual stuff on it. Most of it he found rather negative, and unappealing to watch. School was out; it was due to be in soon. But there were some children who lived here; they had nowhere else to go. They were all safely tucked away. Sleeping soundly. What he hoped all mutants could do one day, alongside humans.

He could sense Ororo playing chess with Scott, Jean was watching. Those three got along rather well, if he thought so himself. His students, despite them being adults themselves now. They were still his students, his children in a way. He could imagine Alexander Summers, also known as Havok, would be proud of Scott. Or at least he liked to imagine that, but he was an old man who liked whimsical fantasies at times.

Reaching out further, he tried to catch stray thoughts of random people who may be passing the school on a late night walk. No one.

"Concerning." Charles said to himself as he reached out further. Nothing. It was like everything around this school was a ghost town, or city to be more correct. The lights suddenly went out, but from what he could see the power outage was only his property. A major give away that something was going to go down. He could feel the cautious curiosity from his students.

'Get the children to safety; I fear we may be in for some trouble.' Charles thought, he made sure his students heard him loud and clear and he gave a gentle nudge to their minds to make sure they knew for a fact that he wasn't being a paranoid old man. He meant business, and they knew well enough now to not double-guess his orders. Their caution now raised and their professionalism as well, they made him proud.

Quickly, quietly they woke the children and started to move them towards the escape exits, the children were dazed and afraid, not to mention confused. But Charles couldn't focus too much on that as a mind caught his attention, but only briefly. It was pained, confused and angry. Not thinking for himself from what Charles managed to figure out, and the man was acting on orders alone. Then, nothing like something so savage and dare he say completely feral protecting that mind from Charles's own abilities.

And there was only one person he knew who could actually become invisible to him while being in the same room!

'Hurry! We're under attack!' Charles thought to Scott who now relayed it as calmly as he could and as considerate as possible to get the children wide awake and to safety. The older students, Jubilee and Peter included will look after the children. Rogue refused to leave, and she was old enough to make her decisions and Charles now knew she would have to live with her decisions.

He picked up Scott's thoughts, asking him 'Who'

'Wolverine. But I doubt he's acting on his own accord if what I managed to pick up is correct. Use extreme caution, and use lethal force against him.' Charles replied quickly, as he moved away from the windows. He was useless at the moment, but he kept reaching out to any mind he can find and kept trying to get into Wolverine's feral controlled mind. It was no use!

Charles could hear the sound of glass shattering and a snarl that seemed to carry through the darkened hallways. Then, a roar from Hank as he came face-to-face with Wolverine first. Charles could hear Wolverine growl back, words were exchanged, but were one-sided and only from Hank. Then, it was safe to say all hell broke loose!

"Hank!" Charles heard Scott yell, then the sound of Scott's own ability was heard and a loud thud. Someone getting knocked back and hard. A roar or outrage, a human sound to it, but it was completely inhumane at the same time. From here he could hear the sound those claws make when scratching deep grooves into the floor, wall's and anything else in Wolverine's way.

He would have to enter the hallway himself, he would have to catch sight of Wolverine in order to give a harder attempt to get into his mind. Shut him down, and save whoever may otherwise die by those metal coated claws. Rolling himself confidently out of the classroom that doubled as his office, it had a nice balcony attached to it. He caught sight of the frenzy, and the smell of blood was thick enough that even he could pick it up. He didn't know whose it was by scent, but by thought he knew it was Hank's.

"Are you alright Hank." Charles asked as he wheeled to a stop near the panting large mutant whose blue fur on his arms was now matted with dripping fresh blood. It was one of those nights where Hank wore a short sleeve Hawaiian top.

"I've been better, dealing with the Brotherhood is a lot easier then dealing with this frenzied scrapper." Hank answered; despite the pain his voice still carried that intelligent tone as it always does. But the small growls of pain coming from Hank was a testament to the feral part of Hank, a beast in itself with a temper as nasty as Wolverine's on the worse of days.

"I don't doubt that at all." Charles agreed, sensing before he saw, Rogue approaching.

"Professor, you shouldn't be out here!" Rogue's worried voice reached him, she was at his side. Her gloved hands touching his arm gently. Afraid of contact even through gloves because of her ability.

"I'm perfectly fine here Rogue, you don't have to worry about me." Charles answered calmly he may be paraplegic, but he had more abilities than most would imagine. He wasn't the worlds greatest psychic for nothing. Adding confidently,
"I'm quite capable of handling myself despite appearances."

"But…" Rogue protested in a small voice, her concern for him touched him, but it wasn't needed at the moment.

"Logan. Can you hear me?" Charles said out loud, to his X-Men, however he gave them an order,'stand down for now, until you are needed.' They nodded, they understood by instinct and their trust in him. He persisted, the second he heard the snarling get louder and Wolverine come into view,

Despite the casual tone he used, a confident tone. He was shocked and it was safe to say he was horrified by what he saw. There was Wolverine, stark naked with wires and other controlling devices hanging off his body. Charles couldn't see his eyes, but knew they were wild looking. The helmet had a visor of sorts on it, further control no doubt. Some of the wires buried underneath his skin and seemed to go for a few inches before disappearing. Deeper no doubt. Charles could see three battery like things hanging off his waist concealing some, but not much of Wolverine's dignity. Or what was left of it, if any at all.

Charles reached out mentally, trying to get Logan to acknowledge their presence in any way, but just found himself met by a wall of feral rage and a deep thirst for blood. To kill. His only purpose was to kill.

"Logan you have to stand down, now! You hear me! Or you will do something you'll regret for the rest of your life, do you hear me?" Charles called out, knowing full well the savage man could hear him fine. But as Charles knew and expected it to. It fell on deaf ears, and Wolverine charged.

"Professor!" Scott insisted, hand traveling to his visor as a precaution.

"No." Charles said firmly, a frown marred his features as he put his hands to his own temples. He focused in a general location, and the feral wall he kept meeting now that he knew how exactly to look for it, despite the fact that the mind he was trying to reach was still unreachable and nearly invisible to him in a sense. Using an ability he nicknamed for the sake of others, he used a psionic blast. Which focused correct allows him to project psionic force bolts which have no physical effect, but can affect a victims mind. It could cause the victim pain, unconsciousness and if Charles allowed it to, it could kill.

He was using it as a deterrent against Wolverine, and it worked to a point. It forced Wolverine back and to one knee. Snarling and growling he shook his head savagely, Charles noted that it reminded him of a dog who was trying to shake something off of its head. It didn't dislodge the helmet at all, but he could see blood. The helmet was on him pretty good. He could tell his X-Men were stunned slightly, they knew what he could do, but didn't know how ready he was to use his own abilities.

And he used a strong enough psionic blast to knock Wolverine unconscious, him getting up to his feet again was a testament to the feral mutant's strength in his mind alone.

In the end Charles remembered he had to get Scott to use his own ability while Charles masked their presence well enough and created a strong enough illusion to distract Wolverine long enough for them to back up out of the strike range of Wolverine. It gave them a bit of time to refocus, regroup and come up with a strategy that could be useful. Storm's own ability became a big help, her lightning was a bigger deterrent in some ways, then Charles's own mind, but he could tell Wolverine was wary of it now. He didn't want the man to be wary, but it needed to be done.

Unfortunately the fight took most of the night, and by morning they all had injuries including Charles himself. And Wolverine was called back by his; Charles wasn't sure what to call them at the moment. Handlers? Masters? Enslavers? Perhaps each title was fit at the moment, and it gone well for them given they used a whistle. He only knew that thanks to Hank who heard it as well. It was that whistle that probably saved his life.

Wolverine got past everyone, and everyone was worse for the count and Storm was getting tired from shooting lightning at a quick Wolverine. Unfortunately one reason why Wolverine was let loose on them had become painfully clear as Charles, despite how many abilities he's tried found himself out of his chair and his toes touching the ground, Wolverine's tight and unforgiving grip on his throat holding him up.

He couldn't help, but focus on the claws as much as his own terrified expression in the red glass of the helmet that somehow survived the fight. He never knew how frightening those claws could be when gleaming in your face and dripping with your student's blood. Ready to add his own blood as decoration.

"Logan…" Charles choked out. Desperate to reach the man who ignored his please and the grip he had on Wolverine's arm. Even ripping at the wires didn't work or slow him down. Neither did attacking the batteries. It has become apparent that they may be for the helmet not the control over Wolverine.

"Logan no!" Charles heard Rogue scream, she removed her glove and Charles forced her into unconsciousness. He didn't want any of this in her, it would be damaging to the young lady and to them as well. Who knew what would happen to everyone if Rogue had what this was in her.

The claws bent further back, ready to strike before they came at him quickly. Stopping short in front of his eyes, they truly were intimidating tools. Something got Wolverine's attention, something else. His head tilted, hesitation then Charles found himself crumbling to the ground uncontrollably. Wolverine took off through the window with Scott shooting after him, but didn't move from the spot he stood, next to the fallen Professor himself.

It always made him wonder what made him hesitate. Did Wolverine truly want to kill him? Did Wolverine not want to go? Charles didn't know for sure, but he had to figure that out. And he had the time now to do so.

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