Chapter 27

Scott always was a controlled individual, not so much when he was a teenager. He was angry a lot, hurt and probably suffering from some form of PTSD due to what happened to him. But what did you expect; he was chased through his own school by a murderous mutant who happened to be the one who's riding his own pity party for the most part at the moment. Scott was not entirely sure if he had the right to, considering what is going on with Logan at the moment. The man curled up in what appeared to be an old bedroom deserved a lot more than that. He did not deserve to have a brother who would rather storm off and tend to his own pity rather than being an older brother and sticking around to help him when he truly does need all the help he could get.

Scott who was a younger sibling to an older brother himself could understand what it felt like to be left by your older brother when you needed him most. Just like Logan at the moment. Forcing that from his mind he decided that this was not the time to drown himself in his own self-pity. This was not a situation that called for it. Now he required to be a leader and help someone who was a part of his team who needed the help. He couldn't really say that he had to be a friend, because truth was. He and Logan never got off on the right foot with one another. Assumptions and attitudes always seemed to drive that option out the window even quicker than Jean's presence was able to. Shockingly enough.

"What happens now?" Scott asked as he crossed his arms and watched the curled figure just lay there. His gut clenched in sympathy and guilt for the man. If only he knew everything beforehand and if only he could lay the blame on not knowing completely onto the Professor alone. But the man obviously had a lot of guilt for this situation as well. And the fault lays with Scott as well; he didn't dig enough or try hard enough. All he saw was attitude and a questionable individual who flirted with Jean one too many times.

"Now, we wait. I don't know for how long. His mind's not doing much at the moment, mostly trying to brace his sanity against the onslaught of flashbacks and memories that are currently running wild in his mind. He could hardly focus on one memory long enough to embrace it or reject it." Charles explained calmly, Scott only frowned. It was a winded explanation, one that could be used but was ultimately unwanted. Scott wanted to know what they could do now. Waiting may be an option but it might not be the best one. How Scott hated the fact that he now seemed like a desperate child trying to fix a mistake. But it was not something that he could simply push away, guilt would not allow that. And Scott did feel guilty for his own mistakes and wanted nothing more than to undo them.

"What could be done about it though, surely there is something to make things easier." Scott pushed, cringing inside at the force of his own need to remedy this situation. At least he wasn't drowning in his blame towards the Professor or having to deal with conflicting emotions brought on by the wheelchair bound man. That would surely come again in due time, but for now. There were other things to be dealt with.

"Easier isn't always better Scott. Sometimes it's more of a hindrance than anything. Right now, Logan has to decide what his next move is." Charles explained calmly as he used his arms to shift himself in his seat slightly. Scott frowned, he should have known this. Easier wasn't always better. But it did not stop the need though; it was something that made Scott human despite his own disposition with things.

"And what's that?" Scott asked as he watched the lack of movement in the room and his gut clenched once again in guilt. This situation should never have happened in the first place. Just like secrets should not have happened among them and the Professor. Was this why he was left at this mansion alone when his brother left after an argument that Scott couldn't hear completely. Due to everything that happened, the stress he was under. Hearing the fight overwhelmed him so it was hard to remember everything that was said. There was one thing though. His brother's parting words before he stormed out of the office the Professor used.

"Stop it. You're going into a place where the line between right and wrong is blurred! This isn't you! You're better, what happened to the preaching you did when you first got me out of solitary confinement! Deals. CIA. The Government… You can't just use them without compensating something!"

Scott frowned deeply, doubt settling deeply in him at the moment. What deals? Did he know more than what he let on, with everything? Did it have ties to Logan or the Project itself? What? Scott was thoroughly rattled, and he did not like this. He was reaching a point where the option of seriously dispatching the Professor himself from his position in this operation was becoming all too tempting. But would Scott be in the right, without even knowing the full story. And should he search for that story? What would he find and worse what would he learn.

The Professor's voice pulled him out of the darkening thoughts with a simple explanation,
"Whether he's a man or animal or even a weapon. Whether he wants to come back at all. He has to decide to get up or stay down. It's solely up to Logan, we have no control over it and we shouldn't have a say either." Scott could tell the man was now on guard, no doubt catching Scott's own thoughts. There would no doubt be a conversation later that would push the decision either way. Whatever way it would end in.

Scott for once agreed though. It would be up to Logan, as much as Scott would want to hurry things up and help more than he is. He will have to wait. His attention was drawn towards the Professor who was heading towards the exit.

"Where are you going?" Scott asked calmly as he neared the observation window looking more closely at Logan who moved slightly but not much.

"I'm not as young as I used to be Scott, bathroom breaks are a required event for me." Charles answered, his tone taking a friendlier approach as he exited. Scott watched him leave for a moment before pulling up a chair and sitting down. A soft feminine voice suggested that he should rest, but he could not even consider the option at the moment. Not now. How could he when everything has spiraled out of control and revelations shook his beliefs to the very core. He was still unsettled and if he went to sleep than he felt like he was failing someone somehow. Even if that someone was himself or Logan or even Alex or Jean, Scott would not be able to take it. So he will stay behind and keep watch, Logan was a part of his team and was an X-Man despite being more or less fired. And Scott was the leader of the X-Men so it was his job to keep watch over his team. He did so for everyone else when they were injured. Even when they were allowed to venture out of the infirmary Scott kept an eye on them. In his own calm and collected way. It felt right to do so.

Scott vowed to himself that he would not make the same mistakes Professor Xavier did. He would not lie to his team, his students. If the information was delicate, he will handle it carefully and deliver it as gently as he could. But people deserved to know. It was a fine line between doing the right thing and wrong thing for the right reasons. Professor Xavier no doubt failed to keep to one side, Scott might make mistakes but at least he won't do as much damage as what's been done. He desperately hoped that he wouldn't.

Pinching the bridge of his nose just underneath his sunglasses he sighed. He should have grabbed coffee or at least had a coffee machine installed in the control room. This was going to be a long wait, that much is for sure.

~ Man ~ Weapon ~ Animal ~

Charles really was in a hard spot at the moment, the temptation to erase the memory or tweak it a bit when it comes to Scott and others was far too great to simply ignore. He will not do it though; he could not allow himself to use his powers for that ability. It was selfish. And he was always preaching to the students that with the abilities they have comes the responsibility to use it and not abuse it. There was a fine line between the two and it was even easier to fall on either side considering the fact that it was not an easy balancing act to hold up. Like his own abilities for example. He could do so much with it, when it comes to the mind of course. He could see what you are thinking and he could hear what your thoughts are. He could easily spot a lie and see the truth. That took little to no effort on his part. Just like he could control your five senses enough to hide right in front of you, on most anyway.

But he could also control someone's will, their memory and lack of memory. He could kill you simply by turning off your mind as easy as it is to flip the light off in a room. He could make you do horrible things and good things. Charles could make you believe anything he wanted you to. All with a little bit of focus. And there was more than a fair share of situations where those options were as tempting as a sweet spoken promise. Charles would never willingly admit to those temptations unless the situation called for it, too much was riding not making a mistake. Far too much but there wasn't much to do about that now.

Charles stopped not too far away from the door to the jet hanger where Victor Creed no doubt took sanctuary in. Dark thoughts that promised bloodshed. Did that man never learn? Did he not realize that it was his willingness to be what he was that was partially responsible for his younger brothers current state? It was men like Victor Creed that gave the general population of mutants a bad name, it was so easy for anti-mutant groups to use people like Victor Creed to paint every other mutant the same way. Still, Charles believed there was hope for the man. And that might just be the romantic notions playing in Charles that helped him see that, it was what made it possible for him to be friends with Erik despite the darkness he saw in the angry man. Erik also made being friends too easy. Back then it was rare that someone could captivate him enough to associate with and not have it being wild nights with girls that usually ended with his sister dragging him home before he did something incredibly stupid.

Times were easier then.

With a deep breath he forced himself past the hanger. As much as he would love to give a speech on Victor's wrong decisions so far, he couldn't. Victor was like a temperamental child who was disobedient. Tell him to not do something, he will do it just to provoke you into either going through with punishment or finding out your weaker than you seem. And the state in the hanger was no doubt a sigh of a temper tantrum. So he will let Victor's dark thoughts run their course, like Charles believed that they would and he would adjust himself to trying a better approach. If not, than Charles might have to actually remove him from the property. For good.

~ Man ~ Weapon ~ Animal ~

Omega Red was not a man to be messed with; everyone who knew him and heard of him knew that. And the American soldier who was currently thinking himself to be better than Omega Red was going to get a surprise coming as soon as he gained his Carbonadium Synthesizer. For now he will play the part of the good henchman. The only thought that made waiting easier to bear was the promise of getting back at the little weapon Stryker coveted so badly and the C-Synthesizer.

{Just you wait.} Omega Red promised as he chuckled while staring out of a dusty window into an overgrown backyard. His coils out of sight and at first glance he would almost seem normal in appearance if not for his albino skin and red eyes. Omega Red knew that he would have to release the death spores soon; it was something that had to be done regularly without his C-Sync. He was incomplete and imperfect. Flawed. And all that did not sit well with the bulking Russian super soldier.