A/N Note: Yes! HI, this is SHintaro Kozu, but I guess you already Know that. I am writing a fic based off an anime I watched recently and liked, this is like a retelling of it, but I will change the parts that I don't like to fit with what I thought should of happened. If you like it Please Review, I hope I will continue but that is based off what you think.

Ch.1 Unwanted Destiny

With a loud steaming sound, the train doors opened, and out stepped Akuto Sai, Clad in a black type of overcoat, and a school uniform. His suitcase was a shade of tan and had packed all of his essentials, which wasn't much. " So... This is the city." His eyes where filled with amazement at the beautiful archways of the train station. He took some of his first steps forward, and in an instant was ready to fall over as a blue haired girl rushed past him, throwing him of his balance. " What the... Well I guess this is the city, every-ones in a hurry here." Then he saw it, Rope. The blue girls undergarment was two ropes strung together, to form some kind of makeshift underwear. Akuto couldn't help but think of how uncomfortable that would have been if he was doing the same thing. With a flash of red on his cheeks he came to the realization that he was staring at a girl's behind, comparing it to his own.

" I certainly hope that doesn't happen often here." Akuto said, brushing his hair out of his eyes, it was getting really shaggy. Going up the stairs he realized that there was a old lady, lugging up what seemed to be a pretty heave suit-case. It was blue, and had some foreign stickers on it, maybe she was finally arriving home. In an instant the suitcase opened, dumping out all the stuff onto the cement. " Oh dear" she said in agitation, her old body couldn't handle this strain. He walked up to her to help, and started to pick up the remaining articles from off the floor. " Thank you young man." He blushed just a little, it wasn't common for a good deed to be thanked, at least not when he was doing it. He Sensed that this old woman was a kindhearted person, So he reached for the suit-case and calmly told her that he would help her carry it up, to which the woman refused many times.

Hattori Junko was searching for her grandmother, who had been carrying her luggage. " Come on, I am going to be late where are you?" She was scolding herself, Wondering why she had left her grandmother all alone. She had back tracked to the stairs, only to see a man pulling her suit-case toward him, saying words to her grandmother that where inaudible to her. Her Instincts kicked in, clearly this was a bad man, robbing an old woman, how dare he! She ran and jumped, stepping on his face.

Rope! Was all Akuto was thinking, as suddenly his view changed, and then he remembered, the girl. With in seconds he was on the ground, still shocked on what he had seen. " My My, What an embarrassing misunderstanding.." The old woman had said, putting her hand over her wrinkled face. All Junko Could say was one word. "What?"

After apologizing many times, Junko accompanied the man onto a elliptical train car.

" I can guess from your school uniform that you go to the Constant Magical Academy."

Akuto confirmed this with a nod. " You must be aiming for a top position. Every-one who graduates from the academy is certain to work in the government. What are you aiming for?" Akuto sighed, He wanted to tell her what he really was aiming for, but she might laugh it off, or tell him he couldn't do it. One look of her face dispelled this assumption, and Akuto told her. " I want to transform this world, for the better, I want to be a Grand-Priest." " WaaaH! You can't even Litter to have that Job, are you sure your even qualified?" Akuto knew this would happen, he was just happy that it wasn't as bad as he imagined. " I know... I just want to move this world In the Right direction." Hattori only smiled, she knew that this man could do it, after all all she had seen him do was do good, he had as good of a shot as any. " alright, then I will help you" Hattori took out her short sword and out-stretched it out to Akuto. " Take hold, This is a Promise for me to help you, but this promise can be broken if you betray me" " I kinda like that part of it to!" Akuto was happy, he had made a friend this quickly, he wonders what it would be like at the academy.

" You toss you luggage in here and it will automatically send it to your room." Hattori said, tossing her blue suit-case in, Akuto right behind her. " The school is kinda complicated, but you'll get used to it." She said stepping on a magical seal, that slowly moved her forward, like a horizontal escalator. " The best way to get to the nurses office is the sky corridor." Hattori stopped, it was nearly time to get to her class. " Well, I have to go, My class is 1-A. I hope I see you around." Akuto Sai smiled, he wanted to be in her class, and said so, causing Hattori to blush...

" Your Akuto Sai." The blonde head nurse said. " hmm everything looks in order." Then after a couple more minutes of check ups, She rushed him into a room filled with other students. " What am I going to do in here?" Akuto said, nervously, looking at all the other students' faces. Suddenly a bird appeared on a pedestal, surrounded by a glass dome. " You put your hand on the glass, and the bird will check if you have any health problems, mentally of course, and what your future occupation is, but don't worry nearly every-one gets the job that they want." That means I will be... When It was his turn he put his hands over the bird, barely touching the glass. " student number 45 Akuto Sai Health Condition: Normal, Future Occupation:... DEMON KING! " WHAT! The Demon King!" students all rushed back, leaving Akuto confused.