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Frankly speaking, Akuto was tired, he had climbed up to the third story of the girls dormitory, by hand, fell down, and was chased by a crazy bitch. When he had a couple seconds of rest with this new girl he truly found out how tired and sore he was. "Sh-Shit..." Junko was fueled with jealousy when she had seen this woman talk to her belo-hated Akuto . 'I am better than that girl, yet he clings to her. Could it be that he hates me!' Junko didn't know what to do, she suddenly wanted to kill this woman, but Akuto was her target. "Hey! What are you doing!" She was in a mad fury, blue flames surrounding her body, and baring her teeth at the new competition. She jumped down to where they are, and shouted "Move!" She was addressing Kena, but Akuto was more than happy to oblige. He bolted deeper into the forest, with out looking back, started thinking about Hiroshi. ' Damn... I am so going to kill him... That bastard, what is he doing?'

That bastard,Hiroshi,was sitting in the grass,stargazing. He was having such a peaceful time that his mind instantly wiped Akuto out of itself. He didn't here the explosions that were going off in the background because he was entranced in the shining. Hiroshi was thinking how nice it was for his boss to fall in love.

Akuto was thinking how bad it was to clear up misunderstandings in more misunderstandings. He was running into the woods, not thinking about anything at the moment except the primeval instinct that woman are scary when pissed off. He quickly made a mental note not to do anything like this again. He was made at himself for letting a girl fight his battles, but what can he do? He ran away from the fight.

Kena Soga, was in all sense of the word, dominating her opponent, Junko. She was right, her ninja-slutty powers had no effect on her, and with he magic wand she was able to chain Hattori and win the battle, but not before she did her ultimate finishing move "Boom Boom Hattori-kun." It was a special move that evaporated nearly all the clothes she had on, and left her into critical condition. Kena Soga wondered where Achan went, and hoped that he remembered what she looked like.

The Cowardly Demon King was too busy running away from the battle as fast as possible for him to think such perverted thoughts though. " Akuto Sai, are you fleeing from the scene?" A monotonic voice said. In mild panic to full out shit storm Akuto bumped into something soft, something human, or at least looked like it. Stepping back as fast as he could, the demon king saw that it was a girl, and a strange girl who had green hair. Abnormal hair color was nothing to Akuto, seeing as he knows a girl with blue hair, and red hair. But green...seriously? She looked at him without any expression then moved close to him. "Checking Mana level." She stepped closer to him, too close for his comfort, and that's when she did it. She kissed him.

His world was stopped, this girl, whom he had never met before stole his first kiss. She broke it after a few seconds, touched her lips softly and said " Hmm... It seems that it is over nine thousand... That's quite a big amount."Akuto was unconscious. How could she! He presumably thought she knew he was a virgin, yet she stole his first kiss. Akuto's mind was jumping up down, left right upside down and other directions that he couldn't possibly comprehend. " It's seems he is highly susceptible to skin contact from the opposite sex." The human said, talking to a small recording devise, smiling just a little bit.

When Akuto finally recovered the nerves to talk to this person he said " Who are you?" the girl looked at him then curtsied. " I am Korone, your new surveillance agent." She returned to her work, and muttered to herself a couple of times. Then, turning to Akuto she said " It seems you have caused quite an incident, hurting Junko Hattori like that." The slightly mind boggled Demon king was confused, he never hurt anybody.