A Royal Fool for You

WARNING; Contains fluffy Silvaze! No, no lemons or anything of the sort. Ew.

There is a hint of Christianity within the text- I urge you not to flame whatsoever. (I've fashioned this story to be old-English like… so yeah. They had a lot of religious factors in their stories. I'm also not afraid to state it, so.)


The Jester;

"Honey, don't cry…"

"… I-I'll try."

The royal blue lion caressed his young, purple daughter warmly, stroking the beautiful long hair of the kit. The both of them sat wearily on the king's throne, sharing each others sympathy. "Mommy will be okay, Blaze. I promise you…"

The little kitten's piercing gold eyes twinkled with hope as she looked up at her father lovingly. "Really?" she asked between sniffles.

"Of course, dear, I'm certain of it."

"Okay, daddy… I trust you."

Blaze nuzzled the fuzzy material of her father's lavish robe, breathing in his scent and soon calming down. The lion looked at his daughter with great sadness, conjuring up plan in his head in order to help Blaze through his wife's (her mother) illness.

"Sir!" a voice called out, "This little boy was found near the garden."

"… Come."

The sound of footsteps echoed around the throne room; apparently the boy walking down wore shoes with a slight heel. A small, silvery hedgehog dressed in rags came into view as he walked into the open, ostensibly shaking with fear.

"State your business, little one." The king ordered unpretentiously.

"Your Majesty…" stated the voice of the young boy, which cracked a little. "I... have nothing. I ask for your kindness, your mercy… please? Is there something I could do for you?"

"Your loyalty is astonishing for a boy of…?"


"Eight years! The exact equivalent of my own, here." The lion laughed exuberantly, allowing his daughter to sit comfortably in his grasp.

"Oh, the princess is eight, too? T-The pleasure is all mine, m-miss." The silvery boy stammered, expressing his gratitude in an elegant bow. Blaze shyly turned away, burying her little face into her father's chest. Silver hesitated, frowning to see the young kit reject his kindness.

"At ease, little one; she's just a little shaken by her mother's illness; God willing she'll make it through." The king explained, releasing a sigh of despair.

"That's terrible." The hedgehog claimed, "She'll be in my thoughts as well as my prayers."

"Thank you, lad; I appreciate your support." The king's gaze shifted between his daughter and the boy, pondering for the longest time.

"Young man, how sharp is your wit?"

"Pardon me?"

"Are you able to display any sort of humor? Perhaps this will cheer my daughter up…"

Blaze, seemingly flustered, glanced at the hedgehog in confusion. The silvery hedgehog gulped, timidly clamping his hands together behind his back. "In all honesty, sir, I think the tip of that guard's sword is sharper than my wit…" he stated confoundedly.

Blaze giggled a little, her ears perking up at the comment. "I wouldn't be sure about that…" she peeped, straightening her previously slouched posture. The boy's attitude brightened, glad to know he could as least pull out a statement from her.

"Well, young man, please state your name." The lion demanded, although he favored a kindly essence.

"Silver the Hedgehog, your Majesty."

"Very well, then! Silver, I offer you to take the place as our Jester; your job will be to accompany my daughter if she ever needs you."

"I-I- uh, yes, I do! I accept this incredible offer!"

"It has been declared! Young man, you will be the light of hope for my daughter… help her through these times." The king declared with a booming voice, causing the little kit to shudder in his grasp.

"I'll do everything I can, your Majesty." Silver replied gratefully, the shine of his golden eyes aligning perfectly with Blaze's.

"My faithful guards will lead you through the corridors of my palace, and they shall explain to you the requirements of your duty. You are dismissed."

"T-Thank you; and I promise you, on behalf of my faith and determination, I won't let you down!" the hedgehog exclaimed proudly, waving to both the king and Blaze quickly before running down the hall.

"Daddy…" Blaze whined, "I don't need a Jester! Why did you do this?" She droned, crossing her arms.

"At least try to laugh, dear… I detest the fact I cannot spend as much time with you like I'd hope; which is why I entrusted this young lad in helping your mood… plus, this will help contain these powers of yours." The lion's large, gloved paw gently touched the small gem on her forehead, smiling warmly.

"… Okay, daddy, whatever you say." Blaze answered resentfully, sliding off his lap and patting down her long, dark-purple dress.

"Good. Now rest, m'dear… it's been a long day."

Blaze nodded her head in agreement, walking away with mixed emotions.

Inside of Blaze's room…

Blaze threw herself onto her bed after changing into a nightgown, weeping softly into her bright pink pillow. Her accumulated sadness was being unleashed harshly into her pillow; the tears staining both her face and her pillow as she sat up, hugging it tightly and attempting to calm herself.

A soft thud jolted her from her feverish sobbing. "A-A moment!" she whimpered, using her long sleeves to wipe off her tear-stained cheeks. Blaze hopped off her bed and collected her emotions.

"Yes?" the kit asked as she pulled her door open. "Oh, it's you… Silver, why are you-?"

The hedgehog, appearing distressed, gave faint smile. "Princess." He greeted single-worded. Blaze uttered out a small chuckle, covering her smiling lips.

Silver wore now, instead of his previous rags, a blue tunic accompanied with yellow ruffs around the collar with little bells at the tips; and equally as blue and yellow boots ruffled with the same. The quills that sprouted from his head, even, had small little bells to complete his little outfit.

"I look silly." Silver admitted sheepishly.

"I'm not going to lie, if you're looking for a defending statement." The cat snipped, crossing her arms. "What is it that you need?"

"Nothing, Princess, I'm here to cheer you up! Or, so I've been told."

Shrugging her shoulders, Blaze allowed the hedgehog to enter.

"You have a beautiful room, Princess." The hedgehog complimented, his eyes flitting about the lavishly designed room.

"Thank you."

Silver smiled and turned to the cat, quite unsure of what to do next. The guards explained to him how crucial his job was, and that the little kit's mood would reflect his work. They didn't bother to tell him how to start!

"Are you here to cheer me up, or waste my time?" Blaze asked harshly, impatiently waiting for the hedgehog to stop thinking and start conversing.

"Uh, o-oh, I apologize, Princess."


Silver was caught in a rather desperate situation, beads of sweat beginning to form on his eye ridge. "W-What's funnier than a… fork?" he uttered out, biting his lip with little to no hope.

Confused, Blaze blinked her eyes. "A fork, a fork; how is silverware in any way amusing?" she asked, a flash of irritation gleaming in her eyes.

"At least they're more amusing than my jokes!" he blurted, pouting his lips.

Blaze smiled, allowing a chuckle to pass by. Silver grinned with satisfaction. A sudden realization hit him; "Why is it that you laugh at my self-directed insults?"

A frown arched the cat's lips. "I'm sorry, hedgehog; my dad says I can be a little serious for my age."

"Its okay, Princess, I understand."

Blaze sat down on her bed and began swinging her feet in boredom. "So, Silver, why were you so willing to work here? Isn't a life out there much more… free?" the young princess asked curiously.

"A free life, you say? I beg to differ… work is what the people live for out there; at least in the out-lands, where poverty reigns the citizens."

"That sounds horrific."

"Yes… but, Princess, I'm not here to discuss my past with you; I'm so much happier, now, to assist a pretty princess like you."

Quite oddly, a little pump of warmth flooded her cheeks. "Thank you, Silver…"

The little hedgehog nodded, hopping onto the bed and sitting next to her. "So, Princess, what is it you like to do? Amusement isn't just about jokes."

"I don't know… I usually sit here and study for my private lessons."

"Don't you ever play? Or, do you play dolls?"

Blaze shyly pulled a small, pink doll from behind her, nodding her head. "She's my favorite." The little cat told him, "I play with her all the time… but it seems foolish to do so, now that I look at it."

"Foolish? Don't be silly, Princess!" Silver chortled, gently taking the doll from her hands. "She could be, ah, an amazing super knight like Shadow!" he acclaimed, moving the doll's arms in a fighting fashion.

"No, no; you're the silly one, Silver!" Blaze giggled, snatching the doll back. "She's a princess, like me! So she gets to act regally like I do!"

"Oh! I get it; well she makes a very pretty princess!"

Silver aimlessly looked around the room, and then to his hands. He used his index finger and middle finger to form 'legs' and chuckled. "This'll be the prince!" he stated, his fingers 'walking' towards the doll.

"Hello, good sir!" Blaze spoke in a high pitch, animating the doll by moving its arms and legs.

"Hello, m'lady!" Silver responded, deepening his voice; which resulted in a line of coughs.

Blaze laughed loudly, using the doll to pat his back. "Ow, ow!" she mocked with the doll, laughing harder.

After recovering his breath, he began sharing her enjoyment, laughing with her. Breathing heavily, Silver punched his chest lightly and cleared his throat.

"That was fun!" he hollered, "You can be a really funny person, Princess!"

Blaze's laugh subsided, her smile stretching far across her white muzzle. "Yeah… I feel very different from how I usually feel. Laughter is certainly a good thing."

"I'll say…"

"Thank you, Silver; you're a dependable Jester. You may visit me at any time!" the cat told the blushing hedgehog, who seemed more than thrilled to gain her likeness.

"I'm glad, Princess." The hedgehog replied bashfully, continuing to use his two little fingers. Blaze giggled and used her doll to hug them.

A guard peered through the doorway of the princess's room, eying the kitten; she spotted his presence immediately. "Silver, I must be going to rest, now." She stated sadly, her eyes bending downwards.

"Okay, Princess…" he replied, coequally sad. Silver hopped off the bed and waved goodbye, leaving the doorway as the guard shut Blaze inside.

Although saddened by his departure, Blaze happily thought of the days to come, knowing he would always return to cheer her up. The kit realized their bond was strengthening; and that the two may even be considered friends.

'He has to be my friend! I've certainly never opened up that much, before… he should consider himself lucky!

Blaze pulled herself under the covers, switching off her bedside lamp. Comforted by the sound of a soft wind, and warmth the comforter offered her, and of course the thought of her new friend, Blaze drifted into deep into her dreams.

Meanwhile, inside of Silver's room; the silvery hedgehog resided inside of his bed, dressed in comfortable nightwear. His thoughts buzzed inside of his brain endlessly, the excitement of his arrival. For the first time, he experienced true warmth and compassion, and opening arms and mercy.

'The Princess is beyond what I've imagined…her personality is great! I hope we can be friends in the future...'

Silver pressed his face inside the soft, fluffy white pillow and soaked in its scent- for it was his new home. Soon thereafter, his eyes began to settle shut, allowing his imaginations and dreams flooding into his head.

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