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Summary: After an accident with a Bludger, George has lost his memory. All of it. And Fred is determined to bring it back.

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Once A Weasley

You and I

'Without you, there's no reason for my story.
And when I'm with you, I can always act the same.
Forever, yeah, put together,
We can make it better."

~ 'You and I,' Anarbor

"Oi, George," came a familiar yet annoying-at-the-moment voice. "Get up you git, or we'll miss the game. We're already pushing it as it is."

George groaned, burying his face back in his pillow and ignoring his twin's instructions. Sunlight had long since streamed into their dormitories and Fred seemed bent on making as much noise as possible and it was making it harder and harder for George to block it out. "Go away," he murmured back, trying to regain his peaceful slumber. "The team can live without me for a few more moments."

Something large and heavy suddenly landed on George's body, causing a surprised yelp to emit from the ginger's mouth. Fred beamed down, sitting on top of him and shaking his brother's shoulder. "I'm doing this for your own good, mate. You know Angelina will rip your head off if you miss it." Angelina was the Captain of their Quidditch team ever since Oliver Wood, their old Keeper, left Hogwarts. And she was just as strict as he had been, if not more so.

"Gerroff me Fred," George groaned, attempting to shove the ginger on top of him on to the floor with little success. He was at a disadvantage.

"Will you get dressed?" Fred replied in a very good exasperated impression of their mother, complete with her signature stern look and all. "Or will I have to dangle you from the windows again?"

George laughed, finally pushing him off with a thump. "Alright, alright you prat, gimme a minute."

Fred grinned triumphantly and began gathering his things while his twin got dressed. Today's match was one they especially needed to win. Their Gryffindor team was playing against the always hated Slytherin team. They could not lose to them. First of all, they'd never hear the end of it even though they'd beat them a million times. And second, it'd be a real blow to their pride.

George eventually made himself decent enough to go out in public and the two dashed out of their towers and through the corridors. They raced past a certain Argus Filch who seemed a bit taken a back at first before he started shouting and chasing after them. "Weasleys!" he croaked furiously, hobbling along. "Get right back here this instant!"

"Sorry Filchy," Fred called sarcastically. "We'd love to stay-"

"-but we're in a bit of a hurry," George finished. They both cackled as they heard Filch shout profanities at them, huffing and puffing at his mild exertion.

They burst through the front doors and sprinted as fast as they could to the Quidditch pitch, noting anxiously a certain Gryffindor Captain pacing the field. "Where were you?" Angelina shouted, her eyes blazing. "We're about to start any minute!"

"Sorry, but this one," Fred jabbed his thumb in George's direction. "Wouldn't get out of bed." Angelina turned to glare at his twin as they entered the tent.

"Oi, no fair," George countered. "Sellout."

The entire team turned to smirk at their two Beaters arguing. The other positions on the team were quite simple. Harry was their Seeker, Katie and Alicia were their Chasers along with Angelina, and Ron (their younger, bothersome brother) was their new Keeper.

"Just get dressed!" Angelina roared.

"Yes ma'am," the two saluted her before opening their shared locker with faint murmurings of 'That's mine you git,' or 'Shove off.'

"Anyway," their Captain remarked in a pointedly aggravated-sounding way. "Now that Fred and George have finally joined us, I want to say a few words." Everyone save for the two dressing Weasleys gave Angelina rapt attention. "Look everyone, this is the first game of the season and as you know, every game counts towards our chances of winning the cup. We haven't lost the championship for the past two years, and I reckon we've got the best damn team Gryffindor has ever seen." That earned a good number of cheers and whistles from the players. "Now let's show these amateurs-"

"Don't forget ruddy idiots," Fred supplied helpfully.

"And dodgy, manky, muppets," George included. There were faint chuckles chorusing throughout the dressing room.

Angelina actually smiled at the comments and rephrased, "Let's show these ruddy muppets what we're made of!"

Everyone got up with a round of applause as they all grabbed their broomsticks and trodded on to the pitch.

"Well, that went well," George grinned.

"Fred, George, a minute," Angelina called to them.

"Spoke too soon, I suppose," Fred grumbled as they stopped mid-step and whirrled around.

"I just want to let you know that the Slytherin team's has some new players," she informed. "Seems they're putting Crabbe and Goyle as their Beaters this game, so I'd keep an eye out for them. According to Harry they're built like a mule."

"Probably smell like one too," Fred scoffed. "No worries Angelina, we got it covered."

"Good," she replied seriously. "I'm counting on you guys, we don't need an injury to destroy our chances of winning." She turned to walk away before she stopped and said as an after thought, "And keep them as far away from Harry as possible. He's the best Seeker we've got and we don't stand a chance without him." She then ran to where the rest of the team was heading, leaving the twins to stand there by themselves.

"Good thing they're Malfoy's cronies, eh Fred?" George muttered to his brother under his breath, nodding his head towards Malfoy conversing secretly with the Beaters. He didn't like the look of this at all.

"Hey you lot! Get over here!" Katie hissed loudly from where Angelina stood impatiently waiting for them.

They scurried over as Madam Hooch said sternly, "Now I want a nice clean game, all of you." She gave the Slytherin team an especially hard look. When they all nodded, she continued, "Captain's shake hands."

"Looks like he's trying to crush her hand," Fred whispered in a hushed tone. George agreed, not liking how this game was starting already.

"Everyone mount your brooms!" Madam Hooch cried.

The twins sung their legs over their broomsticks and rose into the air, feeling the welcomed rush of adrenaline and freedom to be back in their element. "Ready...three, two, one..." Madam Hooch blew her whistle, and the game was on.

Green and red uniforms all started to blend together as George kept a watchful eye out for any Bludgers zooming towards a player, particularly Harry. He lost Fred in the sea of people, but he knew he'd be doing the exact same thing. All the players struggled for the Quaffle, bumping, shoving and dodging the opposing team as each side attempted to score the first goal.

Luckily, Katie seemed to have a firm hold and was shooting towards the goal. Unfortunately, so was Crabbe.

"And it's Katie Bell with the Quaffle!" came the Commentator, Lee Jordan's voice. "And she - LOOK OUT, THAT'S A BLUDGER!"

Fred lunged forward with his bat, swinging forcefully and connecting with the Bludger at the last moment so it spiraled away from Katie and towards Malfoy, giving her an advantage. He breathed heavily, surprised at how hard it came towards them, and it unnerved the Beater how strong the goons were. Malfoy narrowed his eyes at Fred after he avoided the Bludger, who smirked mockingly and gave a wave before flying off.

"Nice shot from Fred Weasley, one of the Gryffindor Beaters. That'll teach them to attack a Gryffindor, the slimy-"

"Jordan!" came Professor McGonagall's furious voice. "How many times do I have to tell you to keep your commentary unbiased! You can be replaced you know!"

"Right, I'm done," Lee hurriedly fixed.

Fred started flying around, sending Bludgers as best he could towards Grabbe and Goyle, praying they'd get knocked off their brooms and rolling away when a Bludger was aimed at him. It seemed these two new Beaters were rougher then he thought.

"It's Alicia Spinnet with the Quaffle! Oh, but Montague's heading right for her - BEAT HIM ALICIA!"

George, meanwhile, started diving towards Harry, whom he wasn't surprised to be the next target, and bumped him slightly out of the way, hitting the blasted ball towards the closest Slytherin so it wouldn't crack Harry's head open. "Close one, Harry!" he shouted.

A bit startled by the contact, Harry hurriedly shouted out a 'thanks' before speeding away, already on the trail of the Snitch it seemed.

A sudden roar of voices coming from the Gryffindor's end alerted him that they had just scored ten points. Beaming, George pounded his fist into the air, seeing Fred doing the same, before hurrying off.

"It's ten-nothing Gryffindor!" Lee cheered.

The rest of the game blurred by, both twins so busy beating away the Bludgers that they were barely aware of who scored what and how many points they were up. All they knew was that they were winning, much to their delight.

However, just as George was celebrating yet another goal by Gryffindor, he noticed Harry just behind a flash of gold, and a rather nastily approaching Bludger just behind Harry. Panicked, he flew as fast as he could towards him, painstakingly aware of how close it was to their Seeker's head. "Harry!" He cried, lurching forward only to find that Goyle had gotten a hold of his bat. "You bloody git!" George shouted furiously as Goyle wrenched it away and flew off, smirking maliciously.

Fred heard George's angry call and found him continuing to sprint after Harry...without a bat? "George!' Fred yelled, alarmed at what his twin seemed about to do. He took off after him, terror in his throat. That stupid, stupid idiot!

But George was not going to let a damn Bludger hit by Malfoy's possy of all people do what Voldemort repeatedly failed to do. He shoved Harry out of the way while doing a barrel roll to avoid being hit by the Bludger himself.

Fred breathed a sigh of relief as he flew in closer, promising to beat George himself for his idiocy, before horror struck him again. "George, look out-!"

But it was too late. A completely different Bludger that Goyle, with his two bats, somehow managed to hit with troll's strength flew towards him and smashed him in the head with a sickening, echoing crack.

There was a brief milisecond when the Bludger connected with George and his face morphed from his victory smile to a look of shock and agony before he slumped over. Unable to balance while unconscious, George fell off his broom with rather large gasps and cries from the crowd.

Fred immediately dove for his twin's body, leaping off his broom so he dangled by one hand as he grabbed George around the middle before he got flattened into the ground. His heart hammered against his chest, blinding fear terrorizing his entire being.

"THAT BLOODY, GOOD FOR NOTHING BAS-" Lee roared over head, seeing the attack. Professor McGonagall didn't even reprimand him for swearing, as she seemed to be doing the same thing. "- CHEAP SHOT! THAT'S A FOUL ON THE GRYFFINDOR BEATER IF I EVER SAW ONE! HOW DARE THOSE -"

It sickened Fred to see blood flow freely and quickly from his twin's head as he somehow tilted the broom downwards to lower them down. All he could think was, Oh my God...

His arms trembled as the other team mates rushed forward to help, but he wouldn't let go of him. He couldn't let George be taken from him now. Not now. So they simply helped keep Fred aloft as they decended slowly, feeling like all the air had been knocked out of him.

He collapsed on the ground, hugging his twin's body to him in shock as the warmth of the blood wet his hands. Y-You can't...George...don't...don't leave me! He lifted his brother's lolling head, unaware of how Ron and Harry shook beside him and everyone else seemed to crowd around. This isn't happening...not George...not us...dammit you won't take him! He growled, holding him fiercely and protectively closer. Like he could somehow ensure his twin's survival by simply pressing his body into his chest.

"Out of my way!" Madam Hooch shrieked in a commanding voice, pushing her way through the circle of people.

"My fault," Harry gaped. "This is all my fault."

Fred didn't even bother to acknowledge his remark as Madam Hooch attempted to pry George away from his brother. "No!" Fred screamed, knowing he looked downright off his rocker but not caring in the least. This was his twin. His best friend, his other half, his everything in nearly every way. They would not take him away, and by God he meant it. "Don't touch him," he snarled.

"F-Fred, let her help," Ron said shakily, looking like he was at an utter loss at what to do.

The ginger glared with all the force he could muster at his treacherous younger brother. He didn't understand! Fred could not bare to leave George alone now, when this had happened when they had been separated. "Let me come at least," Fred demanded, giving everyone a look that clearly dared anyone to tell him otherwise. "Now."

"But the game," Angelina insisted.

"The game will be rescheduled," Madam Hooch replied grimly, noting Fred's dead seriousness and at the fact that without both their Beaters the Gryffindors would be in a lot of harm. She quickly conjured up a stretcher and began the careful transference of George on to it.

"Oh look, one of the Weasels got himself bloodied up," a voice sneered from beyond the worried crowd.

Everyone whirrled around to find Malfoy leering at them with his two cronies at his side. Fred had never been so full of blind rage. He shot up and lunged towards them, wanting to kill the lot of them so badly it was a physical ache. How dare they? Fred didn't need a wand to inflict damage. Those bastards were going to pay dearly for what they did to his brother.

But before he got his chance, Alicia and Katie grabbed hold of his arms, temporairily preventing him from fullfilling his wish. "You!" he spat. "Lemme go! I'll murder them, I'll bloody murder every single last one of them!" he roared, withering against their grasps so much that Angelina had to step in as well. His insides burned and he could barely see straight.

"Shove off Malfoy," Ron barked, his fists clenched together, Harry red with fury by his side.

"Why?" He smirked. "Afraid we might've been too much for ickle Georgie to handle?" Crabbe and Goyle guaffawed beside him, egging him on. "Had to pick one of you Mudbloods off anyway, why not go for one that has a copy?"

That snapped whatever highly strung cord there was in Fred, and with an incredible amount of strength he broke free from his team and tore towards him, accompanied by Harry and Ron. They all jumped on all three of them, punching and kicking, and trying to do the very best damage they possibly could.

"That's quite enough!" a shrill voice sounded throughout the pitch. A shiver ran down everyone's spine, for they all knew who that voice belonged to.

Professor Umbridge stopped the floating stretcher containing George's limp body from leaving, his head still leaking blood, as she asked in her sickly sweet tone, "Hem hem. Now what is going on here?"

Panic coursed through Fred's veins again as he saw George simply lying there, bleeding to death. "Let him go!" he pleaded desperately. "Let him go to the Hospital Wing." He never imagined he'd be reduced to this infront of her, but here he was.

"I think not Mr. Weasley," she smiled. "Not until I know what is going on." He'd kill the bloody lot of them, Fred decided, for doing this to George. His twin never deserved any of this, but they sure as hell did. By the time he was done with them, they'd be begging him for mercy.

"Dolores," Madam Hooch interupted worriedly. "The boy needs to go to the Hospital Wing now, he's losing quite a lot of blood-"

"Madam Hooch, did you hear what I said?" Professor Umbridge asked calmly with her stupid smile still on her face.

"Well, yes, but-"

"But nothing," she replied in her high voice. "I said he will not be going to the Hospital Wing until I know what is going on."

Madam Hooch's nostrils flared. "With all do respect, miss Umbridge, you are not the Head Mistress of this school! So if you will excuse me, I will excort Mr. Weasley and his team to the Hospital Wing!" And with that she shoved past her, ushering for the Gryffindor team to follow.

Fred, who had been frozen in stuttering, heart stopping terror, quickly snapped out of his paralysis and hopped off of the Slytherins along with Harry and Ron who lied moaning on the ground.

Professor Umbridge's face turned red and she ordered in a forced sugary sweet voice, "Madam Hooch, I do insist that-"

But Madam Hooch paid no attention to her. She whisked George away as fast as she could, Fred running alongside the stretcher, unable to keep his eyes off his dying twin.

They raced up the steps, Harry, Ron, and the rest of the team close behind, and burst right into Madam Pomfry's Hospital Wing. She was startled at first, but then she gasped, "Oh sweet Merlin," and rushed over to them. "What happened?" But she quickly directed the stretcher over to one of the beds. "Nevermind, nevermind!" The urgency in her voice scared Fred to the core.

"Will he be okay?" he choked, kneeling beside George's bed with tears stinging his eyes. He looked lifeless. Please be alive, please be alive Georgie!

"I can't know for sure," she frowned worriedly, waving her wand over his head. She said no more as she concentrated, occassionally, sifting through bottles of medication as she preformed the task.

Fred stood up and fell into a chair, his hands covering his face as he leaned his head back. This wasn't happening. It couldn't. It was just a horrible nightmare. He could feel the sympathetic looks boring into him from his teammates, but he paid them no attention. No one knew how he was feeling right now.

When he heard the rustle of Madam Pomfry's clothes moving away, he opened his eyes hurriedly to stare at the bandaged skull of his brother, still clearly unconscious.

"That's all I can do for now," Madam Pomfry sighed. "At least the skull will mend while he's asleep, it's painful to grow bones back." Harry winced at his own memory of it back in his second year, but chose to say nothing.

"Will he live?" Fred demanded panickally. Everyone stared at Madam Pomfry and held their breath.

"I would think so, yes," she said confidently, making Fred so relieved he nearly fainted or cried. "But there might be brain damage," she said softly before leaving.

Fred's jaw went slack as he whipped his head back over to his beloved twin's body. Brain damage?