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Where I come from, our number one rule is: If you see a witch, take her down immediately.

Uncool right?

Not really. I grew up around witch hunters and people telling me that if I ever saw one that I'd have to tell my parents so 'they' could kill them. 'Cause you see…I'm not an official Witch hunter yet…so I'm not allowed to put myself in any danger. 'That's' what's uncool. Damn it all. I'm seventeen and I'm still not permitted to go witch hunting with my parents and brother. I'm starting the training classes soon—in one day actually. But that still won't let me go out and take down a witch! Not until I graduate that is. And once I graduate I get to go on my first real hunt. And I get to use my own weapon. If I survive longest in "The Exam"…Mother says I get to use the weapon I was named after…Soul Eater.

…Now 'that's' cool.

~V O I D~

His crimson eyes stared blankly at the table in front of him as his pencil tapped lightly on the surface. Not only did this boy grow up in a family of witch hunters, but they were all musicians too and he had an idea for a song that he needed to start writing. It was six in the morning…everyone else in the house was asleep except for him. He couldn't get the score out of his head and then finally when he gets in front of a paper, he blanks out. It irritated him as much as not being able to go after a witch did. He growled a soft curse and threw the pencil down to lean back in his seat. He then rubbed his eyes and head to relieve stress.

"Damn it…" Soul Evans muttered out to himself. "Where did it go?" He then asked; opening his eyes once more; only to see the ceiling. "I just had it…" Clock ticking in the background, Soul stood up from his chair and quickly, but quietly, left his room to sneak into the kitchen to take hold of the fridge handle. He then opened it, bent over for a better view, searched its contents until he found the carton he was looking for—milk of course—and took it off the shelf. Smiling his usual crooked grin, he stood back up and shut the door only to catch sight of someone in the doorway. "Wha!" He nearly dropped the carton.

"What are you doing up so early?" His mother, Roselin Evans, asked in her usual English accent as she leaned in the doorway of the kitchen. Soul only froze and tried to give her an innocent smile as if he didn't want her to get angry. But she was a nicer mother than that, so she wouldn't yell at him unless he truly deserved it. "Un-freeze boy, you're off the hook." She laughed as she stepped away to take the carton of milk out of his hands. She then walked over to the nearest counter to grab themselves two glasses and poured some into each one. "Are you brainstorming again, or are you just excited for your first day in training?"

"Both." Soul answered before receiving a glass from his mother. Before taking a sip, Roselin lifted a brow and he smiled a little. "I had a song stuck in my head all night and decided to write it…" he then said to her. "And I also couldn't sleep because of today being my first day and all…" He took a drink of the milk before leaning on the counter. "There's gunna be a ton of kids there who already know what to do…I'm going to be the only one who hasn't a single clue huh?" He looked at his mother and saw that she only gave him a small shrug. "Man…how uncool."

"Don't worry, dear." Roselin said with a motherly smile. "I'm sure you'll still be the classes "cool" kid." She laughed a little as her son rolled his eyes. "Sorry, I think that's adorable how you think you're so cool…" She then said; causing the boy to snap a small but playful glare. "Oh! But you still are the coolest! Cooler than Wes, I'll say…" Laughing a little more, the eldest of the two white haired Evans took a drink of her milk before smiling at the youngest once more. "Oh did I tell you yet? Your father and I have a special mission today while you and Wes are training."

"Mission? What kind of witch?"

"We're going after a "Class B"…Isn't that exciting?"

Soul's brows shot up in amazement. He didn't know much about witches since he hadn't really been taught yet, but he was told about the class they were apparently going after. A "Class B" witch was the middle witch, or middle level. He was told that they were very rare and the only class that used actual Spell Books instead of incantations. But he also learned that if you take their spell book away, they can still conjure up elemental spells like, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire…and all that jazz. But he was never told on how to deal with them after that. So if he ever came face to face with a "Class B" witch, he'd know what to do up until the point where she'd shoot fire balls at his ass…that's when he'd be screwed…

"Wow…good luck." Soul muttered after a moment's thought. He took a drink of his milk and looked at her again. "Are you killing her, or observing?"

"Observing for now." Roselin answered. Her matching crimson eyes traveled down to her empty cup and she smiled. "Sosano was thinking about taking her book for study. What do you think?" She looked back up into the blank face of her son and she pouted. "Oh don't just stare, answer…" and with that, Soul shrugged and took another sip of his drink. Roselin sighed at this and walked over to the sink to set her glass inside. "I know you don't know as much as us when it comes to witches…but you at least have to decide on something like that…right? Or do you feel like it's a bad idea and just don't want to tell me? I'm your mother you know…you can tell me anything—"

"Take it."

Soul and Roselin both looked over to the kitchens opening and saw a taller and older version of him. Wes Evans, his older brother that had a talent for playing the violin, stood in the doorway dressed for his classes. "I can tell just by how you're speaking mother…" Wes began as he walked into the room to set his hand on his little brother's head. "If you want to take the witches book 'that' badly…go ahead and do it." He then said.

"But I wanted Soul's opinion on the idea."

Wes laughed lightly and shook Soul's hair around. "Eh…who cares about what little brother thinks anyway?" He then asked; receiving a not-so-playful glare from the younger boy. Wes looked at the menacing red glare from below and smiled. "I'm kidding." He tossed Soul's hair around one last time and walked away to grab an apple from the counter's basket. "Well mother, classes start in an hour." He began walking over to the doorway after kissing her on the cheek. "So Little Brother and I will be on our way! Au revior!" Soul rolled his eyes as the older boy left the building, but then gasped: realizing he was supposed to be going with him.

"H-Hey wait! I'm not even ready!"

~V O I D~

"First off! My name is Black*Star! And today Stein-Sensei told me to be in charge!"

Soul grinned at the sight of his blue haired friend at the front of the classroom of ten or so kids. The city he lived in may have been small but the school was huge…it was full of different aged students from sixteen through twenty. The older students were there only because they wanted to learn more or they chose to join the classes a little late. And the school was so large only because there was about ten or eleven kids in each class. Black*Star was definitely younger than he was, but he was already enrolled in the training school and was about a year in…just like the rest of the students there he believed. Wes was much older and experienced than he was though, so he and a few other older students got to learn different things in a different part of their school. And since today was Soul's first day, Black*Star and the others offered to help out with anything possible.

"Secondly!" Black*Star held up two fingers to show the other students. "We have a new student and I—the great Black*Star—am proud to call this guy my friend." He stepped over to the only white haired boy in the classroom and set a hand on his shoulder. "Everyone, this is my good buddy, Soul Evans." Everyone's eyes were on Soul now and all he could do was let out a small but still nervous grin. He could tell by some of the looks and glares people were giving him…that it was going to be a very long day. "I will be going over the old stuff we all learned in the beginning of the year."

"What? Seriously?"

"Yeah, yeah. Soul doesn't know, so I'm in charge of telling him." Black*Star muttered with a glare towards the other children in the class. He walked over to the black board and took a piece of chalk to write down "Class A", "Class B" and "Class C" in a line at the top. He then underlined each and pointed to the last one in line. "First Soul, I'll explain to you what a "Class C" witch is. They are the most common out of each three kinds. They're type of magic usually revolves around animals or plants. In the past we've reordered sightings of snakes, spiders, frogs, wolves, hawks, and camellias…that's a flower." Some kids in the class rolled their eyes as the blue haired no-it-all laughed. But Soul—the only one actually interested—raised his hand. "Huh?"

"How do you take them down though?"

"Oh right." Black*Star laughed a little more and walked over to the desk. "The great "I" was getting to that." He opened a drawer and took out a gun looking contraption. "Though we may use weapons like swords, axes, rocks tied in rope—for tripping them mostly—throwing knives, ninja stars, chain scythes and regular scythes…we also use this." He held it up for not only Soul to see, but the whole class. "This here is our "Lightning Bug". It shoots a nice strong bolt of lightning at your target and is used for the sole purpose of burning a witch's hands so she can't use magic. But you can also shoot her whole self if you want. I, the amazing Black*Star have the best aim out there in the training ring." Soul rolled his eyes with a scoff.

"Oh get on with it, you show off."

"Fine then." Black*Star set the Lightning Bug back on the desk and picked up the chalk to write more so Soul could take his notes. Then he pointed to the class in the middle. "Next up! "Class B" Witches!" He exclaimed; causing Soul to lean in with a lot more interest. He wasn't the kind of guy to actually pay attention when it came to learning in school. But at the moment, he was most curious about the "Class B" witches because that—at that moment—was the kind of witch his parents were spying on. "Now, "Class B" witches are very rare, but they have been spotted." Black*Star began. "In the past hundred years a "Class B" sighting has been recorded only three times. They're the only type of witch that uses a Spell Book. So if you ever spot one, get rid of her spell book first." Soul nodded and wrote it down. He knew this already but Black*Star still knew some things he didn't. "But just because you have the spell book, don't think you're off the hook. She's still got both hands, and with those two hands she can still conjure up simple elemental spells like Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. That's when the Lightning Bug comes in. Shoot her hands and then she'll finally be out for the count."

"What about the Void Element?"

Black*Star eyed a young blond girl on the far end of the bench they all sat at. Then he laughed. "Patty. You and the great I have already talked about this…" He stopped laughing and set his hands on his hips. "Stein-Sensei did too. There's no such thing as the "Void Element". It doesn't exist." He turned to write a little more before pointing to the very first witch type. "Alright, last but not least. We have our "Class A" witch. There's only one on record and her name is Mabaa. She's the leader and queen of the rest and is looked up to for guidance, healing, and shelter. We like to call her the Grand Witch. Hehe, kinda like Sandwich!" He laughed; causing some students to glare. "Anyway…Her type of magic is still unknown to us since no one has ever seen her, so pretty much everything we know about her is just a rumor or assumption. I'm pretty sure a simple Lightning Bug and sword combo isn't enough to take her down, but I'm sure the great I could kill her on the spot!"

"Yeah right…" Soul muttered to himself; looking away with a small snicker. 'Mabaa would defiantly kill 'him' on the spot…' He silently laughed to himself for a moment before eying the rest of the class. Most were talking since they had already been given that lecture, and some were still interested enough to listen anyway. The blond known as Patty was talking with her older sister Liz. Soul knew them about as long as he knew Black*Star, but he wasn't as close to them as he was with the blue haired spaz. His eyes wondered a little more and soon fell upon the door. Behind it was the hallway, and somewhere in that hallway there was the door that led to the training ring. He was definitely going to get himself in there one day. He had to if he wanted to be a good Witch Hunter.

"Now, Soul I need to show you where the training ring is!"

Soul looked over to the blue haired boy as he erased what was left on the board. Then after the chalk was back down in its resting place, Black*Star faced the class. "If you guys want to come, then go ahead. But this is just so Soul knows the battle rules!" All the kids stood and began whispering about some kind of thing they wanted to see again. Soul only lifted a brow as he stood to follow his lifelong friend out the door. They walked down the halls—students still whispering and talking—and soon Soul found himself curious on what the main gossip topic was.

"Black*Star, what are they talking about?"

Black*Star kept walking but looked over his shoulder with a smile. "Oh, they're talking about Soul Eater." He then told him; causing Soul's lazy eyes to slightly widen. "That's the scythe your parents named you after right?" Black*Star then asked. After a short moment, Soul nodded and looked at the ground. He had forgotten all about it. The large scythe Soul Eater was a weapon found about a hundred years prior to that was brought to their city and put up on display and every 5 years, a very lucky student would be able to wield it for another 5 years for their witch hunting missions. That is…after winning a very hard competition. Though, no one had ever gotten to wield it since it was found anyway. Not even his parents—the top hunters in the city.

"Here we are."

Soul looked up from the ground just in time to stop himself from running into Black*Star. They had both stopped in front of a large door made from wood. "Soul Eater and the arena are both behind these doors." Black*Star mumbled before setting his hands on the handle. He then pushed the door open just enough so he and the others could slip through with ease. But Soul was left behind, staring in awe. Inside in the hall that led to the inside of the arena, there was a glass box holding up a large scythe with a red and black jagged pattern on the blade. To make the legends about the red, black, gold, and silver weapon true, there was an eye up on the very top where the blade began. Soul slowly made his way over and bent over to look at the crimson colored eye with his own crimson ones. Soul Eater's eye reminded him of his own…it reminded him of himself…

"Now! Like I've told you all! You are not allowed to touch Soul Eater unless Shinigami-Sama says you may." Black*Star said as he spread out his arms to push the students back. He then looked over his shoulder at Soul and grinned. "The only people who have ever touched this scythe were the people who found it and our lord himself!" Soul looked at him and lifted a brow as the blue haired boy looked at the class again; pushing them back with his arms. "No one, not even the great "I" can touch it, so we all need to back off! You too Soul." Said boy nodded and took a step back before getting himself dragged into the arena. "This," Black*Star then began as they all came into the middle. He then faced Soul and smiled from ear to ear. ", is where you'll be fighting our captured witches." Soul grinned.