(in which Ebaz warns and informs the reader)

A few details about me:

I started this collection almost three years ago, when I was just out of my freshman year of high school and still relatively inexperienced in the world of Pokémon fanfiction—particularly regarding the differences between game, manga, and anime universes and characters. I'm by no means an expert at writing right now, but I was even less so back then. I also hadn't ever experienced any sort of romantic relationship, so my knowledge came predominantly from fandom and fanfiction. Eesh.

This is an apology for any and all iffy characterization and writing you'll find in the following chapters, especially early ones. I have half a mind to go back and rewrite every single chapter, but at the moment I just don't have the time.

Another problem with this fic is my rusty knowledge of the PokeSpe universe. I haven't read it since I started writing this three years ago. However, I fully intend to finish all 100 drabbles and restore my understanding of PokeSpe. This may take me a while, but I sincerely appreciate everyone who's stuck with me since the beginning. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this fic despite its issues.

-Ebaz (2/8/14)