"I've always been good at running away, Well now I'm gonna run the show! I've always been seen as the ultimate prey, But now my status ain't so quo!" Timon sang. A mysterious large figure appeared and grabbed him. "Gotcha! I was wondering what that idiot pink bear was talking about! The little MEERKAT WEARING A HULA SKIRT! Darn you stupid meerkat!" The mysterious figure was a Fib, short for Fibrillious Minimus. They went through 4 stages, which were their normal size (a smaller version, which looked cute), a bigger version of the normal size, a version which only had legs and a body, and the most dangerous one, a 30 foot tall version, also called Big Fib.

Timon was kidnapped in a cage next to Lotso. Timon was very upset. "Let us go! What are you using us for?" Timon yelled. "Well, you'll just see tomorrow NIGHT!" the big Fib laughed. Lotso said, "I hope the Fibs don't put us somewhere bad, even to be burned or something!" Lotso and Timon were being taken to another room as Lotso was saying about how the place should not burn them.

The floor was plain wood, painted a plain white and highlighted with a pea green rug that fitted the huge room nicely. "Beautiful!" Timon said, "Maybe they are nice! They were just kidnapping us for NOTHING! YAY!" But little did the two know their adventure was going to turn out very dangerous!