Disclaimer: None of these wonderful characters belong to me, but they are fun to borrow from time to time.

A/N: I have been reading a bunch of Buffy/Giles fics recently so when I watched the Angel episode "The Girl in Question" last week this idea popped into my head and wouldn't leave until I wrote it down. It's very short, but hopefully it will provide a few chuckles for someone.

~This City~

"Let me handle this," Angel insisted as he knocked lightly on the door of Buffy's Rome apartment.

"I bet you'd like to," Spike retorted as the door swung open. Three sets of eyes widened in unison as the two parties recognized each other.

"Giles?" Angel exclaimed taking in the site of the surprised watcher.

"What are you doing here?" Spike demanded loudly. Giles opened his mouth to respond in kind when Spike continued on before he could get a word out. "Never mind that, of course you'd be here at a time like this. Come to warn her about the immortal as well, have you?"

"The Immortal?" Giles responded with genuine curiosity. "He's back in Rome? I… I hadn't heard."

"If you're not here to warn Buffy about the Immortal, why are you here?" Angel questioned.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I'm here to see Buffy." Giles replied indignantly.

"Yeah, we got that, this being her apartment and all." Spikes words dripped with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes at the older man. "So if you're not here about the Immortal who's the other big bad in town?"

"There isn't one." Giles fully intended to leave it at that believing the reason for his presence should be fairly obvious considering his state of dress, but reluctantly continued as the two vampires continued to give him blank stares. "I… that is to say we… Buffy and I…"

"Giles, tell whoever it is to come back tomorrow. We're going to be even later than you've already made us if you don't come and get dressed. Plus I need help with my zipper!" Buffy's yell from the direction of one of the back rooms saved Giles from his stuttering attempt at an explanation to the change in the relationship between himself and his slayer.

"Coming, Love." Giles called over his shoulder before turning his attention back to Spike and Angel. "You heard the lady," he continued feigning an apologetic shrug as he began pushing the door closed, "We appreciate your warning concering the Immortal, but I'm afraid you'll have to be going. As you heard, Buffy and I have a previous engagement this evening."

As the wooden door swung shut in his face Angel finally realized what Giles had been wearing, or rather what he hadn't been wearing.

"No big bad… running late because of Giles… Giles wearing nothing but a robe…" Angel began mumbling under his breath as the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

"Bloody hell, you don't think…" Spike blurted turning to Angel with a horrified look on his face. Angel's only response was to shake his head in disbelief at the closed door before turning and striding down the hallway.

"Shower!" Spike blurted as they entered the complex's elevator. "He just got out of the shower!"

"He was completely dry, Spike."

"Then it's a spell… that must be it. Someone put the whammy on them. Or maybe it's a love potion… yes, a love potion…"

Angel ignored Spikes ramblings of denial and punched the button for the ground floor. As he did he muttered one last thing under his breath.

"I hate this city."