Chapter 1 "Moving Away"

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Faith's p.o.v

"Get up" my annoying brother chucked a pillow at my head.

"Ugh what time is it?" I groaned.

"7:00 am moving day finish packing now or mom will kill you" Vick warned me.

I arose aimlessly and finished packing my bags and other stuff when my over cheery mother walked in.

"Ahh moving day from Minnesota to Connecticut" she said.

"Yea the day I lose all of my friends and everything I love dearly to me" I complained.

"Oh don't worry you'll find another Jesse in Connecticut" she mentioned my now ex boyfriend.

My dad rushed down the hall and entered my room.

"No she won't I mean… yea um…" he yelled dashing down the stairs.

"Oh don't listen to him. You'll find another guy best friend" my awkward mom hugged me.

"Yea whatever what's the dreaded day I start socializing in school" my mouth trembled over the hated word.

"Well about two weeks after we get all settled in" she said gripping my neck in a freaky, loving way.

She heard a huge smash and ran to Vick's room. He smashed a picture with his basketball by throwing it at the wall. I finished packing and said my good byes with the obsessive lecturing in the background.

"Jesus I hate them" Vick said hiding in my room.

"Yea you should know not to throw that stupid thing in the house" I yelled.

"Now baby sister why the attitude" he threw his arm over me.

"Its moving day I lose everything" I sat on my empty bed.

"You know what it's not so bad. Sure you lose everything close to you but you get to start over and gain more" he said trying to help.

"I guess your right for once in your life" I agreed.

I walked down and grabbed a cereal bar which was one of the remaining items in our kitchen. My family ran downstairs bags and all as the huge moving truck pulled in our driveway. I gave them my boxes and watched them gather all the rest.

Vick threw his basketball at me playfully. I threw it back and it bounced off his nose.

"That does not come in the van with us" I laughed.

"Why not?" he pouted.

"Because you'll kill us with it and have a big empty house to live in all alone" I joked.

"Hmm cool I can bring girls in no problem" he laughed.

"Your disgusting dude" I crinkled my nose at his perverted mind.

"Well now Faith you are 15" he began.

"Yes and staying a virgin" I yelled.

"Ok then you clean little girl" he joked.

"Yea your 17 that's not right either" I yelled.

"Whatever" he slouched.

Our parents came back in the house and signaled me to come outside. There stood the blonde haired Jesse with a fake smile on his face. I ran over and hugged him good bye.

"I'll miss you Faith" he said.

"I'll miss you too" I replied.

"Hopefully we can keep in touch" he wondered.

I nodded as he drove off on his motorcycle.

"I never liked him" my dad muttered thinking I wouldn't hear him.

We all glared at each other and got in the car. I put my head phones on and drifted back to sleep.