Chapter 6 "Secured Sights"

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My eyes open again…the sky is dark and I lay in a hospital in one of those freaky gowns. I sit up and rub my eyes. As a car drives past the headlights gleam up through my window…the lights gleam into green eyes across from me.

"Sweet dreams?" Jonah arises.

"Yeah….you're still here" I noticed.

"I guess you didn't take the hint that I wasn't leaving" he looked out the window.

"I guess I didn't" I look over.

"I definitely don't want to sit here though" I sat up straight.

"Well…we could walk around I guess" he turns and looks down to me.

"Around a hospital" I looked at him weirdly.

"You have to get used to what you're going to see sometime right?" he glanced to me sweetly.

"What do you mean" I asked.

"Come on we'll walk" he outstretched his hand.

"Not going to work is it?" I smiled.

He raised his eyebrows, smiled, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up.

"Wait…I thought_" I stood shocked.

"That I couldn't actually touch you, now that you see me, I can" he smiled.

"Come on" he tugged my arm.

We walked out into the hallway…I couldn't believe my eyes! I saw an old man on a machine and walking beside him a figure of an old woman.

"That's his wife you see she died a long time ago" Jonah told me.

My eyes grew wide…a little girl walked by dragging a small boy with her.

"That fellow is an old friend of hers" he continued.

A regular woman giving birth in the room…we glanced through the window and saw a man in an army uniform.

"He died in war…now he's seeing his baby being born" Jonah told me.

"How am I seeing this?" I asked him.

"You see you're in a state…of health let's saying the ones close to death see us" he turned away.

"Wait! You mean I'm close to dying!" I panicked.

He tightly grasped my hand.

"No…but you were…and you might be later…I can't tell" he turned to me.

"Great" I sighed.

"Don't think so negative…uh oh rush time" he pointed to a crowd rushing down the hall.

He smiled and grabbed my arm and we walked forward. As a doctor was about to walk right through our hands Jonah lifted our arms, spinning me as if we were dancing.

"So I take it you won't dance with me" he smiled.

"In the middle of a hospital I don't think so" I looked to the ground.

"Then I'll make you" he lifted me onto his feet.

He spun me around and lead us all through the hospital…I was inattentive to all around us the only thing that made sense was looking up to his smile and bright green eyes. We saw my doctor coming back and we flashed back into my room. Jonah stood panicky by the door holding it closed until I got back in the bed.

The doctor opened the door and I watched as Jonah buttoned his gray jacket. It never seemed modern to wear the kind of clothing he was, but it was different.

With the doctor I saw the figures of an older woman, a younger woman, an older man, and a young boy. The older people came over, saw me, crinkled their noses and spit on me!

Jonah looked furious and walked over to them "Excuse me Mr. And Mrs. Barley I'd appreciate it if you'd show some respect for her" he looked to them.

Mr. And Mrs. Barley, the doctor's parents. They glanced at me something evil and spit ectoplasm at me! Luckily Jonah stood in front of them…and got it all over his jacket. The doctor spoke something and then left ghosts and all. Jonah was disgusted and sat down.

"I'm sorry" I said.

"Its ok they just weren't nice" he crinkled his nose.

"I could wash it when I get home" I offered.

"Its ok I just won't wear it or my shirt…because there's ectoplasm there too great" he smiled.

He took off his jacket and shirt and laid himself across the chairs.

"Sorry if my shirtless-ness is bothering you" he laughed.

"Its fine but I'm still bored as ever" I laid back.

"I'll have to teach you sometime right?" he stood up.

"Teach me what?" I sat back up.

"How to dance because you're hopeless" he laughed and grabbed my hand.

He spun me in circles and pulled me close to him.

"See its fun to dance …well from what I know" he looked down to me intimately.

"Yeah I guess" he spun me back out…

Although, this time I lost my footing and collided with the floor…floor meet face. Jonah looked down and sat on the ground with me.

"Are you alright?" he giggled.

"Yeah I'm just a klutz" I said.

"No you're just clumsy" he smiled.

"Hun that's what klutz means" I looked over to him.

"Oh sorry I'm not quite from your whole modern time" his face turned red.

"Its ok" I smiled standing up.

I jumped back into the bed right when I saw the doctor's shadow at the door.

"Hi…ok let me see…I'll hook you up to the mask and a little something to make you fall asleep" he handed all of this over.

He slipped me sleeping medication, and put the mask on and I was out like a light. I was aware of feeling and hearing what was going on around me. I heard the door shut…but still felt the cold mist of Jonah's presence.

"Jonah! I told you not be here! Let's go!" I heard a man yell.

"I'm sorry sir" he said.

"Let's go!" the man yelled.

I felt the air stop as Jonah removed the oxygen mask from me…I felt the cold tingle as his lips touched mine. He gently put the mask back on and I was out again…I find it sweet that he cares.