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Warp Portal to Nowhere

Darkness. It was very damp too. Also unfortunately, he could feel the stomach acid eating away at him. He lay there, not knowing what to do. He had about given up on being rescued, seeing that the Phreeoni actually caught him off guard and swallowed him whole. Not something that he would like to experience again. So there he was, lying in a pool of slow eating acid when he felt something cold and oval shaped come into his hand. He couldn't see it, but somehow he knew he was clutching a gem of some kind. It wasn't clear if it was a blue gem or not, but it didn't matter. He needed to get out and he was going to do it one way or the other. He quickly said the words for the spell Warp Portal, the spell that he rarely did use; the one spell he needed urgently right now. A slight glow appeared below him and he smiled. He was getting out. As his body slipped and disappeared into the portal, he didn't realize that the portal had a slight yellow glow to it.

He didn't know how long he fell, but fall he did. His descent finally stopped and he fell to the ground; Soft, damp, moist ground. He groaned. He blinked a few times to get his eyes adjusted. When it finally did, he saw trees. Lots of trees. It made him wonder if he was in Payon, although he never did hear of any Kapra save points being in the middle of the Payon forests. He assumed it was the randomness of the portal that deposited him here. He groaned again. He could still his skin feeling sore and painful all over. He quickly muttered a chant and a soothing green glow washed over him. With that, he got up to an upright sitting position and took stock of himself. His high priest robes were eaten through and through, huge holes littered the once resplendent material and the cloth ends of the sleeves and both ends of the shirt were ragged and jagged. His pants were not as ragged as his robes, but his pants legs were still halfway eaten away. Even more so, his gloves were gone. The shiny metal of his right hand was plain to see.

He sighed. This was probably going to be very hard to explain to anyone that comes across him as he usually hid his hands with the gloves, but now it wasn't so certain anymore. He brushed back his now free flowing hair… even the bit of cloth that he tied his hair up in had dissolved away. His shoulder length purple hair stuck to the side of his sweat bathed head. Slowly he got up, careful to make sure he didn't break anything. Satisfied, he took in a deep breath of air and enjoyed the silence of the forest.

A rustling in the bushes startled him and he turned to face the unknown. It was a girl, a darkish-brown colored skin, which sort of what you would say if you would meet a native from Umbala. She had extremely long hair, by the looks of things, with the length of two tails of hair flowing in front of her shoulders that were held together with bits of red ribbon and the rest behind her. Her eyes were cold and serious, looking as if she was ready to put a bullet through his head. She was holding what seemed to be a gun, but nothing like he had seen before. However the look on her face didn't seem to welcoming. She opened her mouth and the language that came out, he didn't understand. He looked at her, quite puzzled. She didn't seem to know what to do when he didn't reply, but she kept her gun aimed at him. It seemed very clear they were at an impasse; both didn't understand each other and she had a gun aimed at his head.

More rustling was heard and a well-dressed man stepped out of the bushes. He had graying… or is it browning… he couldn't tell… hair in a crew cut-like look and was wearing a pair of glasses. He was in a brown suit and wore a purple tie. The two seemed to know each other and since he did not know what they were conversing about, he just stood there. Then the man tried talking to him, and still he couldn't understand what they were saying. Then the man walked off into the bushes once again. He was starting to think he was just outside a madhouse hidden somewhere in Payon and he just so happened to meet the residents of the place. Well, at least the gunslinger relaxed a bit and leaned back against a tree while still keeping an eye on him. He thought what a very well kept body she had and how beautiful she was.

After a rather long wait, not that he minded as he had eye candy to study, the man came back with an old man with outrageously long eyebrows, quite a long beard and crazy long ears. He just stared. Once more, the old man tried talking to him and he didn't understand a word. Then the old man took a thinking pose for a while. Seconds passed by, then he finally pointed two fingers of his hand at him and started chanting. Instantly, he got into a fighting pose while the girl immediately got up and aimed her gun at him. However, the other man motioned her to step down and she complied. He was still in position to retaliate to what seems to be a spell being cast, but to his surprise, nothing happened. Then the old man opened his mouth again.

"I think I fixed the mishap of the language barrier. Hello, young man, to the Mahora Academy. I am the dean, Konoe Konoemon. May I know who you are?"

His mouth fell open. Somehow, he didn't expect to learn the language this fast and wondered if that was the spell being chanted. A few seconds passed as he digested this bit of information before he finally replied, "Iroi Gamiya, and I have a feeling I'm not in Midgard anymore."

Hello, everyone! For all those who stumbled into this rather abandoned niche of Ragnarok Online crossovers, this is my first fanfic posted on AND my first crossover fanfic. Now, being that this is a crossover, the actual crossing over will be... somewhat slow in the beginning. I first planned Gamiya's story to weave in and out with canon storyline for now while I try to piece together the point where the story line merges and becomes one. Also, I won't be having my high priest in a harem. First reason? The guy is married! Yes, he is married, living in Prontera with three, already grown, kids. One of them is married herself and living in Yuno/Juno. Two, he's in his forties... pretty much old enough to be a father to most of the 3-A class... most of them, since we have aliens, half demons, and robots in class as well, not to mention our resident loli vampire... yes she will probably kill me if she read that.

Gamiya's somewhat simplified profile will be on my profile page. I also will be... slipping minor and not so minor references to other games, manga, anime, and stuff. OH WELL! Enjoy!