Disclaimer: Not mine, des yo!

"Did you know that I would ask you to marry me?"

"I saw that we would get married, but not that you would ask me."

"That means you'll agree, right?"

"Are you going to propose, or not?"


"You need me to always stay with you, but that limits my freedom, Haruka. I can't leave you alone for any stretch of time, because you need me so much. Since that's the case, you should marry me."

"Because I need you so much you can't spend time with anyone else? Who else would put up with you? In fact, who else could survive your violent lifestyle? You're the one who depends on my company."

"Will you marry me or not?"

"I will, since you need me so much."

AN: I love Mamoru's proposals. They're so not mushy!

Coming soon: an actual, lovey-dovey wedding scene. Or a flirty/funny dialog. Or a romantic rescue. Whichever gets done first.