A Proposition (F)

Hermione wants a child more than anything in the wizarding world. Can she convince Draco Malfoy of all people to be the father? Albeit a removed one, or will he fight for more?

Hermione Granger walked into the ministry elevator, her robes billowing as she walked. She quickly reached her stop and stepped off and soon enough she was twirling in her office chair.

Tonight was the night. Tonight she was going to put everything she'd ever worked for on the line for the only thing she was still lacking. A child.

Harry and Ginny had three. Ron and Lavender had two. Everyone had children except her; she'd chosen her career, and just a great selection of losers. No husband in sight, she'd decided to take matters into her own hands. She could wait to find love, but she was getting to old to wait for love to have a child.

In the last year it had become her obsession. Everywhere she turned she saw children. Children to care for, to hold, and eventually to send off to Hogwarts. And she'd done the research; it would work and not only would she have a child, but if everything went as planned, even though life hardly ever did as such. She'd have the perfect child, blonde curls, piercing green eyes, pale skin, and half-blood.

The child wouldn't be subjected to the teasing she was. How ironic the whole situation actual was, she was going to beg for help from the one who had in fact teased her horribly in school.

She was going to beg Draco Malfoy to be the father of her child. Yet, not a father in the typical sense just the donor to create the other half of the child.

She waited until lunch and shoving her work into a drawer she grabbed her purse and walked down to the Auror's Department. She exchanged pleasantries with Ron and Harry but hurried to the office in the back.

The black and silver plaque that adorned the door read,

Draco Malfoy

Head Management of the Auror Department

She pushed the door open.

"Hello, Granger. I've been waiting." he said not so much as turning his chair to face her.

"I'm very sorry, although I'm ten minutes early, so it seems to be odd that you're already waiting." she countered and sat in the chair across from him

He spun to face her and placed his hands on the desk pining himself to his feet, "I'm just curious as to why the Head of the Department for Magic Law Enforcement, is interested in talking to me."

"Very well, I have a proposition for you, on a personal level." Hermione shoved a thick parchment file on his desk.

"A personal level?" Malfoy drawled.

"Yes, very. I have everything written in detail on the file, should you wish to accept or converse on the matter any further you know where I'll be." Hermione's face was getting red as blood rushed to her cheeks.

Malfoy had just skimmed the first page of the file but he quickly put it down and stopped her from leaving, "Are you serious Granger?"

"Very serious" she knew it would go badly; honestly this was just a horrid idea in the first place.

"Explain, please in your words. Not in the legal ones." Malfoy motioned for her to sit but he stayed up right with his knuckles pressing into the hard wood of his desk.

"I've wanted a baby for a while, and as I'm nowhere close to finding a husband. I was considering a donor. A donor that would not be held responsible for any care of the child, no financial responsibility, I have contracts in the back that legal and magically bind these agreements." Hermione took a deep breath as that had mostly come out in a jumble.

Malfoy had yet to meet her gaze, "Ok, but why me? Why not Harry or Ron or honestly anyone else?"

"I completely understand if you wish not too, but I did my research. Your lineage has the lowest rate of producing squibs, your genetics are solid, and the child would be both physically and mentally gifted." she had managed to slow that down but her heart was still pounding in her chest as Malfoy looked down at the cover of the parchment file.

"Let me think about it." Hermione raised an eyebrow; honestly this was better than she had hoped for. She had been petrified that he would have immediately thrown her out of his office.

She was just grabbing the handle of the door when Malfoy interjected another word, "You realize that you just acknowledged that my lineage was the best right, Mudblood?"

The way he finished the question was cute, you could tell he was kidding and wasn't being derogatory, "Whatever you think Malfoy." Hermione replied and slipped out of his office.

Rushing back to her office, she went straight back to work to occupy her mind, while Draco was making his decision.

He stood and paces through his office for almost four hours after she left. She did have a point; they were getting old for children. And he did need an heir, but after reading the contract he was about ready to completely refuse. The contract took away all legal rights, but he didn't want to take care of a child. But what of she died? Would he be able to knowing let someone other than the mother of his child take care of it?

His head was swimming with thoughts, and bloody hell how was the actual conception going to take place? He quickly found the answer in the contract. He was to make a "donation" to a healer at St. Mungo's and she would go through a procedure later that day. That just sounded weird, he would only want his child conceived the normal way.

Wait that would mean should he accept he'd have to sleep with Hermione Granger. This situation was just getting more and more complicated. He grabbed firewhisky out of his drawer and all but filled the tumbler on his desk to the brim.

God, what if someone found out that he'd fathered a child and wasn't actively playing any part in its life. What would the community think? Well not that his father was the greatest but he was at least there. Holy crap, what would his parents think? They'd kill him, for even considering it.

What about how Hermione was going to provide for the child? She didn't have the vast personal fortune he did.

After another hour of drinking and crazy thoughts, he came to his decision. He'd do it. But he was going to burn the original contract and write one of his own. The next hour he spent doing that, completely neglecting work for one of the first days ever.

Hermione was curled up with a book on her sofa, when she heard an owl tap on the window. She pulled off the letter and a ring fell out on the desk. It was gorgeous, three bands of platinum had been welding together, in the center a square diamond sat about a centimeter wide, surrounded with vines of small emeralds and onyx. Without even opening the letter she went to grab the ring and when she did, she felt the familiar rug of a Portkey.

She drew her wand, but quickly landed on her feet within a familiar house. A scary but familiar house, this marked the first time she'd been within Malfoy Manor since being a prisoner here shortly during the war.

"You can put the wand away Granger. I'm not going to attack you." She shoved the wand into the pocket if her jeans. She looked up at Malfoy who was still in robes from work, she felt severely underdressed in her jeans and baggie hockey jersey.

She followed him to a formal sitting room that was decorated in deep purple and black. Sitting opposite him he pulled out her parchment file. He reached in and pulled out the last six pages, the contract.

He waved his wand and they slowly burned in the fire to his left. Hermione almost broke into tears when he did this; she honestly thought he was going to accept her proposition.

"I'm going to agree to the basic premise of this agreement but I'm going to name some of my own terms." Malfoy stated looking into Hermione's eyes.

She breathed deeply trying to comprehend what he was saying. He'd agreed, he'd agreed to help make her a mother; he was going to help her. Malfoy pushed parchment into her hands and she looked down greedily.

Malfoy waited in silence as she read through his contract. It was much short than her's but he could tell she was going to fight him on a few points.

Hermione reached the last paragraph of the contract, and gulped, "What's the meaning of this last paragraph?"

"It means exactly what it states." he replied

"You mean we... Us... We're going to have to have sex?" she stuttered and her world started to shift out of focus before everything turned black.

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