Malfoy watched as the blood in his hand slowly drained away and for just a moment it was allowed to flood back. Hermione had a death grip on his hand, and had had a death grip on his hand for the better part of the last two hours. When she had said that she wanted him here, there wasn't a single dirty look Ginny could give him that would make him leave.

Ever since the bat bogey hex she'd hit him with fifth year, he never really cared for the red-head. He'd had to stop himself quite a few times from laughing when she scowled. Her looks didn't have anything on the disappointment from his parents.

It seemed like only moments later, he held a dark purple blanket in his arms. The small bundle in his arms squirmed as he peered through the folds of the blanket. Malfoy marveled in the beauty of the small life form in his arms. He'd never seen anything that perfect. Before he had time to truly appreciate the bundle in his arms the healer had pulled the bundle from his arms.

Almost immediately the healer placed an identical bundle in his arms. The same dark purple blanket. He noticed different features, the nose was smaller and slightest turned up, the hair was so blonde it was nearly clear, and a birthmark a shade paler than skin tone in the shape of an S on the shoulder of the newborn.

Noticing these differences Malfoy's eyes flashed around the room, finally locating the first purple bundle in Hermione's arms. The heart in his chest started beating faster and faster, and suddenly the fact that Hermione wasn't pregnant with his child hit him. She had been pregnant with his children. He quickly handed the child in his arms to the healers' assistant before he sunk into the chair beside Hermione's bed.

Hermione had twins, twins in the magical world meant more than muggle twins. They were nearly always more mischievous than typical siblings. They were going to have their hands full. At that moment as overwhelming as the thought of being a father, being a father of twins no less made him want to run, to hide. But as much as those feelings existed, he knew they were false notions. Whether she liked it or not she was staying, he was going to be the father that he never had. Give the small purple bundles anything they wanted, and everything they needed.

Hermione looked away from the most perfect human beings she'd ever seen, to the crumpled mess in the chair next to her. There was still blood staining his jacket, the dark red had dried against the black wool. She wasn't afraid he'd run, running was her game. She was just scared that this was still her imagination. He didn't want this, or he didn't want this with her. She'd done her research; Ms. Greengrass wasn't Mrs. Malfoy because he didn't want the life she did.

Malfoy quickly grabbed the same bundle of purple. Slowly rocking the sleepy newborn in his arms. Hermione relaxed slightly knowing nothing was going to happen in that moment. She looked down onto her sons face; he could do no wrong her mind. Nothing could be wrong in this moment.

Malfoy walked down the hall of Saint Mungo's, stiff from having spent the past night sleeping beside Hermione in a horrible overstuffed chair. He hadn't slept well either, it seemed to be nerves. Maybe she'd notice before he had the chance to carry through.

As Hermione had fallen asleep deep into the hours of the morning, as the hospital gown had slipped down towards her left shoulder, he noticed a silver chain hanging around her neck. After another few deep breathes he saw the emeralds and black diamond ring immerge from underneath the gown. He quickly magicked the ring off the chain, and as the longest part of the chain slowly falling back behind her neckline.

The ring felt heavy in his pocket as he slept. When light started to peak through the curtains he got up and walked out of the room. Quiet to not disturb the mother of his children.

He was standing in front of a thick window of glass, in which identical purple blankets full of magical children laid in rows. He couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of the perfect faces; he could also immediately tell which two were theirs. One with clear blond curls, one with golden blonde hair just as straight as his.

Malfoy got close enough to the glass, that his breathe slowly appeared and then disappeared against the barrier. He noticed the dark chocolate eyes of his son, and the deep grey eyes of his daughter. He noticed nothing but perfection.

Hermione walked up to Malfoy having wrapped a robe over her open hospital gown. As she approached him she could see the way he leaned into the glass. The way his usual smirk seemed to wash off his face, a genuine smile in its place.

Malfoy heard her come up behind him, he couldn't help but get nervous, his fingers wrapped around the ring in his pocket. He'd never been nervous a day in his life. Suddenly he'd been nervous for two.

He spun to face her, and as he caught contact with her dark chocolate orbs; Malfoy sank to one knee.

"Hermione Jean Granger, I have a proposition for you."

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