AN: I know I already posted this but I re-wrote it because it just was wrong. They weren't in character and it should sappy and stupid. This is elementally the same thing but I think it sticks a little better.

"Hermione Jean Granger. Marry me." Malfoy said, his tone commanding not wavering. Glancing up he saw tears running down her cheeks, and instead of the smile he was expecting he saw panic.

"Draco, I know this isn't what you want, this isn't your plan. This is mine and while I appreciate the gesture I can't accept it." She turned back to the glass window, avoiding eye contact at all cost.

"Granger, it wasn't a gesture, it wasn't even a bloody proposal. Enough of your insecure, irrational bullshit. I want our children growing up with my last name. I want you." She turned walking away from him completely; back down the corridor that led to her room.

"Bloody hell Granger, I'm going to have to chase you for the rest of my life aren't I?" Malfoy questioned grabbing her by the waist and spinning her into his chest. Malfoys' hand wound through her hair pulling her head up. He kissed her softly at first: but as her tongue eagerly wound around his; he pushed her against the wall lifting her completely off the ground.

As they split apart Malfoy grabbed her left hand as forcefully as he could without breaking any of the delicate bones; pushing the ring onto her fourth most finger. She looked up at him, "You know Malfoy, you can be a real prat sometimes."

"Granger you're not exactly a doll yourself." He said wrapped his arm around her shoulder to walk her down the hall.