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The sunlight streamed through the sky-high buildings surrounding Blaine on either side. The sunlight beamed down on his face and he turned his head slightly to it, feeling the warmth blossom over his exposed cheeks and neck. He always loved the feel of the warm sunlight in the cold. He tucked his jacket tighter around him and folded his arms.

He kept a brisk pace, navigating himself skillfully around the many tourists occupying the island of Manhattan. He passed a group of giggling girls who were apparently on a road trip, based on their matching bright blue t-shirts which read "Girls Week Out: Spring Break 2011!" They ogled at him shamelessly as he tried to squeeze past them to make the light, but another group of people cut him off and he watched annoyed as the light turned into a red hand.

Blaine was wondering why on earth they were having a Spring Break in the end of February in New York, when it's still bitter cold outside, and he shook he smiled to himself a little bit, but them felt his smile slide off when he heard that they were talking about him.

They whispered to each other loudly and not so subtly pointed at Blaine, who pointedly ignored them and kept his eyes focused on the stoplight in front of him.

Blaine felt a blush make his way up his cheeks when he heard one of the girls say, "they don't make guys like that in our town." He shifted uncomfortably and took out his phone, pretending to text someone, but ended up putting it right back in his pocket because it made him feel like even more of a loser by not having anyone to text.

The tallest of the girls looked at her friend and said snarkily, "oh my gosh, Mar, he's obviously a fag." Then all four of them started giggling again and playfully hitting each other on the arms. "Oh my gosh, you are so loud! He's like right there!" One of them said, at least attempting to quiet her voice, although failing miserably.

Blaine felt his jaw tighten and he tightened his grip on the shoulder strap of the bag. Am I that obvious? Blaine thought, it's not as if I go around prancing and wearing rainbow shirts. To add to his embarrassment, as if it could get much worse, Blaine thought bitterly; he felt tears pricking at the sides of his eyes. This always happened to him, I mean, how damn hard is it to keep your voice down?

After what seemed like hours the light finally gave a sign to walk, and Blaine shot off onto the crosswalk hoping to lose the band of girls in the crowd of people making their way across the street in the oncoming direction. Once he stepped on the curb and was on the sidewalk he spared quick glance over his shoulder; the girls were nowhere to be seen.

As Blaine was walking he fished his sunglasses out of his bag clumsily. After bumping into many people who were crossing in the opposite direction he found a pair down at the bottom of his bag and when he pulled them out and saw that they were his bright pink ones.

Not wanting to prove the girls, who were no doubt somewhere behind him and would eventually catch up, right, he dug into the side pockets and found his aviators. Blaine shoved these on his face and irritably threw his pink sunglasses into his bag and shut it.

It's not that Blaine had anything against himself or anyone else being gay, in fact he was quite out and proud; it was just when people drew conclusions about him that really bothered him; or just called him a slur. These people who had no idea who he was, what he's gone through, and what his life is like.

Blaine nodded at the doorman who tipped his hat fashionably and opened the door for him,
"morning, Blaine." Blaine smiled back and mumbled, "Good morning, Matt."

The delightfully warm air washed over Blaine immediately and he slid off his overcoat and folded it in half and placing it over his arm. As he walked through the many departments he waved to all his coworkers, who were either dressing manikins or starting up the computers behind their counters.

He passed Santana who was dressing a women's manikin in lingerie and she winked at him, "looking good, Sugar." Blaine laughed and called back, "not looking too bad today, yourself!"

Santana blew a kiss at him and twirled a thong around her finger and pretended like she was going to slingshot the undergarment at him. Blaine squealed and ducked a bit, but Santana just laughed and shook her head as she placed the thong back on the table in its place in the neat circle.

Blaine rode the escalator up to the men's shoe department and breathed deeply as he got there. He always loved the smell of new shoes. The expensive leather and suede always brought a smile to his face, his mother may say he's a little bit materialistic, but Blaine never minded.

Today, however Blaine was being moved across the expansive second floor over to the women's shoe department. Blaine had been given this news a while ago, and he was ecstatic to work there.

The women's shoe department was quite a bit larger than the men's, and while it didn't have the strong leathery smell of the men's shoes that Blaine loved so much, the women's shoe department had Jimmy Choo.

Blaine's mother used to wear Jimmy Choo shoes to work every single day when he was growing up. She used to ask him in the morning when she was in a hurry to "please lace up Mommy's shoes!"

So she would sit at her antique vanity that Blaine's grandmother gave her, (the same one now sat in Blaine's sisters apartment) and would put her make-up on in lightening speed, while Blaine, who was no more than six, would crouch down by her feet and carefully pull the straps through the loop and buckle them. He would sit back and admire the way his mother's petite feet would curve perfectly with the arch of the heel and how her painted dark red toes peeked out the tip.

She would then bend down to Blaine, ruffle his hair and kiss his cheek and say, "have a good day, sweetie. See you tonight, love you." Blaine would watch as her heels clicked away on the wood floor of their bedroom, calling back, "love you too, mom!"

Needless to say Blaine attempted at wearing his mother's shoes many times, each time being very careful to not get caught. Early on, he decided that he would never ever have the "I like wearing women's shoes" conversation in his lifetime.

Unfortunately for him he got caught once by his youger sister when he was thirteen. Blaine had waited patiently until his mother backed out of the driveway, waving to her from the kitchen window, and then as soon as the car was out of sight, he would bolt up to his parent's room and into his mother's closet. He had just slipped on a pair of beige heels with a large, shiny diamond on the side when his sister walked in and asked, "Where did Mom go?"

Her eyes had traveled down to his feet where they stayed. Her mouth dropped open slightly, and she said in a strange voice, "why are you wearing those?" she asked; her eyes still locked on Blaine's feet in her mother's shoes.

Blaine thought fast and lied easily, "I just thought they looked really uncomfortable, so I just wanted to see. How do you girls walk in these things?" He laughed awkwardly, looking at a spot on the wall behind his sister.

She had just nodded, from the look on her face she didn't quite believe him, turned around slowly and walked out the door calmly. "Mom went to the grocery store; she said she would be back around three." Blaine called after her retreating back, and added silently to himself, I thought you had gone with her.

However, this scarring occurrence (for both of them) had not kept Blaine away from his shoes. He continued to sneak into his mother's closet and pick up his favorite shoes: a sleek ruby red heel with criss-crossing straps that reminded Blaine of a ballet shoe, and at the top was a diamond studded buckle.

This Jimmy Choo's season thrilled Blaine to no end. He caught sight of the circular rack with the sign on the top with the skinny, black words saying "Jimmy Choo: Spring 2011 season. They were all colorful and shiny straps over thick heels. They also had solid color pumps, one is pale pink and another in a leathery brown.

Blaine walked around the table and ran his finger over all the shoes. They were smooth and polished and made little squeaky noises as his fingers dragged across the plastic. Blaine smiled and drew himself away from the Jimmy Choo's and went to survey his new surroundings.

The large clock on the wall over the escalator said it was eight-thirty; the store didn't open until nine. It was also Tuesday, which meant Blaine was in for a slow day anyway.

Blaine went around all the tables and straightened out various shoes, making sure they were in perfectly aligned rows and organized by style. Then he went over to his counter and booted up the computer, typing in his employee code. He saw a couple of pictures, one with just a blonde little girl dressed up in a pretty blue dress with ruffles, and another of a young woman with matching blonde hair holding the little girl in her lap.

"Hello! You must be Blaine!"

Blaine looked up from the pictures and happened to see the woman in the picture. She was even prettier in person, with gently curled blonde hair and soft green eyes. She was wearing a stylish pale green pantsuit (that not many people could pull off, Blaine thought, impressed) that made her eyes pop wonderfully and matching shiny gold pumps, which clicked against the marble floor with every step she took.

"Yes, that's me. I just got transferred over here from men's shoes."

"So I've heard. I'm Quinn." Quinn stuck out her hand and Blaine shook it, "so how long have you been working here?" Quinn asked, pulling her hand away from his and walking around the counter and setting her purse down.

Blaine raised his eyebrows and laughed, "uh, I have no idea. Like, forever." Quinn just smiled and pulled out her phone and pressed a few buttons, "I've only been working here a few weeks, I've been bouncing around jobs since graduation."

"Same here, I started working here actually my junior year of high school, you know. I was, like, the floor mopper." Blaine laughed and Quinn smiled at him to continue, "Yeah, so everybody here is like family to me, and they actually tried to get to move me to management in an office up in upper West side, but I just like shoes too much."

Quinn nodded, placing her phone in a side pocket and then picking up her purse and placing it in the locked cabinet under the counter. "So I take it you're a born and raised New Yorker then? Excuse me," she gently placed a hand on his arm so maneuver around him to get to the computer.

"Yep, well sort of, I lived in Ohio for awhile, then when I was fifteen we moved here. We lived in a townhouse in Chinatown, it was nice. Chinatown's got this bad reputation but I loved it there."

Quinn finished signing in to the computer and hoisted herself onto the counter, kicking off her heels and crossing her legs gracefully. "Really? I love going to Chinatown, I actually live in Soho, well, more like the border of Soho. So I spend a lot of time down in the little shops, sometimes I take Beth."

"Beth?" Blaine asked, even though he had a guess as to who Beth might be. "She's my daughter," Quinn informed him, pointing at the picture by the computer that Blaine was looking at earlier. "She's four now, getting ready to go into kindergarten next year, that picture was taken when she was about two and a half." She sighed and smiled sadly, "they just grow up so fast."

Blaine nodded and smiled, "she's really adorable. Do you ever bring her to work with you?"

Quinn shook her head, "no, I leave her with my neighbor, Mrs. Chen. She's this old widow who just adores Beth, and Beth just loves her right back. It's actually really great, Mrs. Chen just watches her for free and we have her over for dinner every Thursday night. I mean, at first I felt like I was ripping her off by leaving my screaming child with her every day for free, but she just loves it." Quinn smiled softly to herself, "and Beth comes home and just talks and talks and talks about what her and Mrs. Chen do and, oh gosh, I'm sorry! I'm probably boring you to death."

Blaine shook his head quickly, "No! No, it's fine!" Blaine reassured her, but Quinn talked over him, "it's just being a mom is my whole life now, sometimes people tell me it's all I talk about."

"Well, there's nothing wrong with that!" Blaine exclaimed, "I mean, it just means that you care, and it breaks my heart when parents don't care; so I think it's wonderful."

"Well thank you." Quinn hopped down from the counter and nudged her shoes back on. She smiled at him and placed a hand on his arm, "I can tell that I'm going to like you." Blaine smiled and said cheekily, "well, not many people can resist my charm." Quinn chuckled and shook her head, "charm, huh?"

Blaine winked at her and Quinn shook her head once more and opened the drawer on the right side of the counter. When she pulled it open, Blaine saw that there was an assortment of magazines. Quinn picked up the one on top and held up a US Weekly, "this is was saved Kurt and I from dying of boredom these past few weeks when he was here."

Blaine "ahhed" in understanding; he knew how boring sitting in this department store could be. Since it was the middle of the week, not many people were stopping in to shop; so the employees brought things to do, like, knitting, a book, or in Quinn's case, magazines.

"There are some chairs in the back room, hold on." Quinn set the magazine on the counter and made her way over the door with the "Employees Only" sign on it. She came out a moment later with two chairs. "so we would just sit here on slow days and read these magazines and get out celebrity fix."

Blaine sat down in the chair and gestured for Quinn to sit next to him, "shall we?" Quinn grabbed the US Weekly and sat next to Blaine, crossing her legs. She flipped open the magazine and started reading the index.

"Let's see what the rich and famous are up to."

For the next three hours Blaine and Quinn sat in the chairs reading magazine after magazine, laughing at celebrity antics and talking about their outfits. Only three customers had come in and they took turns helping them.

When the clock chimed noon, Quinn threw her head back and exclaimed, "Finally!" Blaine nodded his head in agreement and placed the magazine back on the table and stated, "as much as I love Kim Kardashian, there is only so much of her I can take." Quinn nodded her head in agreement, "mhm!"

Quinn reached down and unlocked the cabinet under the counter and collected her purse and jacket, "me and Kurt are heading out to that little café that just opened, would you like to come with us?" Blaine shook his head, "I can't, I'm meeting Santana for lunch, I think she made reservations at the bar here down the street."

"It's okay," Quinn smiled, "maybe next time. Oh! Good afternoon, boo!"

Blaine turned around to see who she was talking to. Someone who Blaine guessed was Kurt stepped off the escalator and was walking towards them, waving his hand at Quinn.

Kurt was tall and slender with perfectly coiffed dark brown hair and the cutest smile Blaine had ever seen. He was wearing the downstairs department uniform of black pants and a white shirt, although Kurt had added a matching black vest to his ensemble. Blaine couldn't help but notice (and appreciate) how perfectly the pants fit Kurt's legs.

Kurt gave Quinn a quick one-armed hug and pecked her on the cheek, "hello darling! You ready for lunch?" Kurt asked, helping Quinn into her coat.

Quinn caught sight of Blaine ogling Kurt and she immediately introduced them. "Kurt, this is Blaine my new co-worker, and Blaine this is Kurt, who as you know used to work here for a little but moved to the perfume and make-up department."

"Hello," Kurt said and stuck his hand out for Blaine to shake. Blaine wiped his hand on his suit pants and shook Kurt's hand. "Hi," Blaine said breathlessly.

"Do you want to join us for lunch?" Kurt asked, pulling his hand away from Blaine, who had still not yet let go. Blaine blushed and choked out, "uh, no, sorry. I'm meeting someone." For some inexplicable reason, a blush made its way up Blaine's neck and cheeks, and he quickly looked down at his shoes to hide it.

"Oo-kay," Kurt nodded and turned to Quinn, "you ready to go?"

Quinn nodded and said, "yeah, actually just go and get us a table and I will be there in a sec, I have to talk to Blaine real fast." She leaned in and kissed both Kurt's cheeks and waved as he headed to the escalator.

Once Kurt was out of sight Quinn turned to Blaine, "real smooth," Quinn said with an amused smile on her face, "quite charming, really." Blaine groaned and rubbed his face with his hands. "Oh, be quiet!" Quinn patted him on the shoulder as Blaine said, "you didn't tell me he was hot!"

"Well, you didn't ask," Quinn said simply, but she took pity on Blaine who was now messing up his hair with the way he was running his hands through it. "You're being a drama queen, besides, he likes guys with dark hair and dark eyes; you're totally in."

Blaine just shook his head at that comment, knowing that with Blaine's lack of charm in Kurt's first impression of him, he knew he was most definitely not totally in.

"Don't worry about it," Quinn said, digging gloves out of her purse and pulled them on. "See you after lunch!"

Blaine watched her as she walked around all the shoe-topped tables and stepped onto the escalator and waving to Blaine one more time. Blaine waved back, then dug out the "Be Back in an Hour" sign from the cabinet and placed it on the counter. He shut down the computer and grabbed his coat, sending a quick text to Santana telling her that he will be right down.

When Blaine stepped off the escalator Santana was standing next to a rack full of brassieres and arranging them. She caught sight of Blaine and exclaimed, "oh my god, finally. I was going crazy in this sea of underwear."

Santana gave him a funny look and pinched Blaine's cheek softly, "why are you all flushed? What happened?" Then all the sudden she gasped excitedly, "was it a boy? I know that look! What happened?" Blaine just threw his head back and groaned, "it was horrible."

"It couldn't have been that bad, I mean, we all know you have no game, but-" she paused, "remember that time where we were at that bar and you went up to the guy and asked him if it hurt when he fell from heaven?"

Blaine looked at her with a straight face and shrugged, "you know, I have absolutely no recollection of that event." Santana laughed, "well, I do, and let me tell you, whatever just happened could not have been more mortifying than that." She pointed to herself and said, "I seriously thought I was going to die of second-hand embarrassment."

"Let's not talk about that incident ever again," Blaine said, holding his elbow out. Santana nodded and sighed, "Okay, that was pretty embarrassing and I won't bring it up ever again, I promise."

Santana looped her elbow through Blaine's, and they walked arm-in-arm towards the large, glass doors.

"Well, until your wedding that is." Santana said teasingly, and squeezed herself closer to Blaine, resting her head on his shoulder. "Now let's go get some lunch, I'm starving."