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When Kurt walked back into the building, the party was in full swing. There was now almost nobody sitting down at the tables, and the dance floor was getting more crowded with each passing second as people of all ages flowed onto the floor.

Deciding to pass on dancing, Kurt took his seat back at the table. He scanned the crowd and immediately spotted Quinn, who was twirling Beth around by the hand. He waved to them, and they gestured for him to come out to dance with them, but he just smiled and shook his head. He really wasn't in the dancing mood tonight.

Over by the head table, Kurt saw Blaine, Santana, Brittany, and that other guy who Kurt presumed was Blaine's date, making toasts. They were pouring glass after glass of pink champagne, raising their clear glasses in the air and yelling exuberant toasts that Kurt could not hear.

He felt the edge that he had just gotten rid of come back. Blaine and that guy had their arms around each other, and then took another toast with their arms hooked together, laughing and carrying on as if it were their wedding.

Blaine wouldn't ever marry that guy, Kurt thought bitterly to himself. He's definitely not his type. But then again, Kurt had seem pictures of Sam, and he and Kurt were very different. Kurt felt as if someone had punched him in the gut. Blaine didn't really have a type, and by the way the two men were carrying on, it would be no surprise that they were dating.

And it's not like Kurt could blame Blaine for moving on, after Kurt treated him like shit, and then did a horrible job at trying to win him back. Anyways, all the movies and books said that if you really love somebody, you should let them go and be happy. So, Kurt should have wanted Blaine to move on and be happy.

But the selfish part of him flared up with jealousy at the sight of this other guy. He wanted to be the one making a fool of themselves on the dance floor, he wanted to be the one making Blaine laugh, taking toasts that made their cheeks a little pinker with each drink.

Kurt hurriedly looked away as he saw the other guy walking towards him. He quickly busied himself with his phone, pretending he had an urgent text he had to answer. The guy was heading straight towards him, and Kurt felt with stomach clench with anger.

He heard the man scoff as he neared, and Kurt refused to look up.


Reluctantly, Kurt looked up. He tried to look nonchalant about the whole thing as if he had just noticed the mans presence, and ignoring the fact that he had been staring at him and Blaine the entire evening. "Yes?"

The young man looked amused, and covered his mouth his hand to cover a snicker, "Wow, okay, Kurt, right?"

Kurt nodded.

"Okay, hi Kurt, I'm Allen. Don't think I haven't been noticing those, like, death glares the entire wedding, so you need to stop. Me and Blaine are not together, and never will be, as he's totally not my type. So you can put the little green monster away now, and," he leaned in closer to Kurt, who looked completely dumbstruck. "I think he's tipsy enough that he might dance with you if you ask."

Kurt shook his head, unable to make words come out of his mouth. He meant to sound condescending and articulate, but the words came out in a stuttered and jumbled mess. "No- I can't. He worked so hard on this wedding I can't upset him like this- he probably doesn't even want me here-"

"Do you want to dance with him or not? Because the boy is tipsy enough to do that, I guarantee you." They both looked other at Blaine, who was still making loud toasts leaning heavily on Santana for support. "Hell, the boy is long past tipsy. Maybe you'll even get lucky tonight."

Allen looked at Kurt's aghast face, "I'm just kidding, if you tap that tonight while he toasted and doesn't know what he's doing, I'll kill you."

Kurt just stared at him because, uh, what the fuck.

"Or just cut off your dick..." He picked at his nails, as if he were chatting about the weather, and Kurt was just wondering why on earth Blaine chose to be friends with such violent people- Allen seemed like the male version of Santana.

"So, you should go ask him to dance, or something. Or try to talk to him, but don't cause any drama."

Kurt nodded slowly. "Right. So you two..?" He pointed vaguely between Allen and Blaine.

"No, I told you. Not ever going to happen, however Britneys cousin-" he looked over his shoulder at a man Kurt presumed to be Britneys cousin. He was handsome, Kurt noticed, and he looked like a good-natured person, but his dance moves could use a little work.

"Well- I appreciate your advice and stuff- but I was really just thinking about leaving and-"

"I don't think you understood me," said Allen, sitting down in chair Quinn had vacated. "I probably came off as rude, sorry. But the reason I came over here is because Blaine likes you and he would like to dance with you. My guess is that he thought with the help of some alcohol, he would come over here and be a man and ask you, but-"

They both looked over at the sharp pop of the opening of a new champagne bottle. There were screams and squeals of delight as the bubble liquid was pouring into everyone's glass, and then raised in the air as they toasted once more.

Allen looked back over at Kurt, "I'm usually not this nosy, but come on. This is a wedding- there needs to be love!"

"There is love! Look at Britney and Santana!"

"Well, there's no love between you and Blaine."

Kurt shifted uncomfortably in his seat. This was weird, he didn't even know this guy. Less than five minutes ago he was hoping that a random meteor would fly through the window and strike him to the ground- anything to get him to stop clinging to Blaine's arm the way he was.

"There used to be, and now there's obviously not. I should really just let him be, they say if you love somebody you should let them go."

Allen threw his head back in exasperation. "Oh my God, please tell me you do not believe that whole thing. That shows up in romance movies and- surprise! Look at how they all end! The two people that broke up for 'each others happiness' always end up together. Why should you and Blaine be an different."

"Uh, because this is not a movie. Me and Blaine are not in The Notebook or some stupid-"

"Okay, I do not understand how you and Blaine even went out because that boy is a hopeless romantic. You know he talked to me about the use of the thematic romantic elements of the Titanic once? He went on for like an hour." He looked Kurt up and down, "well, I guess opposites really do attract."

A waiter passed by and Allen grabbed a drink from his tray, tipping it all the way back and drinking the entire glass in one gulp.

"Well, I told Blaine that I was going to the bathroom, so I guess I should at least look like I did. Thought he probably forgot that I'm gone-" he looked over at Blaine, "oh my God, seriously? That's like his tenth glass- really?" He quickly got up, "I'm going to go save Blaine from himself- excuse me."

Kurt nodded dumbly and watched Allen push his way through the crowd and over to Blaine, taking the glass from his hand and setting it on a nearby table. Blaine seemed to find this really funny, and was leaning on Allen for support, while pointing at the ceiling.

Should he really go ask him to dance? He knew that Blaine would appreciate the romantic feel of it, but he wasn't sure that Blaine would like the dance to come from him. It's not like he was worried about getting rejected- because he knew that he had to at least try. But he was worried more about causing unnecessary drama at the wedding.

"Hey, boo!"

Kurt looked over at Quinn, who had came back from dancing. She pulled Beth into her lap, brushing her daughters hair back from her hair, but Beth kept squirming.

"Mommy, can I go get some strawberries?"

Quinn sighed and set her daughter back down, "yes, just stay where I can see you, okay?"

They both watched as the little girl rushed over to the food table, grabbing a plate and loading it with strawberries and chocolate pasties.

"So, who was that guy that was talking to you? Isn't he Blaine's-" she stopped abruptly, obviously not wanting to say the word 'date.' She awkwardly met Kurt's eyes, wanting him to finish the unsaid question for her.

"He's just Blaine's friend, he told me. He said that I should go ask him to dance. Actually, it sounded as if he wanted me to take advantage of Blaine's inebriated state."

"I think you should-" Quinn started, then laughed when Kurt gave her a look, "no, I meant ask him to dance, not to take advantage of him."

"I feel like I'm back in high school," Kurt said, playing with the napkin on the table next to his empty plate. "Wondering if I should go ask him to dance."

"Ask who to dance?" said Beth, who had just arrived and was climbing into the chair next to Kurt. Her plate was loaded high with strawberries and other treats. She stuffed them into her mouth, accepting the answer her mother gave her with a shrug.

"Nobody, sweetie."

Kurt looked away from the young girl and gave a quick glance to the table where Blaine was now seated at. When he looked, he felt his stomach turn warm, and his fingers shook with anticipation as he saw that Blaine was looking back. Neither of them looked away, unlike the previously awkward looks they had shared over the night, where they both looked away as quickly as possible.

In a split second, Kurt had made up his mind.

Blaine was sitting at the table, his mind a little fuzzy and his feet felt bouncy when he walked. He knew he shouldn't have drank so much champagne, since he was pretty much in charge of the wedding, but once the drinks started flowing and everyone was standing around them, smiling and raising their glasses in toast.

It had been so fun, and for those ten minutes, Blaine almost felt invincible. His whole world was a wall of happy people, and the only thing he knew was the champagne in his glass and the fact that Britney was calling toasts for Lord Tubbington.

No one still knew who that was.

But no one cared, and another round was poured.

Since Blaine left, other people started to walk away, either returned to their seats to compose themselves or to the dance floor.

"Sit down for a second," Allen instructed him, before walking away, muttering under his breath, "..damn boy, drank the whole damn bottle."

Blaine sat back and smiled, he hadn't drank that much. He was still very much himself, although he had had just enough alcohol running through his bloodstream to make the world seem like a happier place. The music seemed to have a better dance beat, and everyone suddenly looked more attractive.

For some reason people thought Blaine to be a lightweight- which was far from true. He could actually hold his liqueur pretty well, he may stumble or sway a bit, but he was always able to keep a clear mind (up to a point). He supposed it was a gift- and a curse, because he was never able to truly let go of his problems without taking a ridiculous amount of shots. No one really knew this, because Blaine preferred to just act crazy with everyone else.

And deep inside, Blaine always liked the feeling of being able to do something and being able to blame it on the alcohol the next morning.

Blaine looked back at the table where Kurt had been sitting a second ago and saw that it was empty. He thought for a moment that maybe he left early, not wanting to be in the same room as him. The lights dimmed, and Blaine's eyes were immediately attracted to the dance floor once more. A slow song was now playing, and people paired off. Some of them actual couples, but most of them just friends swaying and being silly.

A shadow fell over Blaine, and he pulled his eyes away from Kurt's table, and was very surprised at who he saw.

Kurt was standing in front of him, twisting his hands together in front of him, and while Kurt was looking at him, his eyes weren't centered, as if he was looking at Blaine's forehead instead of his actual eyes.

"Uh, would you like to dance?" Kurt asked, inclining his head low, trying to hide the blush on his cheeks.

Blaine couldn't say anything, and searched Kurt's face with his eyes, who was getting more and more uncomfortable with each passing second. There was a strange feeling running through his fingertips, they were shaky and warm, a sweat moistening his palms.

"Yeah, yeah. Sure." Blaine pushed himself quickly from his chair, trying to not think about what he was doing. It seemed almost surreal, like those moments in classic Disney movies, where the couple slow-dances in the middle of the dance floor and the world seems to stop. Well, maybe the circumstances in this case was a little bit different than a Disney movie, but Blaine took Kurt's hand and let him lead him out onto the dance floor anyway.

He saw Santana's eyes on them both as Kurt pulled him onto the dance floor. Kurt kept sending nervous glances over his shoulder, as if to make sure that Blaine was still there, to make sure he hadn't run away. Or maybe Kurt thought that he was drunk, which was more likely, Blaine thought, as he knew he probably smelled like champagne and the Manhattan that had been shoved in his hand earlier that night.

Once they were on the floor, Kurt turned around and wasted no time before he closed the distance between his their bodies. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's neck tight, and he felt a warm sigh on his neck.

Blaine could smell the cigarette smoke still lingering on Kurt's body, and he sighed, wondering what on earth am I doing? Why was he dancing with the one man who he worked so hard to get away from? Like, seriously. He was being ridiculous.

But when Blaine took a step back from it all and looked at everything that had happened; he knew that he had already forgiven Kurt. Who was he trying to kid? He had never felt the same way that he did about Kurt about anybody else. After a mere month of knowing him, Blaine felt as if he had known him for years.

"I missed you," Blaine breathed out, his fingernails digging into Kurt's back as he pulled him close. At first he wasn't sure that Kurt even heard him, but he felt Kurt's shoulders tense, and he began to feel worried until-

"I missed you too."

The door to the family bathroom was shut and locked.

"Please," Kurt moaned, pushing Blaine's suit coat over his shoulders and fisting his hands in his white shirt he was wearing under. The coat fell to the ground, forgotten, as Blaine was half-lifted onto the counter with the sink, his shirt being unbuttoned by eager fingers.

Their lips crashed together in a mess of teeth and wet lips. They could barely be called kisses, they were so rough, as each man seemed intent on touching every single inch of the others skin as they could.

Blaine threaded his hands in Kurt's hair, feeling the sticky residue of hair product on his fingers. "Please, what?" He whispered back, then licking a short length up Kurt's neck, causing him to lean his neck back to give him more access. Blaine also took this chance to unbutton his jacket, pulling Kurt's white shirt tails out from where they were tucked into his pants.

He pushed himself off the counter, his shirt completely undone now. Blaine took Kurt's face in his hands and brought their faces together, this time in a slow and lazy kiss. He pushed his shirt of his shoulders too, so that he was now just in his undershirt.

"You taste like champagne," Kurt whispered, slowly grinding his hips against Blaine's. "You're drunk. You're going to regret this." But Kurt didn't stop, even after he said this. He kept bringing Blaine's face closer to his, and trying to get as close as possible to Blaine in every way.

"Not drunk enough." Blaine whispered back, and immediately wished he hadn't said anything.

Kurt pulled away from Blaine, an offended look on his face. "What's that supposed to mean?"

A sudden rush of adrenaline, or anger, he couldn't tell, flooded Blaine. He felt his face flush, and he didn't know whether he wanted to bend Kurt over the sink and fuck him senseless, or punch him in the face.

"What do you think it means, Kurt? I'm at my best friends wedding, and I'm in here with you! I'm supposed to hate you! You-"

"You can't hate me!" Kurt said back, keeping his voice down so they wouldn't attract attention from outside the door. "You obviously don't! You came in here with me didn't you? You danced with me when I asked you too! And if you're not drunk, then give me an excuse!"

Blaine stood silently, feeling a little exposed with his white shirt laying on the counter behind him, and his belt undone. He shook his head.

"Give me your excuse, Blaine!" Kurt said, his voice cracking. Blaine shook his head again, completely lost for words. He turned away to pick up his shirt from the counter, pulling it on over his shoulders and starting to button it, ignoring the way his fingers shook slightly.

"Because I know why," Kurt pressed, stepped forward so Blaine was forced to look at him, desperately hoping his plan wouldn't backfire. "It's because you love me. And I love you." Kurt was tired of being lonely, of missing Blaine every single second of every day. And if it took cornering Blaine into a bathroom and forcing him to admit his feelings, so be it.

Blaine stopped buttoning his shirt, and he looked at the tile beside Kurt's foot. It was an ugly pale green color, with a crack in the corner of it. The grout was beginning to turn brown, and it needed to be replaced soon.

Blaine knew that Kurt was absolutely right. He had hit the nail right on the head. And Blaine had no idea why he couldn't admit it. Everything would just be easier with Kurt by his side, but there was still a part of him that just couldn't forgive Kurt.

"Say you love me back." Kurt pleaded, who was now beginning to look worried.

"I-I have to make sure that everything is going okay." Blaine whispered, hurriedly re-tucking his shirt into his pants. He pulled on his suit jacket, trying to ignore the way Kurt's eyes were beginning to look wet. He had never seen Kurt cry- and he never wanted to.

Kurt stepped in front of him and stopped him from leaving. "Blaine. I know I'm not some, super hot, awesome Disney prince that will whisk you away off your feet and to a castle in the country-"

"I know!" Blaine said, now playing with the buttons on his sleeves. "I know that you're not like that- and that's okay!"

"Then why won't you be with me! Why won't you accept my apology and we can both move on! Everything that I have said to you ever since I came over to your place, is true! I've only lied to you once-"

"Yeah, you lied about something that most people would lie about to cover something up! You know why you said you slept with those men- you said it to deliberately hurt me!"

"Yes! I did! And I told you, I'm sorry! If there was anything I could do to take it back, I would! But there's nothing I can do, Blaine! All we can do is move forward.." Kurt shook his head, "this could be real simple! We could put this behind us a-and move on! We had something special, and I bet we would still have it now."

"Yes, but-" Blaine started, looking uncertain. He couldn't collect his thoughts, and he just wanted the all this fighting to stop.

"But what, Blaine?" Kurt said, his voice raising slightly. "This could be over! The fighting, everything! You're acting like a stubborn child!" Then he froze, the immediate regret etched onto his face.

Blaine shook his head and pushed past Kurt and opened the door, "whatever."

"Wait- wait!" Kurt shouted, trying to chase after Blaine. But it was no use, as Blaine was already halfway to the reception area. The last thing he wanted to do was bring their (yet another) argument into the wedding.

He slammed the door shut and locked it. "Fuck," he muttered, pulling his hands through his hair. Why did he have to mess up everything? Every single damn good thing in his life.

"Fuck," he said a little louder. He kicked the wall repeatedly, not caring that he was scuffing his shoes.

Later in the evening, the entire crowd of people were pushed onto the front steps of the building, watching as Santana and Britney rode off in a rented Cadillac, off to their honeymoon suite in to some fancy resort in Niagara Falls.

Blaine waved them off along with the other crowd, and he escaped back inside, planning on helping the bridesmaids and Britney's parents pack up the wedding presents and other things.

Kurt was standing towards the back of the crowd next to Quinn, waving to the happy couple. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Blaine heading towards him, probably going back inside to help clean up. Kurt placed a hand on Quinn's arm to get her attention.

"You go on home," he said, starting to head towards the door that Blaine had just walked through. Quinn looked startled, "but how will you-?"

"Don't worry about me!" Kurt said over his shoulder, already pulling open the glass door the building, looking around the foyer to see where Blaine had gone. He had guessed that he would probably packing up presents or maybe in one of the dressing rooms. Kurt headed towards the hall first, hoping that was where Blaine was, as he had no idea of where the private rooms where located.

Luckily for him, Blaine was in the corner, standing in front of the long table that the guests had set their presents for the newlyweds. Kurt watched from the entryway of the hall as Blaine tried to shove what looked like a picture frame into a narrow box, Kurt smiled softly to himself, as he knew the thing wouldn't fit. And he couldn't help but be reminded of the first- or well, second- time that they had talked.

"Need some help?" Kurt asked, walked slowly towards Blaine, his hands now shoved in his pockets so he wouldn't wring them in nervousness.

Blaine froze, then looked around at Kurt, his expression unreadable. He made brief eye contact with Kurt, but then looked down at the ground, his face flushing. He shook his head slowly and turned back to the box, setting the picture frame down on the table and packing some other gifts in there instead.

It seemed like hours before Kurt could get the nerve to speak again. He knew he had blown his chance to make things up with Blaine again, and there was pretty much no way to apologize or justify his actions tonight.

"I'm sorry."

Blaine just shrugged his shoulders, not turning around. "It's okay," he said softly, "it's fine. Nothing public and dramatic happened, and I mean it's not like you jumped me on the dance floor or something. Everything in the wedding went perfect-"

"No, I don't mean I'm sorry for tonight-" Kurt started but quickly raised his hands in defense when Blaine turned around and gave him the dirtiest look. "I meant I'm sorry for everything."

Then once again Kurt was staring at Blaine's back. He watched silently as the suit jacket flexed and relaxed on his back muscles as he shoved things a little bit more viciously than was necessary.

"I told you it's all behind us-"

"But I don't want it to be behind us!" Kurt said loudly, stomping his foot on the ground. He felt his face flush with embarrassment at his childish outburst.

Blaine set the present on the table, his shoulders rising and falling unsteadily.

Behind them, the wedding DJ quickly packed up his equipment, sending the couple nervous looks. He had a feeling that there was going to be some yelling soon, and he wasn't going to be around to witness it. He exited the hall quickly, shutting the doors behind him.

The room was now silent, save for the soft breathing of the two men.

"I mean it-"

"Mean what?" Blaine said, finally turning around. "I don't get what's going on. What are we?"

Kurt shook his head, "I don't know." He took a hesitant step forward, placing his hand on Blaine's arm and sliding it down the slick fabric of the suit until he reached his fingers. Instead of making eye-contact with Blaine, he stared at their loosely interlocked fingers. "But I know what I would like us to be."

"What would you like us to be?" Blaine asked softly, now staring down at their fingers also. Kurt shook his head, his mouth opening, but no sound came out, except for one embarrassing sob. He brought his hand up to his mouth, then wiped his eyes quickly, mortified at the hot tears leaking from his eyes. He was never the one to cry- not even at the saddest movies, as that was Blaine's job. Blaine was always the one reaching for the tissues, not him.

"Are you crying?" Blaine asked, startled by Kurt's sobs. He was usually so put together, even during fights. He pulled Kurt to him in a hug, rubbing comforting circles on his back. He quietly "shh'd," him, resisting the urge to place small kisses by Kurt's ear.

Kurt shook his head, burying his face deeper in Blaine's shoulder. He felt Blaine's hand rub comforting circles on his back, and he never wanted to leave. He didn't want to separate himself from Blaine every again, he was going to be attached to him, both literally and figuratively.

"I don't know," he admitted, shaking his head, his nose nudging Blaine's neck, and he could feel barely-there stubble rub against his cheek before he pulled away. He sniffled and wiped his nose on his sleeve, "that's usually your job, isn't it?" Kurt said, attempting to laugh.

When Blaine didn't answer him, Kurt took this chance to apologize. "I'm sorry for calling you a stubborn child," he said, looking down at his shoes. "My mouth says bad things, even though my mind tells it not too."

"So, I've noticed," Blaine said back, a small smile on his face.

Kurt grinned widely back, thrilled that Blaine was not yelling, crying, punching, or any combination of above. "You know, this was kind of stupid." He said, hating the way his eyes started watering again, even though he was smiling.

"It sort of was," Blaine agreed, leaning against the table behind him. "I feel like we had this big fight over nothing. And it sort of seems to long ago, it's kind of like a blur, you know?"

"I'm sort of done fighting, if you don't mind." Kurt wiped a finger under his eye to catch the stray tears that were still falling. He laughed, then said, "remember when we first went out, and I asked you whether you wanted to go to your place or mine?"

"Vividly." Blaine smiled.

"Well, your place or mine?" Kurt shuffled his foot nervously against the floor. He watched as Blaine thought about it, his thought's practically written on his face. "I mean, we could just talk, and eat ice cream. I have the coffee kind that you like."

Blaine pushed himself up from the table, "well," he said, placing a hand of Kurt's waist, "I guess I'll come for the ice cream."

Kurt giggled and drew Blaine in closer, running his fingertips through the short hairs in the back of Blaine's neck. "I knew you were only going to be in it for the ice cream," he said playfully. He leaned back and captured Blaine's lips in a kiss. Kurt felt complete as his body intertwined with Blaine's- something he hadn't felt in a long time.

"You know," he whispered, "I told you I love you- and I didn't get an answer." He looked away from Blaine's eyes, because even after everything that had just happened- he still had a lingering insecurity.

"Oh, right," Blaine said, he slipped his hands under Kurt's suit jacket and rested his palms on the small of Kurt's back, feeling the warmth of his skin seep through the cloth. "I love you."

Kurt looked back and Blaine and smiled, "cool."

"Cool?" Blaine said, looked at Kurt with raised eyebrows. Kurt quickly caught on and laughed.

"Oh, right," he said, repeating Blaine's words. "I love you, too."