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Chapter 1: The First Day of School

Bella POV

I had moved back to Forks to live with my dad. My mom remarried and Phil is a baseball player and travels a lot, she enjoyed spending time with me but I knew she missed him when he was on the road. I made the decision to move to dads to make it easier on her. I would miss the heat , but I do miss my dad and although I hate the rain and cold I want to see my mom happy. Dad as always was driving his cruiser picked me up at the airport in Port Angeles. My dad is the Chief of Police in Forks.

We arrived at the small house dad and mom had bought when they first married. I hadn't been here for years. We'd always take family vacations instead of coming to Forks, Washington knowing I hated it here. He was quiet. The house hadn't changed. I walked up to my room it had my old pictures in it and dad had furnished it for me. He bought me Pink Bedding with skulls, I absolutely loved it. As I was settling in I heard a car pull up.

Dad was out there by the time I got out there. I looked out of the norm for Forks. Billy black and his son Jacob greeted me. I vaguely remember them from my summers with my dad. We would always go fishing. Which I still hate to this day. Jacob gave me a funny look; I asked "What?" I guess the black pants with red accents and chains hanging off them weren't a norm here. What a joy school will be. Jacob and I chit chatted about what we used to do in the summer. Dad turned to me and called my name. "Bells" "Yes Dad" I replied. "I was planning on taking you car shopping, and Billy was going to sell his truck so I bought it off of him." I was absolutely in love with it. It was an older truck, but it looked sturdy. I trip on flat surfaces so I needed something sturdy. Jacob showed me the inside and the tricks to shift. He rebuilt the engine so it was good as new. I fired it up and it scared the shit out of me. It was loud, there would be no sneaking out of the house and leaving in this truck, I thought to myself. Letting out a little chuckle. I had a good day. Tomorrow was my first day of school. I was not looking forward to it. I was an outsider and with the reaction Jacob gave me on my outfit I'm sure it is going to be much worse tomorrow. I told dad goodnight, did my night routine, and went to bed.

The next morning rolled around too quickly. I woke up tired and pissed off. I couldn't sleep the damn rain kept me up. ping, ping, ping was all I heard. Today is not going to be a good day. I can feel it already. I got out of bed, not wanting to. Took a shower, brushed my teeth, and got dressed and put on makeup. I did the typical dark eyes, hot topic pants and pink tank top with a skull on it. I loved this outfit. Screw the others if they didn't like it. They can kiss my ass. I went down to the kitchen in thought. Dad asked how I slept, I told him how exactly I did. "Like Shit" He turned around and looked at me. I wasn't the little shy and sweet girl I used to be and it surprised him. He chewed me out. Whatever, I can tell that will not be the first time. After you have been screwed over by too many guys. You tend to develop a I don't give a shit attitude. I am a good student and love to read but you could never tell from my appearance. After the little ass chewing, I grabbed my bag and headed off to school. It wasn't hard to find. Nothing was hard to find in Forks. It was a hick town. This is going to be a long 2 years. Hopefully I will make some friends and not be the loner I was in Phoenix. I arrived at school. All eyes were on me. It was as I was a celebrity. I was just the chief's daughter, but everyone looked at me as a shiny new toy. My truck fit in with the others. I spotted a nice jeep and a corvette they seemed out of place oh well. The bitch is probably spoiled and mommy and daddy bought them. Not my problem though I'll probably never talk to them. I made my way to the office got my schedule. The day passed by. I got the usual reaction to my outfit, stares and whispering. Only a few people didn't and I was grateful it was a difficult day as it is. It was the typical what's your name?, What do you like, blah blah, blah, now take a seat. I did make a friend in one of my classes, Angela; she was dressed in casual outfit. I was surprised she even talked to me. I can tell she is a brave person. I am not the most approachable person. I may have an I don't give a shit attitude but I am a caring person and very selfless. If you can get passed my appearance and see the real me it is a mask. I am a nice person deep down you just have to get to know me first and put up with the attitude. Most people aren't willing to.

It was lunch. Angela invited me to sit with her at the table. I met Jessica, Ben, Mike, and Tyler. I knew Jessica and me weren't going to get along what so ever. She was stuck up and that is the biggest pet peeve of mine. She is the kind of girl I always told to fuck off in phoenix. Ben, Mike and Tyler were ok. Mike was too willing to help me. I think he was trying to get with me. No way in HELL would I date him. Hopefully he'll get the point I am not interested, or I could play the dumb girl lol. My attention was taken away from the conversation when five beautiful people walked in the cafeteria. I am not a lesbian but I think the 2 girls in the group could make me one. I'd be willing to try it. The guys were definitely fuckable. They were like Greek gods. Although 1 of them dressed a little too much of a metro sexual for me. I tend to wonder if some of them are gay. I turned to Angela. "Angela, Who are they?"

" The Cullen's" She replied.

Of course, Jessica had to get in the conversation. "The big guy is Emmett, and the girl with him is Rosalie. " In my head, it was thinking of what I could do to her that was the first fantasy about women. The Tall guy with the pixie is Edward and the pixie is Alice. Edward dressed too preppy for me and Alice was a fashion diva by the looks of it. "Maybe Edwards gay and she is a cover up" I said. I saw him get a pissed off look and the other 2 guys were trying to hold back a laugh. "Who is that?"

"That's Jasper" Angela Replied

"He Single?" I asked. I could think of many different things to do with him with that Wavy blonde hair and muscular build, and those golden eyes. They were different but I could stare at them for hours.

Shit he is looking

"No one's good enough for him here." Jessica decided to answer

I saw a little smile on his face for that one.

"So Jessica you try to get with him or what and get turned down?" I questioned

I got a dirty look for that comment; I could tell the others found it funny they were trying not to laugh. I guess no one really talked to her like that. I also noticed they were done paying for their food and on their way to the table laughing, They weren't too far from us when I made the comment about her. Maybe they heard it.

Jasper's POV

Alice had said there was a new girl coming today. She didn't know why it was important just she would become her friend. That's all I knew. I didn't pay too much attention. She always bitched about the clothes I wear. I like the color black and like chains and whips but I also like my western attire from when I was human. I just found I had more fun dressing this way plus it pissed her off. I haven't found a girl that was worthy enough to try them out on. Maybe she will be it.. As I finish my thoughts I hear Edward.

"I am officially scarred by that image, you holding whips and having a girl tied up is not my thought on fun." He said

"Just because you haven't been laid in a few months doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun, you have to explore it a little, you may like it" I said

He flipped me off for that one. And my mother gave me the eye too. Edward got lucky and she didn't see him.

I picked up my bag for school and the others went to the cars. Rose drove her corvette. Alice tagged along with her. Edward, Emmett and I got in the jeep. Emmett drove of course like always. We made our way to school parked in the usual parking spots and went to class. It was uneventful until lunch. That is when it got interesting.

I got a look at the new girl. She looked hot, maybe I found the girl to try out my new whips and chains. Edward again gave me a dirty look. The others raised there eyebrow. " I was thinking about using the new whips and chains I got on the new girl" I said. They just shook their head, except for Rose who I think was having some interesting thoughts to that response. The next thing I know Edward is trying to ignore Roses thoughts just by the way he is acting. "Hey Rose, Why is Edward looking at you like that?" I asked. She was not shy, would express her opinion, and was straight to the point with no filter. "I was imagining her with a vibrator playing with herself and me watching and when she comes I could eat her out. " She replied. Emmett got a huge smile on his face. She had never voiced that fantasy. "Can I watch?" He and I both replied in Unison. Edward and Alice were shaking their heads. They rarely had sex and I felt bad for her, she really wanted it but he thought it would be better if they weren't "addicted" to sex like the rest of us. I think he is gay a little. Shit, he can hear my thoughts. Before I know it he smacks me in the back of the head. "Oww what was that for?" I said knowing damn well why. "I am not gay" he replied. Emmett found it amusing.

We were just finishing paying for our lunch, which we never ate, but to keep up the human fa├žade we bought it. I heard an interesting comment coming from the table the new girl was at. It was directed towards Jessica. I hated that girl she threw so much lust at me it was ridiculous. I just learned to ignore her. But I felt amusement and mischief coming from the table. That was when I heard the new girl ask Jessica if she had try to get with me and got turned down. Jessica was pissed. I found it quite amusing and it was the truth. Jessica did try but she finally got the hint, but not before a few tries. And they were miserable attempts. Before I knew it all of us were busting up laughing. She smiled at me. By then we were at our usual table. That is when it hit me, I want to get to know this girl. I know the family would be against it. But with the way she is dressed and her attitude it could be fun. Damnit, I'm horny now. She is more than fuckable maybe we could have a relationship even.

"What is this girl doing to you Jasper?" Edward Asked

. "Nothing" I said with a smirk.

" Right, maybe a relationship?" He said

The others looked at me like I was crazy. I had never wanted a relationship with anyone let alone a human.

" I think you are going soft" Emmett said

"Fuck you man, I am not" I said

"Your falling hard for this girl, and could give you a run for your money." He said

"I hope so it will be fun, is she does" I replied

" I look forward to seeing this" he said.

I felt some mischief coming off of him

I wonder what he is going to do? Emmett always up to trouble if mischief was involved. I wonder how much trouble we will get into this time. We are good kids, its not the school that we would have to answer to it would be Carlisle and Esme. Alice turned Emmett and me and shook her head. Obviously, she saw his plan and didn't approve. I couldn't help but notice the emotions coming from Bella throughout lunch, which I found out by listening to the conversation they were having, she was curious, amused, and lust. I can understand the curious, few humans were curious but they always had fear too. She didn't, what confused me was the amused, and lust. Yeah the humans at times showed lust for us but it quickly faded and fear came through. I wonder what she was amused about.

"So the new girl afraid of us" Emmett asked

"No, she isn't she's curious, amused. and her name is Bella" I said leaving out the lust part, I wanted to keep that to myself. I'm storing that into the memory to figure out later.

"wow a little touchy are we" he said

I just flipped him off. Lunch passed quickly and we were about to head off when Alice told me Bella was in my biology class. This could be interesting.

I arrived at biology on time. I got the normal look from the teacher, wondering how I got all the answers on the test right once again. We were all straight A students and rarely got into trouble except for Emmett and I on occasion. When she walked in her scent was mouthwatering. I fought back venom. The monster wanted to come out but I kept the major caged. She introduced herself to the teacher and had her slip signed. It worked out perfectly, the seat next to me was the only open seat. I could get to know this girl. Maybe find out what her favorite position is. I had better stop thinking about that before I get a noticeable problem. As she walked over to me it was manageable with the burn in my throat. I could do it. She came and sat down. "I'm Bella, what's your name?" She said with a smirk. She was throwing lust my way like crazy. I could tell she was a firecracker. No human had ever came this close to me and wasn't afraid. I like her. "I'm Jasper, nice to meet you" I said with as much southern charm as I could. Then is when the lust tripled. I had never felt this much emotion from a human, if I had been standing it would be very obvious that I had an issues in my pants and on my knees. I was trying to not fall of the chair, she smirked. What the hell. She is playing with my emotions. I pushed lust toward her and she looked like she was about to jump me right on the spot. I enjoyed that moment. I won this round. Most of class passed by this time neither of us paid attention. The bell rang, I could smell her arousal and it made want to taste her. As she was walking out the door, I grabbed her ass. Bella turned to me and said "two can play this game" winked at me and started walking to her next class. I felt jealousy coming off Jessica. I smirked at Bella, she saw Jessica's face, and laughed.

Bella POV

I walked into biology. The teacher signed my slip and thank god didn't make me introduce myself. They all knew who I was by now. I was the chief's daughter. I saw a familiar face, Jasper. I was not nervous I had a plan. I walked to the spot next to him and sat down. "I'm Bella, what's your name?" I smirked. He looked amused. I think he was thinking the same as me he had that twinkle in his eye. "I'm Jasper, nice to meet you." He was from the south, that accent turned me on. I could feel me becoming horny and not a good thing in the middle of biology. All of a sudden, I was starting to get aroused. What the hell, this isn't cool. I want to jump him and take him now. Fuck, I am in Biology. Damnit this isn't fair. The bell finally rang as I was out the door I felt someone grab my ass and I knew who it was. It was Jasper, I could smell his cologne. I turned around and looked at him amused. "Two can play this game. "and winked at him. I knew I was aroused and needed out but this was just too fun. As I was about to leave I got a death glare from Jessica. If looks could kill, I would have been dead.

Jaspers POV

The day passed by and it was the end of the day. I met up with the family. I saw Emmett first, and the rest made their way to the cars. We were getting ready to leave and Bella walked out as I jumped in the Jeep. I felt a shot of lust to bring me down to my knees. Emmett and Edward of course noticed it. Well the thought I had of "Fuck Me" didn't help with Edwards reaction. Emmett just looked at me in question. "What the hell was that dude" Emmett asked. I smirked "Well with the amount of lust being thrown at me I am happy I bought those whips and chains recently. Her emotion as she walked out the door about put me to my knees due to lust." I told him. The girls finally made their way to the corvette. We headed home as I watched Bella intentionally shake her ass all the way to her truck out the corner of my eye while leaving the parking lot. Tonight is going to be an interesting night.

Bella POV

The day passed by quickly. Gym of course was the worst, coordination isn't my best quality. Ended up hitting Mike in the head with a ball. We all laughed about it. I got changed and was headed out the doors of the school and saw Jasper jumping in a Jeep along with Edward and Emmett. That didn't help the situation I was already horny and a sexy man and Jeeps always are a turn on. I saw him about fall, I smirked. I headed to my truck. I intentionally shook my ass on the way there. I knew he was watching. I enjoyed every minute of it. The girls got in the corvette and left. Maybe they won't be so bad after all. The day didn't go as bad as I thought it would. I look forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow will be interesting.

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