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Previously in Majors Revenge

"Normally I wouldn't have let that happen but his look on his face is hilarious." She said laughing. "You're a lucky woman."

"His wife is my best friend. That shits normal between us. He will be my brother in law." I said chuckling. Like Jazz always said most think it's more.

"OH," was all she said as she ran my card. I was having a hard time not laughing at her as were the others.

We headed out to Fredricks of Hollywood. I was extremely excited for that one. Jazz and all the boys were blown away by the choices. I got a few corsets. We were going to have a photo shoot tonight. I looked forward to that. We headed to the trucks. They didn't know what they were in store for. They would be the photographers. They would enjoy this.

Chapter 55

Bella POV

As we got home We got all the stuff out of the trucks he looked at me curiously. I just shrugged as he rolled his eyes. He didn't see the bags of stuff we got him that was a surprise. Peter looked at me excited he must have known about the photo shoot. It was dinner time. I was hungry. Char pulled together something with noodles. To be honest I had no clue what it was.

"My mother used to make it as a child. It looks horrible but it is good from what I remember." She said laughing. Jazz looked at it a little worried. I just laughed. Em left the room. Rose and I had a giggle about it.

"You want a bite Em?" I asked jokingly.

"No, my mother made that too and I hated it." He said laughing but a little sad thinking about his family. I took a bite and even though it looked horrible it tasted amazing. I was still going to eat it if it didn't.

"I love it Char and yes it looks disgusting but tastes amazing." I said smiling she nodded happily with a giggle.

"It looks horrible." Peter said as I took another bite. I looked at him with a look of I dare you. He backed away. Last time he tried teasing me he had to eat something and he didn't want to again. As I finished up Alice looked at me curious.

"I'm getting really tired. I think it's time for bed." I said yawning. She shook her head laughing. Peter looked at her desperately. I started laughing.

"You sure Hun?" Alice asked laughing. I shook my head as peter gave a sigh of relief.

"Let have a Photo shoot." I said smiling. The boy's eyes went black instantly. I shrugged. "Maybe not."

"Yes." They all said quickly making us girls laugh. Alice quickly ran and got a few sheets, stools and props. We would save a few of the outfits for private shoots but most weren't too bad for the others to see. The boys were so excited they just sat down on the couch waiting patiently like puppies. I looked at them hilarious.

"Get your cameras. I know you brought them." I told them laughing as they looked at me curiously. "You're the photographers."

"I think we can play this game." Peter said laughing. "We choose poses right?"

"Yes to a certain extent." Alice said laughing. I looked at her curiously. "When you come down for the wedding I'm sure you can use Jazz's bike as a prop."

"Want me to spank Char on it babe." I said winking.

"Hells yeah." Peter said laughing. Us girls headed upstairs and put on the first outfit. We had 4 or so. We didn't go crazy today. I was in a pink corset with boy shorts with ruffles stocking the works. Rose pinned my hair up. The other girls had similar on. Alice had one I loved it was black and white with tattoo looking roses and artwork. It totally was her opposite personality. She looked hot in it. I would fuck her if I wasn't related. Edward would totally be laughing at my thoughts if he could hear them. She giggled at me putting her head down. We finally headed down the stairs. The boys were looking a little too excited for this.

Peter was first to speak up. "All of you together. Look sexy."

"Don't we always." Alice said smirking.

"I mean posing and yes. I will say yes. You girls always look hot even when Bella wakes up with horrible and messy bed hair ." He said laughing looking at me.

We all went over to where she had set up the props putting on our sexy attitude looks. The boys started snapping away. They caught some good ones too making us giggle. Char and I posed with the stool with her in front of me looking up at me with a whip. Peter and Jazz went crazy with that one. Edward loved the contrast of mine and Alice's corsets. The second set of outfits finally was able to start after 45 minutes of poses. They had at least 100 shots of us total with whips, stools on the floor. I got one with each of the girls. I enjoyed this. This was fun but wasn't over the top. We had picked on the boys so much they needed to have fun too. I was feeling generous today. As we came down with the second set of outfits I had a baby blue fitted baby doll. It was my favorite of mine. Of course we all had the works on. Heels were cute too. The boys about drooled over Char. I had to laugh. She was wearing a leather bikini set. Jazz made a comment about I better have gotten one of those. I did. I just hadn't shown him that one yet. That was one of the ones that he was only going to see. I just shrugged and the pictures began. Of course we got pictures of Rose and I making out. I rolled my eyes at that. Em made a comment about always remembering everything but pictures were better and we could put one up in their room. Rose laughed. Jazz wanted one too. Char had fun in hers with Rose and I. Alice had a blast because hers was a sheer shirt that was hotter than hell on her. Edward appreciated me for her change in clothing. We went to change in the last of our outfits for everyone to see.

Jazz POV

I knew they were up to something when we went into Fredrick's of Hollywood I wasn't complaining though. I did appreciate this. Em making the comment about us always remembering but pictures was better was totally right for this moment because pictures can be fun too and they were having fun with it. All the girls were comfortable even Alice. I didn't sense any sense of being uncomfortable she was suggesting some of them. I was happy to see her okay with it rather than cringing. She had broken out of her shell but she hadn't fully until today. They came down in the last outfit blowing all of us away. They all looked gorgeous as always but it topped all the other times. They had what looked like tattoos all over them and it was a mixture of flowers, skulls and many other things. Rose had an orange corset with a tiger clawing at her chest. It was beautiful all of them . Bella had a lime green corset with lace that looked like roses and had shading corresponding with it. We started taking pictures with multiple poses. It wasn't the fact that it was lingerie it was they were having fun and honestly we ran around naked quite often it wasn't anything they hadn't seen. We finished up as Alice told us we had surprises in our rooms. She had set up one for Em and I rather than making two.
"You ready girls." I asked smiling. Rose and Bella were eating up the attention as they did multiple shots in very risqué outfits. I loved the ones they saved. The hour flew by quickly. It was getting late and Bella was getting tired. We cleaned up the room and Rose and Em left to give us some time alone so they could have some fun as well. Bella pulled out a bag from closet. I was a little dumbfounded I don't know how she hid it. It must have been Alice. She was so excited. I didn't know what more she could have done that day to be even more excited.

"I got something for you." She said even more excited. She pulled out a few boxes that were wrapped. I knew now what she was hiding. She bought me gifts and didn't want anyone else to ruin the surprise. As I opened them up I was truly amazed. I knew where she had found them. It was exactly where I wanted to go. That was why we didn't stop their. I first saw the family photos. I had tears welling up. I didn't have any photos of my family I lost them all when I was turned.

"Babe, wow. Thank you." Was all I could say. She saw the tears forming. She looked at me with her tears welling up.

"You're welcome. He found them in a box and thought they were yours." She said smiling. I got to the next box. I could guess what it was. It was a bayonet.

"This was from my squad, it was my best friends." I said smiling. I knew the others wouldn't have been able to make it out but I could tell by the few letters of who it was. It was sergeant Gonzaga. He and I made friends when I got there. She was even more excited for the last one. It was my mother's locket I realized as I opened it with pictures inside of it. It took my breath away. The picture was of me. I was speechless. For this to turn up after so long it was a miracle.

"Thank you." I said holding it dear to my heart. It was something directly from my mother and that was hard for any of us to say. We didn't have much due to the time when we turn we mainly lose everything. Our old life is gone and some don't want it because of the hurt and pain and regret it later in life. I hugged her with force. She was gasping for air.

"You're welcome babes. I wanted to get you something from your family. We got them when we went on our own." She said smiling.

"Thank you." I said as I crashed my lips to hers. Before she knew it I had it all on the shelves with vampire speed and back to her lying her on the bed kissing down her neck sweetly as she moaned. She was still in her lingerie and I had easy access. I stripped myself quickly. I wasn't going to be soft tonight. I wanted her now. I slowly entered her and started thrusting hard and fast making her moan as I kissed, licked every spot I could get too. She was squirming as she had never done. She was pushing lust in burst stronger than mine almost bringing me over the edge each time. As I spilt my seed into her she came for the 5th time. We laid there as we rode through our orgasms. She was spent.
"Goodnight baby." I told her. She smiled and kissed me making me want her more. We had round two and she finally fell asleep. I wonder who she pulled from. All I could hear the whole time was moans. She must have been projecting. I had to chuckle.

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