For now this is a one shot, though there is a great possibility that it might turn into a multi chaptered story.

Summary: One night they were strangers. The next morning they were married. Some might call what they did a mistake, other might call it fate.

One Night

Last night, I got served a little bit too much of that poison, baby
Last night, I did things I'm not proud of
And I got a little crazy
Last night, I met a guy on the dance floor and I let him call me baby

Her friends, Bridget and Cassidy had called it a 'Graduation Celebration'. At the beginning of senior year Cassidy's parents told her as a graduation gift they would pay for a trip to Las Vegas for her and two friends. She quickly had invited Lexie and Bridget. They had planned the trip for months, and before they knew they had graduated. The promised trip to Vegas had finally arrived.

He was there for a medical convention and decided to stay a few days after. He had never been to Las Vegas and decided drinking, gambling, and show girls was worth the extra three days.

She had just turned twenty-four and was fresh out of medical school. He was thirty-six and head of plastics at Mount Sinai.

And I don't even know his last name
My momma would be so ashamed
It started off, "hey cutie where you from"
And then it turned into oh no, what have I done
And I don't even know his last name

It was loud in the bar at Caesar's Palace. But they danced close. His hands holding her the small of her back as they swayed to the music. "Boston." She told him. "Just graduated." She told him with a proud grin.

The scruff from his beard tickled her cheek as he whispered, "Congratulations. I remember those days,"

We left, the club, 'bout around 3 o'clock in the morning
His Pinto, sitting there, in the parking lot, well it should have been a warning
I had no clue what I was getting into
So, I'll blame it on the Cuervo
Oh where did my manners go?

If they weren't drinking they probably wouldn't have been making out the way to the car he had rented the way they had been. "I can't drive." He told her. "Too drunk." He slurred, "Need to get my room key." He grabbed her ass as she pushed him against the car as they kissed.

"Let's get out of here." She panted between kisses, "Your room is close, right?"

Today, I woke up, thinking about Elvis somewhere in Vegas
I'm not sure how I got here
Or how this ring on my left hand just appeared outta nowhere
I gotta go take the chips and the Pinto and hit the road
They say what happens here, stays here, all of this will disappear

There's just one little problem

The next morning she woke up to a pounding in her head. "Owe." Her hand went to her head, attempting to stop the pounding. She opened her eyes slowly, knowing the pain that would come if she opened them too fast. But when she did she didn't recognize her surroundings, her eyes shot open.

She sat up, the sheet covering her naked body slipping down. She quickly grabbed it and wrapped it around her chest. Where the hell was she? She wasn't in her hotel room. She took several deep breaths, trying to prevent a panic attack. She looked to her right, to find a man still sleeping next to her.

Images from the night before flashed in her memory, as if she were watching a movie. Casino. Bar. Drinking. Friends leaving. More drinking. Guy. Very, very hot guy. Drinking. Dancing. Drinking. Kissing…

Her stomach churned, flipping in a way that made her nearly vomit right there. No God. No. No. No. No. No. She looked down slowly and carefully at her left hand. A shiny, sparkly, large circler shaped diamond sat on a white gold band around her left ring finger.

She got married. She was married. She was fucking married. She married Mark…Something. She suddenly wanted to throw up again. Her headache no longer mattered. The reality she woke up to was way worse than a self inflicted headache.

She took a deep breath. Poking the man…Mark…her husband, to wake him up. "Mark?" She whispered, shaking him.

Mark groaned as he opened his eyes, he smirked, "Good morning." He rubbed his temples, "Do you have as big as headache as I do right now? Damn I have not been this hung over in a long time."

"I don't think you know the worse of it." Lexie told him, showing him her left hand.

He groaned as he closed his eyes again, "You're married? Is your husband going to try to kick my ass now?"

She would have laughed if the situation was not as horrible as it was. "I wish it were that simple. I don't exactly remember everything from last night, but I'm pretty sure we got married last night."

Mark's eyes snapped open, and Lexie could see him replay the night before in his head. He said nothing as he lifted his own left hand a found a wedding band on his ring finger, "Shit."

An annulment, he had suggested. They would get an annulment; that was what they decided to do. He had called his lawyer, who had suggested William Conner, a divorce lawyer that was based in Las Vegas. "You two do qualify for an annulment."

They both sighed in relief. "Thank God." Lexie whispered her head to her chest. The horrible, sinking feeling she had all morning finally begun to lift. "How long will it take."

"90 to 120 days." William answered.

"Three to four months?" Mark asked. "Are you serious?" He clenched his jaw in anger. "Why the hell does it take that long? It's annulment. We have been married, twelve hours?"

"I apologize Mr. and Mrs. Sloan, but unfortunately, that is how long the process takes."

Lexie and Mark looked at each other as they heard themselves being referred to Mr. and Mrs. Lexie sighed, not being able to fully process the fact she was Lexie Sloan now. It was just so bizarre. "We live in different states." Lexie told William, "Will that be a problem?"

"It shouldn't." William told her, "I can send paperwork to each of you, and since you both agreed you are leaving the marriage with what you entered the marriage, it will not be a problem."

They had exchanged goodbyes after their meeting with the lawyer. Lexie tried to hand him the ring back, "No." He said, with a slight smirk. "Keep it. Consider it a souvenir." He told her she could do what wanted with it. Sell it or keep it, he didn't care.

"It was nice meeting you, Mr. Sloan." Lexie told him awkwardly, holding out a hand.

His smirk broadened as he shook her hand, "It was nice to meet you to, Mrs. Sloan." His smirk soon vanished when she shot him a dirty look.

They went their separate ways. She left Vegas the next morning, he had left that night. They never expected they would see each other again.

Six weeks later…

It was odd for her, when she had to fill out paper work at Seattle Grace Hospital. She was an intern there now. And when she filled out the paper work for her internship there was a question with several little boxes underneath it.

Marital Status:

_ Single

_ Married



_ Widowed

She still found it odd she was technically separated. And until the annulment was final she was forced to check the separated box. Of course, no one, absolutely no one knew that. She never told her parents. She never told her sister, Molly. She had lied to her friends, Bridget and Cassidy, saying she just hooked up with a guy. No one knew about her drunken Vegas wedding. And she planned to keep it that way. She never even needed to see her 'husband' again, their lawyer could do all of the paper work by mail.

Of course that all changed later that afternoon, when she saw him again. She nearly gawked at him, wide eyed, like a deer in the headlights. She noted he had the same expression on his face when he saw her. He pulled her into a supply closet fifteen minutes later, "What are you doing here?" He asked, still in shock that she was here, at the hospital.

"I'm doing my intern year here." She told him, her voice in a low whisper, as if someone else would be able to hear her, "What are you doing here? I thought you worked at Mount Sinai, you know in New York?"

"I moved here a month ago." He told her, with his arms crossed, "What about you? I thought you were doing you intern year at Mass Gen, you know, in Boston?" He mocked her words.

"My mom died." She told him, her eyes went to the floor, as if not being able to bear to look him eye. "I came here to take care of my dad." She explained. "I mean I came here to be with my dad. We both need family right now."

His expression softened immediately. "I'm sorry." He quickly apologized. "I'm just surprised you are here. I'm sorry." He repeated. Lexie nodded, accepting his apology. "I have not told anyone about us. About what happened in Vegas."

She nearly laughed, "You think I have?" She looked up at him, "I haven't told anybody. My parents would have gone crazy. My sister would probably have been pissed that she wasn't in the wedding." She smiled, "The annulment will be final in another two-two and half months. We don't need to tell anyone."

"Can I buy my wife a drink?" He asked her one night a week later. She was sitting at Joe's by herself, nursing a drink.

"You shouldn't say that so loud." Lexie told him, "Someone from the hospital might here you." She took a sip of her rum in coke. "Plus if you are going to call me your wife you should really start your husbandly duties."

Mark raised an eyebrow, "Which would be…" He flagged down Joe and ordered his usual. He turned his attention back to Lexie.

"Sex Dr. Sloan. That would be sex." She joked. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Shoot." Mark took a drink of his scotch. "What do you want to know?"

"How much do you remember of that night?" She asked curiously. "I have a photographic memory, so I pretty much remember everything. I'm just curious, what do you remember of it?"

"Mostly everything. I think." Mark told her. "I remember dancing with you. I remember thinking you were beautiful." Lexie felt her cheeks blush. "I remember us walking to my hotel room…" He paused. "I remember proposing in the middle of the sidewalk, in front of that all night jewelry store." He told her, "I remember bits and pieces of the ceremony. But it is all kind of a blur." He paused, smirking, "And I remember the sex." He took another drink, "Out of curiosity, what did you do with the ring?"

"I still have it." Lexie admitted, slightly embarrassed. "I'm not sure why I do. But I still do. I hope that's not weird for you. If it is you can have it back."

He shrugged. "I still have mine too."

She liked her husband, she decided one day four weeks later. Mark was unbelievably handsome. He was smart. He was a brilliant surgeon. Though he didn't exactly make it public he was sweet and kind. And he made her laugh. Lately he had been the only one who could make her laugh.

Was it that crazy for her to like her husband?

She began to think of the weird coincidences that had occurred between them. She knew she was being silly, but she needed to make a list.

It was her first time in Vegas. It was his turn time in Vegas.

She had never been married before. He had never been married before.

He was a surgeon. She was an intern, on her way to becoming a surgeon.

She was supposed to be in Boston. He was supposed to be in New York. Yet they both ended up in Seattle.

Was their night in Vegas more than a mistake? Was it as mistake it all? There were so many things that never should have happened. The marriage. They never should have seen each other again.

Still she wasn't sure what to call that one night in Vegas. Was it a mistake? Or could it have been fate? Destiny? Meant to be? Inevitable?

Was it so crazy for her to like her husband? Besides, she sighed, throwing the positive pregnancy test in the bathroom trash, the baby was going to make the annulment so much more complicated.