The Secret

Summary: What will happen if Stella had a daughter, a daughter that no one knew about? What will happen if she was involved in a crime as a victim? How will the rest of the team react? How will Mac feel about Stella for keeping her daughter a secret? Will this bring forth romance between them? Smacked!

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*The Secret*

'I'm home!' Stella announced as she stepped through the door which lead to her apartment. The moment she closed the door behind her, a girl with curly brown hair and brilliant green eyes came rushing out to give her a hug. Stella smiled. It felt so good to see her daughter. No one from work knew about her daughter. She was not ashamed of her, of course she wasn't. She just didn't know how to tell them. She had an issue with trust and did not let anyone know about her daughter when she first came to the crime lab. Now, she knew she could trust them but how to tell them? She couldn't just waltz into the crime lab one day and announce, 'Oh, and by the way, I have an eleven year old daughter.' Therefore, her daughter was kept a secret.

'Katie Cat. How are you today?' Stella asked her. Katie Jean Bonasera was the daughter of her and her first boyfriend from college, James Rodriguez. They had been together for around 7 years, but when Stella told James that she was pregnant with his child, he just left her to deal with the 'problem', as he called it.

After Katie was born, she decided to join the law enforcement squad. Her excellent marks in forensics helped her secure a place in the crime lab of NYPD. Being a working mom was not easy, but she managed. Her daughter was also an understanding girl, and could always sympathize if her mother can't make it home before her bedtime.

'School was great, mom. I got my math test back and got 10 out of 10,' Katie told her excitedly.

'That's really good, kiddo,' Stella praised her. 'I'm proud of you. Did you have a good dinner?' she asked, rumbling through the bag of groceries she bought on the way home.

'Uhm hm,' Katie nodded. 'I went over to Carla's house and her mom made a huge pot of pasta, so I'm stuffed. And they tasted really good; Mrs. Jameson should go into business,' Katie answered.

'That's good. It's half past 10 now, so time for bed,' Stella told her. 'Go and get ready and I'll come and tuck you in, okay?' she asked, smiling softly. When Katie nodded and departed towards the bathroom, she went to shower, an instant remedy for her aching muscles.

As soon as she was done, she went into Katie's bedroom, tucked her in, and gave her a goodnight kiss, she ventured out into the kitchen for a small snack. She was dealing with one of the most difficult crime she had ever faced. A sniper was now in town, and would kill whoever crossed his path. He left hardly any evidence, not enough to work with, at any rate. Stella was all for going through the small amount of evidence for a second time, but since she was running very short on sleep, she decided that the evidence can wait till the next morning. After eating a cup of yoghurt, she also went to bed.

*The Secret*

'Have a good day at school, Katie Cat,' Stella gave her daughter a kiss and a hug, marveling at the rate that children grew.

'Love you, mom,' Katie threw her mom a grin.

'I love you too, sweetheart,' Stella answered before Katie went out of the door.

Katie met up with Carla at the corner and they went to school together, chatting all the time. They decided to grab a sandwich in their favourite deli before going to school since they had plenty of time.

'Hey girls,' the man behind the counter greeted them cheerfully. They went there pretty often and almost everyone who worked there knew them. 'The usual?'

'Hi Damien.' They greeted him. 'And yes, the usual, if you please.'

'Coming right up,' Damien replied digging in the shelves for their request.

Once they got the sandwiches, they went out together and headed towards school, not noticing the person shadowing their every step.

As they turned into an empty alley, the man behind them took his chance. Katie only had enough time to register the sound of two gunshots before she blacked out.

*The Secret*

'Stella, here we go again,' Flack came up to Stella and sighed.

'Don't tell me. The perp struck again,' Stella sighed. Another life gone, just like that.

'Yep. White chalk cross and all,' Flack told her.

'Alright, you drive. I'll get Lindsay,' Stella instructed, already heading towards her friend.

As they sat in the car, Stella's mind tried to reconstruct the methods of this perp. He or she always left a white chalk cross on the floor whenever he made a move. If he struck again, this would be the 5th victim.

When they got there, they found that the area had already been roped off. Flack went off to try and find out the victim's identity, while Lindsay and Stella pulled on their latex gloves and took out their forensic kits.

'Vic's name is Carla Jameson,' Flack notified them. 'Apparently, there was another victim, witnesses said they saw the man kidnap her.

Stella had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her daughter had told her this morning that she was going to school with Carla. 'Did you get a description?' She asked warily.

'Yeah,' Flack answered slowly, watching her face carefully for a reaction. 'Basically, a description of you. Curly brown hair, sharp facial features, very pretty, they say.'

Lindsay looked at Stella sharply. She was not a CSI for nothing. She could hear a different tone in Stella's voice, the way her face fell ever so slightly as Flack gave the description, the fear in her eyes.

They started scouting around for evidence, the whole time, Lindsay kept an eye on Stella. Stella looked around, looking for something that proves that the girl that was taken was not her daughter. She spotted the corner of a wallet sticking out from under Carla. With a slight tug, she removed it and recognized it as the one that she gave to Katie on her birthday. She opened it, her heart hammering, and found a photo of her daughter smiling up at her, and the I.D. card inside the wallet proved that the girl taken was her daughter. She paled but tried to continue her job.

'Hey Lindsay, I found out the identity of the other girl taken,' Stella called. Lindsay came over and took a look at the card, then looked at Stella.

'Katie Bonasera?' Lindsay asked, incredulously.

'Yes. My daughter.' Stella told her tonelessly.

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