The Secret Ch.12

'Lindsay, I really need your help.' Stella pleaded as Lindsay stepped into their office.

It had been another week since Katie was discharged from the hospital, and Stella was getting really worried. Katie seemed to be in a daze, and reacted to nothing that was happening around her.

'Sure thing.' Lindsay replied easily. 'What can I do?'

'It's Katie. She still seemed to be in a daze. She is reacting to absolutely nothing, and is starving herself. I can't seem to get her to do anything.' Stella moaned, her heart aching for the young girl.

'Maybe you need to help her to get over the whole thing.' Lindsay murmured, her brows frowning.

'Yeah, I know. But how?' Stella asked, frustrated, running her hands through her wild curly locks.

'Stella, take her to Carla's grave. She needed closure, let her have it. If someone has to kept over another person's death, closure is really important.' Lindsay suggested.

'You really think bring her there will do her any good?' Stella asked uncertainly.

'Yes.' Lindsay answered, confidently. 'Now go get Mac, and the two of you go take Katie and let her have the closure that she really needs.'

*The Secret*

Walking along, Katie's mind was spinning round and round. Although she had never been there, it was as if she knew exactly where Carla's grave was located. Her feet just kept on putting itself in front of the other, taking turns when it was necessary. Mac and Stella followed behind, hands intertwined with each other's.

Reaching the gravestone, Katie knelt down in front of the pristine, new stone slab, with traced her fingers over Carla's name. All of a sudden, a memory floated right in front of her.

'Carla, if we should ever argue, what will be a small sign of forgiveness?' Katie asked worriedly. She needed to know that they would always be best friends, and even if they argue, forgiveness will come.

'A white lily petal, because white means clean, and lily is our favorite flower.' Carla answered simply.

Katie looked up. Tears were leaking out of here eyes as she looked at the white clouds that dotted the blue sky. She wrinkled her eyebrows as something floated down from the sky. Katie held out her hands and the object floated down into her hands. She brought it close to her face and saw what it was. A single white lily petal.

Katie's finger stroked the soft lily petal. She stood up, and went to the edge of the graveyard. Tossing the flower petal up into the air, she allowed it to float gently down to the ground, and she realized that the people around her had been right. The whole incident had never been her fault.

She got up, and went back over to her mother and Mac, a smile finally reappearing on her pale face. Stella and Mac were both relieved; the whole nightmare was finally over.

*The Secret*


'I'm home.' Mac announced as he closed the door behind himself.

'Hey Dad.' 16-year-old Katie called from the kitchen as his wife Stella Taylor came out and gave him a peck on his cheek. Suddenly, someone started tugging on his trousers. Laughing, he leaned down, and picked up a young toddler named Suki from the floor and went into the kitchen.

'Hey Katie-cat.' Mac grinned, ruffling her long hair. Katie started babbling on about her day as she started taking the food out into the dining room. At the same time, little Suki started shrieking in his ears well.

Setting Suki down in her high chair, he sneaked up behind Stella, who was washing the dishes, and wrapped his hands around her small waist.

'Stell, sit down and eat first. These can wait till later.' He whispered. Stella gave a small smile and went over to the table with Mac. Sitting down, they all began to enjoy their dinner.

Looking around, Mac still could not believe that he now had his own family. If you had told him 6 years ago, he would have never believed it, now, he believed that if you are brave enough to try, anything is possible.


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