Kurt laid himself back on the bed, opening his legs just a little bit. He was so, so anxious. He was really going to do this wasn't he? Have sex with his slave. Make LOVE to his slave, he corrected himself. This was alright. They loved each other. Kurt stared at David, who looked at him with an expression Kurt could only think of as 'want'.

"Come here, David." He wanted the bigger of them between his legs. They were still clothed, of course. Kurt did not want to simply rush into this and do something incorrectly. Though it was reassuring knowing he was with someone as inexperienced as he was. A slave to boot. The last person who was going to judge him for. . . Well, anything.

David followed, looking nervous. He ended up between Kurt's legs but was sitting on his haunches like he'd do when he'd kneel on the floor. Looking like he was waiting for instruction.

Kurt lifted a hand and gestured towards himself. "Lean down here, goofy. You can press against me. Look, don't wait for orders, okay? Just. . . Just be gentle and listen, but you don't need to wait for me to tell you to do everything, and you don't need permission for everything. Okay?"

"Yes, Master." David waited for Kurt to finish talking before he moved, carefully laying himself down over Kurt. Looking at him as he held his torso up just slightly by his elbows. Then leaned his head down suddenly, kissing him. On the cheek, low near his jaw. Kurt smiled and settled his hands on Dave's lower back. He tucked his fingers just under the slave's shirt and scraped a nail along the curve there. It made David arch, their bodies pressing together suddenly. At their hips. Kurt's other hand slipped along David's arm, over the shoulder, until he had his hand pressed to the other's chin and was pulling at him so that Kurt could press their lips together. Kurt pressed up, running the tip of his tongue along David's lower lip. He was not quite sure what to do, other than they needed their clothes off. So as they kissed he slid David's shirt up and his other hand was soon wrapped around his waist to help get the item of clothing off. David broke the kiss to lean up just a small bit, getting the shirt off at the unspoken command, laying it aside before he was down again, kissing again. One hand even lifted to lay against Kurt's neck, thumb brushing under his chin. Kurt pressed against the touch of David's fingers and slid his hands around to the man's front. He let his fingers graze over nipples, petting at David's chest hair with soft tugs and humming up into slave's mouth.

Kurt's body jumped forward into the touch of David's hand, feeling it reach under his shirt quite suddenly, as if it had been craving it for years. He let out a breathy little moan and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Please," he said softly. He was not really sure what he was saying but his hands had tightened against David's chest, nails raking against skin as they curled into fists.

Davis touched at his stomach a moment longer only to pull his hand out, but only so he could undo the buttons of Kurt's shirt and push it open. Leaning his head down, not to kiss like Kurt thought but just nose and nuzzle against his Master's chest fondly with a few hot puffs of breath. Kurt whined. The warmth made him squirm, wanting more.

David gave a gentle kiss to the center of Kurt's chest before lifting up to pull the shirt completely free, laying it aside as well. David went back to Kurt though quickly, touching at his stomach again, trailing his fingers over Kurt's flat, but soft stomach, staring at wherever his hand would touch with a hungry look in his eyes. Kurt arched off of the bed, wanting more of those touches, those looks making heat roll over him in waves. He tightened his hands against Dave's chest and closed his eyes, breathing heavily. The more they touched, the more REAL this was becoming. It was good, he didn't want to stop, but there was a constant roll of his stomach. Like it was completely filled with butterflies who were desperate to escape.

Kurt did want those pants on his slave off though, clothes were in the way, and he very quickly worked at undoing them so he could achieve that. David helped some, pushing with one of his hands and then kicked them off so they were laying almost slipping off the edge of the bed. Kurt gulped, eyes opening again, hands shaking just a little bit as his gaze trailed down David's naked body. Seeing his arousal. Thinking how THAT was going to be inside of him. David was no monster in the size department, but he was thick and. . Well. Kurt quite well remembered how the slave filled his mouth. He was large enough.

"Master. . ? Are you scared?" David spoke up during the pause Kurt hadn't realized was happening.

Kurt swallowed thickly. He did not like to admit that he could be weak. That he could be afraid. He hated even crying a little bit in front of somebody because he thought he needed to be strong and brave all the time. And in front of his slave? Master's were supposed to always be in control! However. . .Kurt also knew that honesty was a must when it came to being sexual, at least, in his opinion. "Yes," he said delicately. "I am."

Dave rubbed his head against Kurt, pushing up some so his hair was under Kurt's chin. "Me too."

"I think that's how it's supposed to be," Kurt admitted, feeling reassured by David's similar feelings. "We'll be okay though. As long as we love each other. And I love you, David. I really do." Kurt pressed a kiss to the top of the slave's head.

"I love you too, Master." Dave smiled at the kiss on his head, returning one on Kurt's throat. He rubbed a hand against Kurt's side then lifted his head again, looking at Kurt with a fond gaze. That gaze was filled with a look of love and wonderment. Like Kurt was the most amazing thing in the world. It took Kurt's breath away. Literally, exhaling so suddenly that David gave him a concerned once over before smiling. Then glanced down at Kurt's pants, still on. He licked his lips and glancing at his Master. "May I?"

"Yes, David." Kurt lifted his hips just a little bit as if making his point that he had answered in the affirmative.

David took a deep breath and moved both hands to undo the snug pants Kurt was wearing. He tugged them down over his hips then down his legs, off of him, so that both of them were now completely nude together. Kurt swallowed, still a little unnerved by how David would stare at him. It was a beautiful expression on the slave but even Kurt couldn't help but feel unfit. How did he deserve such an expression directed at him? Even by a slave. David was special. He wasn't ANY slave. He was Kurt's slave. His companion. His friend. His love.

Kurt finally lifted a hand away from David's body, so that he could lower it between them. He wrapped slender fingers around David's obvious arousal, warm and heavy in Kurt's hand, pulling slowly.

David made a choked noise, hips cantering forward before he could stop it. "Master. ."

"Kurt," The slave owner replied. "Call me Kurt, sweetie." He would like David to call him Master during sex sometime, when they grew more comfortable, that much he knew. The first time though?

David looked uncertain, but he was also panting. "Ku-. .Master Kurt. . "

That was something. Close.

"G-get in my. . . drawer." Kurt let out in a mewling moan and gestured vaguely with his free hand, still stroking Dave with the other one. "Should be a bottle. . of . . something. . ." He found speech getting harder the more aroused he became.

"This, Master? . . .Kurt." David asked, after reaching over. He held up Kurt's little bottle of KY he used mostly just for jerking off. Quiet, all guys had SOMETHING in their room for that sort of thing, no matter how much or how little the act was committed.

Kurt nodded, eyebrows knitted as sweat started to beat up on his skin. He squeezed David's cock once before breathing in roughly. "Y-yeah. You.. . uhm. Have to. . put. . " How awkward was explaining this? Kurt bit down on his lip a moment, and then decided to just go for it. "Put some on your finger," he breathed out, shivering.

David did as he was told with barely any pause, opening the cap and pour the slick liquid onto his hand, though not very much, like he was worried about making a mess.

Kurt smiled. "Little more, sweetie." He pressed his hips up, unable to really help the little bucks he kept giving. He felt so needy. "And then. . p. . .push on. . .gently inside of me. . "

"Yes. . " David nodded, licking his lips as he put his hand between Kurt's legs, pushing one finger forward. Inside. Kurt was glad David knew what he meant, but he gasped, trying not to go tense. David was being very gentle at least. Treating his Master with delicacy. Kurt let out a shaky breath and a whine. For a moment he just stayed still, and then rocked his hips experimentally back against the press of that finger. And promptly gasped.

Oh, that felt good.

"Move, David, move it. . ..in and out." Kurt felt was getting a little better at instructing the slave, but it was still strange. And oddly hot. Telling him what to do in such a situation.

David did as he was told though, that long, thick finger pushing and pulling. Once Kurt was worked up enough he managed to gasp. "Dave. . . David. . A-add another finger. And push them apart."

Kurt let out a loud, high gasp when another finger entered him. And pushing at his insides like he'd told David to do. The pressure burned. There was something else, nerves lighting up that Kurt hadn't realized he even had, but the more intense feelings were the stretching of muscle. Kurt keened, only to start to relax suddenly, because he felt kisses being laid all over his neck. Affectionate. Soothing. Loving. "Oh. . David."

"Master. . ." Dave mouthed at his ear.


". . .Master Kurt."

Kurt laughed, lifting his hips to press into the hands motions. "You are so cute."

"Thank you."

Kurt giggled again. He let out a soft sound and then ran a hand down David's belly. "I-I think we can. . .move on," he murmured. He didn't say what he meant directly, figuring the slave would understand. "Put more of the lubricant on yourself."

"Yes, Master Kurt." David moved his fingers in and out twice more before removing them. He just settled himself between Kurt's legs like when they'd started after doing as he's been told.

Kurt swallowed and put his hands to Dave's neck, bringing him down for a kiss. It only lasted a moment however. Kurt wanted this to happen. No more distractions.

"Go ahead, sweetie. Just. . .go slow. Okay?" Kurt shut his eyes then, breathing in deeply and just letting their lips linger. Then opened his blue eyes again, meeting his slave's gaze.

"I love you," David said suddenly. Sounding a little frightened if not sincere.

Kurt felt as if all the air had been stolen from him yet again.

"Ah. . I love you too," Kurt replied softly. He smiled at David. A leg lifted, wrapping around the slave's waist then nudged at him with his heel. "It's okay, sweetie."

David nodded, mouth hanging open, eyes full of a mixture of fear and desire. But he did move. He set his large hand on Kurt's hip, fingers spread, palm warm on Kurt's skin. Then there was a pressure against Kurt's hole. Slicked, but blunt and heavy. Bare. Kurt had considered telling David to put on a condom, even though he was perfectly aware David was healthy. He did own the slave and therefore his medical records. It was just something that Kurt thought about, first time having sex, use protection, that had been beat into his head.

And it was promptly shoved right out because- "Ohhh! David. . Oh. . Ahnn. . ."

David stopped. He'd only pushed inside about an inch but Kurt felt like he'd just been rammed into. Even so, he shook his head, fingers scrambling at a hold on David's shoulders. "Don't. . Don't stop. It's okay, baby. Don't stop."

David apparently wasn't going to disobey an order despite the obvious concern on his face, because more of him pushed inside. Kurt forced himself to spread his legs further, choking back noises to keep from alarming David again. It hurt. But it wasn't completely horrific like he'd worried. It burned and it surprised him. He wasn't entirely sure how to describe it, he'd never felt a pain like that before. There was something under it though. The pressure feeling almost. . Good. It made him want to open up, to be completely filled. Which David was doing a pretty good job at. Though, Kurt kept feeling jerky motions. David's hips twitched, like he was trying to keep from just bucking forward and Kurt noticed the slave's chest was heaving as hard as his own.

"Ah. . . d-don't move. Stay still a minute. Please." Kurt had to relax. He tried to breathe deeply, calm himself down and loosen up so David could have an easier time getting inside. David groaned through clenched teeth, but did as he was told. At least with his hips. He leaned over Kurt a little, fingers twisting into the bedding with one hand, the other holding Kurt's side, rubbing against it some.

That made Kurt smile. "Move. . I'm okay. Move."

"Yes, Master Kurt. ." David's voice was rough. It made Kurt's hips buck upward, pushing David deeper inadvertently. The two of them moaned, then it happened. David started to move. He was going slow but Kurt couldn't help but gasp every time David went forward, pressing deep inside of him before pulling back. It felt like his insides were being pushed and pulled by the slave. It was strange. And good.

"Ah. . . Feels so good." It did. The pain was slowly leaving and pleasure was taking over.

David started speeding up when Kurt spoke. He hunched himself over Kurt a bit more, to get at a good angle then was thrusting into him. That made Kurt whimper, keening out David's name mixed into his moans. Every so often something would feel painful and Kurt would wince and tense up, but David was nothing but extremely patient. Even in the carnal moment. Kisses were being dropped on Kurt's shoulders, against the side of his face. It was all very loving. Gentle.

"Love you so much. More than anything. David."

"You're my entire world, Master Kurt."

Kurt jerked, thinking he was going to come from just that. "Ohhhh. . My God."

"Master. . .?"

"Yesssss. . .Oh. . Faster. It's okay. Faster." Kurt demanded, gasping.

David did just what he was told, at first tentative, but then he really was on the move. Faster apparently meant, give me you all you got, because Kurt was practically shrieking, grabbing hold of David. He had all four limbs wrapped around the big slave, clinging to him. He tried to move too, rolling his hips, body convulsing every time David pressed or just brushed his prostate. It felt absolutely amazing. There was still pain but Kurt could just ignore it. He was making love. That was what mattered.

"David. . Daaave. . Oh- Please. Touch me!" Kurt snapped, his voice hoarse. He grabbed David's hand and pushed it down between his legs where he wanted it. Another hiss of pleasure escaped him when that big hand grabbed hold of his dick and started to stroke. Fast. Not in the same time with how David's hips were moving but Kurt quite honestly couldn't find it in him to care. It was just good. Hot. Intense. More hot. Heat everywhere. A tightening in his groin that he thought got any tighter he'd snap and break apart.

After a few more pulls, Kurt came ribbons of white across his own stomach, unable to help himself. It just felt so amazing. His vision blacked out for a few moments as he moaned, his noises stuttering, choking on his own breath. And he couldn't relax because- Ohhh God. David was still moving. With even more vigor if that was possible.

"Yes. Yes. Ohhh David. . Come on. . Give it to me!" Kurt couldn't stop himself. He'd come, but David was still rubbing against his prostate, harder and harder. It was making Kurt's vision hazy and it was incredibly hard to focus.

David bared down on his Master, pressing Kurt hard to the bed for a long few seconds, sharp moans spilling from him before his muscles relaxed and he all but collapsed on top of Kurt, pressing his head to his shoulder. ". . .Kurt. .Master. . Nnh. . . "

Kurt felt like a hot mess, and loved the aftershocks going through him, even if they did hurt a little. Kurt's arms went slack around David. His eyes fell shut and he relaxed completely. "You. . I love you."

Kurt heard a muffled response, David sounding exhausted, face pressed hard against Kurt's skin. He snorted and kissed at David's temple. Despite that, David did lift his head, his face flushed and sweaty. Looking sexed out. "Did I please you, Master?"

Kurt almost started to laugh and he did break into a grin. He grabbed at David's head and tugged him down, kissing him. All over his face. David made a noise under the kisses, but was smiling, Kurt could see that.

"You pleased me. You always please me, David." Another kiss. "It was perfect."

"Perfect. . ?" David sounded filled with awe, like that was the best thing ever said to him.

So Kurt gave a single nod, meeting his gaze. "Perfect. This may be unconventional and maybe not the way I dreamed of growing up. . But you know what, David? I wouldn't change a thing. If I had the chance to do this over again, I wouldn't change a thing. I'd always pick you."

"I love you, Master. I'm the luckiest slave in the world." David smiled, real and just. . . completely filled with joy.

"And I am the luckiest Master. Because I have you."