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Fear, one could feel the fear in the air.

Harry James Potter was running through the maze trying to find the cup. He kept his wand at the ready knowing that he may have to fight something or, if he was truly unlucky, someone.

Suddenly the ground gave out under him and he began to fall.

"Arresto Momentum!" Harry shouted bracing himself for the impact that never came.

Damn it! More time lost. Harry thought to himself contemplating how to free himself from the hole, when suddenly he was hit with an idea.

"Levicorpus," Harry said pointing his wand at himself.

Harry started to rise from the hole upside down by his ankle. He almost wanted to laugh at the mental image of his father and godfather approving at his inventive use of the spell but knew that he had to focus on the task at hand.

"Librecorpus," Harry said, once again pointing his wand at himself.

This time Harry was prepared to make a grab towards the edge so that he could pull himself up and out of the hole.

Not long after had he gotten his bearings back Harry saw a shower of red sparks in the air. Harry wondered if it was Viktor or Fleur but knew instinctively that is was more likely to be Fleur than Viktor. Too worried about his own safety to contemplate who it was Harry continued on deeper into the maze.


Harry lost track of time long ago, he could have been in the maze for half an hour or half a day for all he knew. But what he did know was that he still had a shot at the cup.

Suddenly Harry saw a flash of red light fly past him and rolled to the ground preparing for further spell fire. He turned towards the direction the light had come from but saw nothing.

Damn, Krum must be close. Harry thought while scanning the area before sending a Reductor in the general direction of the spell. Harry watched it hit a hedge blowing a small hole in it and was satisfied the he was safe for the time being and left, sprinting, in a zigzag fashion, in the direction he had been heading previously.


Harry felt a pain not exactly a physical pain but not a mental one. He knew something was wrong but had to continue towards the cup, the cup was all that mattered at the moment. Harry felt that he owed this to everyone who helped him get this far, to his parents, his godfather, Remus, Tom, and Ginny.

Harry felt that he had neglected Ginny a little lately while he was preparing for the final task, he didn't like the way that feeling felt. Harry knew he loved Ginny and would do anything to keep her by his side but he felt like he may have pushed her away.

I'll just have to win and show Ginny what I've been working towards Harry thought with a smile while running.

Suddenly he was in a clearing and in the center he saw none other than the Tri-Wizard Cup and knew that he had won.

Harry looked around waiting for Krum to come out of hiding so they could have one final duel to decide the winner. After realizing what he was doing he couldn't help but laugh and how crazy that idea was. Why would Krum wait for him? No matter all he had to do was grab the cup.

Harry ran for it and touched the cup and suddenly felt himself being carried away to who knows where, because he certainly didn't.


No more than a moment had passed when Harry opened his eyes to the sound of cheering from the Hogwarts bleachers. He had done it! He had won the cup! Harry saw Ginny up in the stands and gave her a joyous wave wanting her to know the he had done it.

"Congratulations to Harry Potter the Tri-Wizard Champion!" Dumbledore shouted raising Harry's hand into the air.

Harry once again was scanning the crowd and found his parents, Sirius, and Remus, but he couldn't find Tom.

"Professor, where's Tom?" Harry asked slightly worried.

"Harry, I'm afraid Tom died about half an hour ago, the mediwitch is still trying to determine the cause," Dumbledore whispered to Harry, "But my boy, this is a time of celebration, Tom would want you to be proud of what you've accomplished and be happy,"


Harry was up late that night in the Gryffindor common room, even after the party had died down he and Ginny stayed in the common room and talked. What did they talk about? Nothing in particular, just how things had been going and the outcome of the third task, Harry was amazed anyone had stuck around to watch it. It must have been boring, sitting there for several hours staring a hedge.

Now Harry sat there on the couch, Ginny asleep next to him, just looking at the ring Tom had given him. Tom had told him he wouldn't live forever and if he needed guidance just to turn the ring over in his hand three times while thinking of him.

Harry began to turn the ring in the hand, Come on Tom, you've never failed me before he thought.

Suddenly before him was a white light, slowly this light began to take shape. Soon Harry could see the face and overall body shape of a familiar man, one Tom Riddle.

"Hello my boy, I suppose you have some questions,"

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