Dale recovered quicker than most normal men would after committing a serious crime; by the time Nick and Kurt reached him, Dale was righter than rain- almost.

He unlocks the doors when he sees them approaching from the side-mirrors. He tries to smile to himself in the mirror, but it looks funny. Sighing, he forces himself to relax and begins to take deep, calming breaths.

Kurt taps on the window, saying, "Get out. I'm driving."

"What? Why? Did I scratch the paint?"

"Just get the fuck out, Dale."

Nick nods. "Get out of the car." he echoes more subtly.

Dale clambers out and Kurt squeezes in while Nick gets in the passenger seat. Dale gets in the back and buckles up, saying, "Did you guys see what I did back there?"

"So you did kill Harken?"

"Yeah, of course... Who else?"

"How did you do it?" asks Kurt.

"He was... Having an allergic reaction to some peanuts and ... I could have saved him... But..." Dale looks away, his eyes bright with tears that refuse to fall.

"Wait, are you crying over him?" snorts Kurt.

"...You did the right thing." Nick says assuringly. Dale looks up at him. "You did something I could never do, no matter how many times I fantasized about it. Thank you, Dale."

Kurt twists around in his chair and throws out his hand. "High five, fucker!"

"Y-you guys aren't mad at me?" Dale asks weakly.

"Thought I was goning to be," replies Nick. "But it's better this way."

"I'm cool with it." says Kurt. "So what if we're ahead of schedale?" He waves his waiting hand.

Dale grins and slaps Kurt's hand, saying, "Okay then! What's next?"

Kurt flips back the sunroof and looks up at the sky. "It almost midnight, so we should probably all go home, get some rest, and gather the dirt from Julia and kill Bobby tomorrow."

"Why did you push the sunroof open?" asks Nick.

Kurt looks at them. "I was seeing what time it was."

"You can't tell by looking at the moon."

"Hey, I got it-" Dale looks at the watch on his wrist. "It's... 9:11pm."

"Oooh, creepy." mutters Nick.

"I was close." Kurt shrugs.

"Just get us home, dumbass." Nick tells him.

Once morning rolls around, each man leaves their house just as the sun comes out and car-pools into Nick's Prius. Dale makes a very short grocery list while Kurt plays with Bobby's phone, checking out the exact time they should be heading over.

"So what was your excuse for skipping work, Dale?" asks Kurt, styling himself in a black shirt and tan pants.

"Oh, Julia gave me the day off to "plan for our date." Stupid fucking bitch..."

"What about Stacy?" wonders Nick aloud, rubbing the neck of his neck sweater.

"I bought her an all-day pass at the Spa. Let her enjoy herself before she finds out what I am..."

"I just wasn't going to go to work." says Kurt.

Nick lets out a sigh. "Well, apparently, my boss didn't show up to the office, so I was called and told not to come."

"Huh. That's weird..." says Kurt.

"Mhm..." Nick smiles.

"Here's what I got on the list so far: Rat poison-..." Dale looks up. "That's it."

"Do we need anything else?" Kurt asks Nick.

"Not that I can think of..." replies Nick. He pulls into the parkinglot of the store and they all clamber out and stand there, their eyes tightening against the sunlight.

"So after this, what do we do next?" Dale says, his open polo shirt fluttering in the wind, exposing his light blue shirt.

"Both of our bosses will be at work," states Kurt. "We already know how to break in, so I can plant cocaine in Bobby's house, while you two slink around in Julia's and find away to get rid of her."

"Keep your voices down- we need to get the goods first." says Nick abruptly.

"Got it." Kurt and Dale say in union.

Once inside, the men disperse and search for the correct aisle to find rodent control products. Nick finds it and picks up two different white-powedered brands, checks the boxes, and winds up selecting Rat-Attack rather than Rat-Out. He wanders aimlessly looking for his friends until he finds Dale in the toy section, squeezing his thumbs into a ugly, colorful bear-like doll.

The doll opens its lip and sings: "Laaaaa!"

Dale chuckles loudly, and squeezes it again. "Faaaaa!"

Nick throws a hand out irritably."What the fuck are you doing..."

"Dude!" Dale runs over excitedly, holding the doll up to Nick's face. "Check this out!" He presses the tummy of the doll and holds it.

The toy's mouth opens. "!"

"Stop it." Nick beats the toy out of his face with the back of his hand. "Put the Sing-a-Ma-Jig back."

"You know these things?" Dale grins. "I've never seen one in my life!" He gazes at it in awe. "It's so freaking cool..."

"Maybe Santa will buy it for you for Christmas- okay? Now come on. We still need to find Kurt."

Dale follows, tossing the ugly bear thing on a shelf full of spotted piggy banks. "What's the rush?"

"Do you want Julia dead or not?" demands Nick.


"Sooner the better, right?"

His face grim, Dale nods. "But we don't know how to kill her."

"We'll figure it out, buddy." Nick pats him affectionately on the back. "We'll help you get your life back."

They find Kurt fooling around in the spots section, picking up a pair of binoculars and holding them to his face. Following his general direction, Dale and Nick see Kurt's target: A good-looking homosexual.

"Dude..." breathes Dale in shock.

They quickly grab their seemingly bi-curious friend and pay for the Rat Attack, then leave the store, Nick wagging the plastic bag as they march down the parkinglot and towards the car.