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Aftermath Dursleys

Vernon and Petunia Dursley were spending a freak free Saturday enjoying a late breakfast. Petunia was wondering what Mrs. #9 was doing this morning, maybe it would be something to gossip with #2 about. Vernon was enjoying the paper. The only sore point was that the freak cooked better than Petunia, but they refused to admit this because the freak couldn't possibly do something right.

The peace at #4 Privet Drive was broken by a loud knocking at the front door. Vernon grumbled about inconsiderate people bothering him during breakfast. The knocking continued as he headed for the door. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Vernon hollered. He yanked the door open. "What do you want?" He demanded rudely.

Vernon was faced with four people dressed in robes. "Vernon Dursley?" An older woman who was wearing a monocle asked.

"We want nothing to do with you freaks!" Vernon slammed the door shut.

He was knocked of his feet when the door was blown open. Petunia shrieked from the kitchen door as she watched the door knock Vernon down. She looked in the doorway to see one of the freaks holding a wand. "Frankly I don't care whether you want to see us or not Mister Dursley. I am Madame Amelia Bones head of the DMLE. I have arrest warrants for you and your wife."

Petunia sneered. "We are not part of your freaky world. Therefore, we don't recognize your warrants as being valid. Now get out and leave normal people like us alone!" She demanded.

Madame Bones stared at Petunia coldly. "It really doesn't matter what you do or do not accept. The two of you are under arrest for the willful neglect, abuse, false imprisonment, theft, and forced labor of Lord Harry James Potter."

Vernon turned an interesting shade of purple as he blustered. "We gave that boy a place to live, food and clothes! He was a discipline problem so he was punished appropriately! Now get out! I don't recognize your warrant or laws freak!"

Amelia waved her wand and ropes flew out of it and wrapped around Vernon from head to toe and if there was a gag included she wasn't concerned. Auror-in-training Nymphadora Tonks did the same with Petunia who fell over with a squeal when she was bound and gagged. Tonks levitated then lowered Petunia so she was lying next to Vernon.

Amelia looked at the two with disgust. "I am going to explain to you how things really work not how you think they should. Your crimes were committed against a magical child placing you in our jurisdiction for trial and punishment. Furthermore, the warrant was approved by the non-magical courts. The judge who signed the warrant would love to get you in his courtroom so that he could send you to prison for the rest of your lives, but is satisfied that our punishments are much harsher than what he could give you." Vernon continued to struggle in his bonds so Amelia stunned him. "Jones, Dawlish take these two back to the ministry and place them in our holding cells. Also, place silencing wards on his cell. I don't want any of the guards to have to listen to him."

"Our pleasure Madame Bones." Jones responded. She grabbed Petunia while Dawlish took Vernon and they disappeared with a pop.

Amelia blew out a breath. "Let's get to Smeltings and arrest their whale of a son Tonks, Kingsley."

"Looking forward to it boss." Kingsley replied.

"I'm with you all the way." Tonks added.

Dudley was bumming around Smelting with his friends smoking cigarettes and talking tough. Thanks to his father, Dudley was one of the big boys on campus. He didn't work hard for his grades; his father would make sure he returned next year. Besides, Dudley really wasn't bright enough to do well so his father had to bribe the administrators to make sure Dudley stayed at Smeltings.

Professor Harrington, the assistant English professor, approached the boys. "Mister Dursley, the Headmaster has asked me to escort you to his office." Dudley had a habit of taking his sweet time going to the Headmaster's office if he was not escorted when called there for one of his many transgressions.

Dudley looked at the professor dumbly. He didn't think he had done anything to be called into the Headmaster's office recently. "Can't it wait? We were heading for lunch."

The professor looked down his nose at Dudley. "No, it cannot wait Mister Dursley."

"Fine. I'll see you guys later." Dudley huffed in irritation.

Dudley followed the professor sulkily. Whatever he was accused of he was sure his father would get him out of it. After all, he'd done it before.

They reached the Headmaster's office. Professor Harrington spoke to the Headmaster's assistant. "I've brought Mister Dursley as requested by Headmaster Whitmore."

The assistant looked at Dudley without emotion. "You may go right in Mister Dursley."

Dudley didn't respond except to open the door and sulked into the office. He was met by the Headmaster, and three other people dressed in suits. "Why'd you call me here?" Dudley asked rudely.

Headmaster Whitmore scowled at Dudley. His guests had given him some disturbing information. The only reason Dudley Dursley was still at Smeltings was because his father Vernon had bribed several people over the last four years to make sure Dudley stayed in school, between fixing Dudley's grades to paying several students to keep them from pressing charges against him. "These people asked to see you Mister Dursley."

Dudley scowled at the older woman before asking rudely. "What do you want lady?"

Madame Bones face darkened. "Mister Dudley Dursley you are under arrest for multiple counts of assault and battery primarily against Lord Harry James Potter, as well as other children in the neighborhood of Little Whinging. You are also charged with multiple counts of vandalism."

Dudley responded angrily. "I didn't do nothin' to that freak. He's a liar and mental. You can't believe anything he says." Dudley repeated what he had heard his father say many times in the past.

Amelia raised an eyebrow. "Did you just call your cousin a freak Mister Dursely?"

"Said Harry was a liar too." Added a scowling Tonks.

"Perhaps you can explain the multiple injuries that Mister Potter's medical examination found? Many of which were poorly healed? How do you explain that we could find no records of your cousin going to the doctor or hospital for those injuries?" Amelia demanded.

Dudley looked at Amelia blankly. "Dad says that it's a waste to spend hard earned money on the freak when it could be spent on normal people."

"Is that so Mister Dursley? Harry is not a freak. He's one of the nicest people I have ever met. I don't know how he turned out to be such a fine young man after the way your family treated him." Tonks spoke angrily. She had to hold onto her temper so that her hair color didn't change.

"Well, said Officer Tonks. Please cuff this young criminal."

Tonks pulled out her cuffs and moved towards Dudley. Dudley made the mistake of trying to hit Tonks in order to keep her from cuffing him. He found himself flat on his face with his arm twisted painfully behind his back. "Now we can add assaulting an officer and evading arrest to your charges Mister Dursley. Oh, if you think that your father is going to get you out of this you should know that he has been arrested along with your mother."

Dudley whined in pain. Typical bully can dish out the hurt but can't take it.

Tonks cuffed him while reading him his rights.

Amelia turned to the Headmaster holding out her hand. "Thank you for your cooperation Headmaster Whitmore."

The headmaster shook her hand. "Madame Bones. I have no desire to have a bigoted bully in my school." He smiled slightly at the assembled Aurors surprise. "I have heard good things about you Madame Bones from my brother who is a muggleborn wizard."

Amelia quickly got over her surprise as recognition set in. "I thought your last name sounded familiar. Your brother's name is Marcus correct?" He nodded. "I apologize for not knowing that in advance Headmaster. We have had a busy few days arresting several people who have been responsible for harming Lord Potter. Your brother is a fine wizard and one of my better investigators. He has been helping with this mess by searching the ministry's records looking for corroborating evidence against several wizards."

"You're a bunch of freaks like my cousin? You have no right to do anything to me. I'm not a freak like you!" Dudley interrupted when he finally realized that the adults were talking about the Wizarding world.

Amelia took out her wand and silenced Dudley. "Now we can continue our discussion without further interruptions."

The Headmaster scowled at Dudley. "I would pity you Mister Dursley if you weren't such a bully. It is obvious that you learned your attitude about magic and Mister Potter from your parents." He turned his attention to Amelia. "I will give Marcus any additional information that we uncover in the investigation that will begin today into Mister Dursley's history here at Smeltings."

"Thank you Headmaster. If we come across anything that you can use, I'll give it to Marcus as well. I appreciate your help in arresting Mister Dursley. We will be on our way so that you can get back to work Headmaster."

Headmaster Whitmore bowed his head at Amelia in acknowledgement before speaking. "I would appreciate any information that you can give me. I do not like knowing there are people at this fine school who accept bribes to look the other way, or to actively help a student like Mister Dursley. I was glad to help Madame Bones."

Tonks and Kinglsey helped a struggling Dudley to his feet. Kingsley leaned towards Dudley and whispered. I will stun you and levitate you of if you continue to struggle."

Dudley looked at Shack with fear and stopped struggling. He didn't want this freak to give him a pig's tail.

The four people left the office and building and climbed in or in Dudley's case, were shoved into a ministry car. Dudley closed his eyes because the car's high speed and tendency to zip around other vehicles was making him sick. Tonks and Kingsley smirked enjoying Dudley's discomfort. They erected shields to protect their clothing just in case the moron did get sick.

A week after their arrest, Petunia, Vernon and Dudley Dursley were taken from their cells to a dark half-circular room. They were shoved roughly into three chairs where the attached chains wrapped around their arms and legs of their own volition. The three squealed or screamed when they realized the chains moved on their own.

Vernon blustered scared and angry. "What kind of freakishness is this? We are not freaks, we don't recognize this court. We want to be tried in a normal court, not your freak show!" Vernon would soon learn that he was also facing a "normal" judge.

The witches and wizards of the judging panel scowled at Vernon. Most magical on the panel wanted to hex the fat walrus into next year for what he had done to Harry Potter. His attitude only made things worse for him.

The head wizarding judge spoke forcefully. "Silence Mister Dursley. The aurors who arrested you explained that since your crimes were against a magical child, you are subject to our laws. However a request was made by Lord Harry Potter to have a muggle judge sitting on our panel. He believed that you would be more likely to accept a verdict coming from him. Therefore let me introduce the judicial panel you are facing. To my right is the Honorable Maximillian, to my left if the Honorable Hodgen of the Queens court, and I am the Honorable MacDougal. We will be viewing and listening to the evidence against you. You refused counsel so you will have to present your own defense. You will treat this court with respect Mister Dursley or we will silence you and you lose the right to speak in your defense. Do you understand Mister Dursley? And please do not repeat the nonsense about not recognizing this court as valid. As that answer it is not acceptable."

Vernon finally realized that he would not be able to bully or bluff his way out of this predicament. "I understand." He answered reluctantly.

Petunia dared to speak before Judge MacDougal could continue. Her curiosity overrode her fear and hatred. "Why do keep calling the boy—Potter Lord Potter? His father was nothing but a lay about bum."

Her question was greeted with the utter silence of disbelief. Madame Bones stood up to ask Petunia in disbelief. "You really do not know about the family that your own sister married into Missus Dursley?"

"Why should I? I wanted nothing to do with my freaky sister or the freak she married." Petunia sneered. Her hatred overriding good sense once again.

Angry grumbles and murmurs could be throughout the court and gallery. Madame Bones stared at Petunia coldly as she answered. "Perhaps you should have taken the time to know more about your sister and Lord James
Charlus Potter of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. The Potter family dates back over a thousand years and is among the richest families in the magical and non-magical world. Young Lord Potter holds a hereditary seat in our version of Parliament and in Queen Elizabeth II's House of Lords." Amelia watched as the Dursley parents realized that they had mistreated a Lord of the realm simply because he was magical. Dudley was too stupid to understand. "I see you are beginning to understand that your willful ignorance cost you more than you will ever realize. If you had treated Lord Potter as a member of the family I'm sure he would have shared his wealth and prestige with you. Now you will get just what you deserve for your abuse." Amelia finished satisfied as she sat down.

Judge MacDougal nodded at Amelia in thanks before turning his attention to the Dursley family once again. "Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley, you are charged with the abuse, both physical and emotional, negligence, wrongful imprisonment and with-holding food of Lord Harry James Potter while he was in your care. How do you plead?"

All three answered, "Not guilty."

Judge MacDougal responded. "Let the records show that the defendants plead not guilty. Will the prosecution please present their case Madame Bones?"

Amelia stood and bowed to the judges. "Thank you Your Honor. I would like to enter into evidence the memories of Lord Harry James Potter. The memories were gathered by myself, and witnessed by two Ministry department heads who are willing to swear oaths that the memories have not been tampered with by either myself or Lord Potter if needed."

Judge MacDougal answered. "Any objections from you Mister Dursley?"

Vernon scowled. "You can't view another's memories. It's not possible and it's not natural. It's some of your freakishness. He made everything up. We are decent, normal people. Show all the lies you want, we didn't do anything to the boy." Vernon refused to believe that Harry was rich or a real lord. It would mean that Vernon had been wrong and in Vernon's puny mind, he was never wrong.

Amelia fought a smirk at Vernon's ignorance.

Judge MacDougal glared at Vernon before turning to Harry. "Lord Potter, would you please verify the truth of the memories that you gave to Madame Bones."

Harry stood holding his wand pointed towards the ceiling. "I Lord Harrison James Potter swear on my life and magic that the memories I gave to Madame Amelia Bones are true and have not been altered in any way, to the best of my knowledge. So I say it, so mote it be." Harry's wand flared as he was surrounded by a white aura of magic. Harry then cast the lumos charm which lit the end of his wand demonstrating that he was telling the truth.

Judge MacDougal nodded at Harry. "Thank you Lord Potter. Please proceed with your case Madame Bones."

Amelia nodded and tapped four Runes on a special presentation pensieve. A 3-D image appeared above the bowl. Specifically chosen memories from Harry's childhood were shown. The judges and watchers were inundated with the verbal and physical abuse heaped on Harry by all three Dursleys. The starvation, unreasonable chores and overall horrible treatment of Harry was displayed for all to see. All were particularly disgusted by how the Dursleys believed themselves to be "normal" when treating their own nephew like some kind of freak. The watchers realized that the Dursleys wanted to keep Harry from finding out he was a wizard. Once he knew the Dursleys wanted to make sure that Harry didn't contaminate them with his "freakishness".

Amelia moved from the memories to written statements from many of the Dursleys' neighbors who were willing to talk once they knew the Dursley's were behind bars. Vernon had intimidated them with his connections in law enforcement, town councils and other high ranking people.

The next piece of evidence was Harry's complete medical record read and explained by Healer Starling of St. Mungo's. It was a vivid portrayal of the years of neglect and abuse that Harry suffered at the hands of the Dursleys. Those who had gotten to know Harry wondered how he grew up to be such a wonderful young man. After viewing Harry's memories and medical record, many realized that Dumbledore and his second chances, or more, were unrealistic and could cause more harm than do good. They saw Harry's actions of finally defending himself against the bullying and abuse was not dark but a necessary form of justice.

When Healer Starling was finished Judge MacDougal turned to Vernon. "Do you have any questions for Healer Starling Mister Dursley?"

Vernon's face was pale. How could these freaks discover all of the injuries that Potter had accumulated at his and Dudley's hands? "No I don't have any questions about these lies." Vernon blustered unconvincingly.

"Do you have anything to say about the memories that we witnessed earlier?" The Judge asked already knowing the answer.

"More lies. Potter is delusional. My wife and I had difficulties raising him because he was delusional and believed his own lies. He obviously still does. My wife, son and I are decent upstanding citizens."

Amelia spoke up. "The prosecution requests permission to administer Veritaserum Your Honor."

Vernon spoke before the judge could. "I demand to know what this veritizem stuff is."

All three judges scowled at Vernon. Judge MacDougal answered. "Watch your tone with me Mister Dursley or you will be silenced. As to your decidedly rude request, Veritaserum is a potion that will force you to tell the truth. Madame Bones, permission granted."

Shack and Tonks moved towards the now struggling Dursleys with a vial of Veritaserum. Shack ended up stunning the three defendants in order to force them to take the potion. Once he was sure that the potion had taken effect he enervated them. He checked to make sure that the serum was working with the standard questions then stood back for the real questioning to begin.

Amelia smirked as she asked. "Are the memories and medical records presented to this court accurate Mister Dursley?"

"Yes." Vernon answered unemotionally.

"Missus Dursley, why did you treat your own nephew like you did?"

"Because he's a freak like my sister. I didn't want him to pass on any of his freakishness to my precious Duddikins." Petunia answered.

Angry grumbles and murmuring could be heard in the gallery. In the midst of this, Harry sat stoically supported by Hermione, Neville, Ginny and the twins. Mister and Missus Weasley sat nearby offering their own support to Harry. Missus Weasley was openly weeping at the horrible life Harry had lived and that their family had believed Dumbledore's lies about Harry having overstated the treatment he received at the Dursleys. Mister Weasley had tears rolling down his face as well. He decided that it was time that he and Ron have a very long talk about how he treated other people.

Judge MacDougal banged his gavel restoring quiet. He looked at his fellow judges who nodded at his unasked question. "Administer the antidote Madame Bones. We have heard enough to render a verdict." He erected a privacy charm around the judges' seats to discuss their verdict. It didn't take them long to make a decision.

Meanwhile Vernon had to be silenced due to the vitriol liberally laced with profanity that he was shouting. Petunia on the other hand seemed to shrink in her seat. She realized that she and her family were not going to get out of this and that they were in real trouble.

Judge MacDougal dropped the privacy charm. He was about to speak when he realized that Vernon was still stupidly trying to yell at them despite being silenced. He did something slightly against the rules and hit Vernon with a stinging hex causing the man to jump in his seat hoping that would make him pay attention. It didn't. Vernon did jump but then continued with his silent tirade. "Petrify the idiot Auror Tonks. I would like to get this over with and can't while he is still talking."

Tonks smirked and petrified Vernon and cancelling the silencing charm.

Vernon looked around with frightened eyes, which was the only part of his body that he could move. It finally sunk into his think skull that he was not in control and that he was in deep shit.

"Thank you Auror Tonks. We find the defendants guilty of all charges. The three of you will be sentenced to…" He paused when he noticed that Harry had stood up.

"May I address the court Your Honor?" Harry asked respectfully.

"You may Lord Potter."

"I have a request to make regarding my relatives sentencing. My best friend Hermione Granger found a spell that I think will make their stay in prison much more interesting. The Dementors make prisoners relive their worst memories. This spell will make the three relive my life at their hands. They will feel all the pain and anguish they caused me for 13 years. They will experience every blow, every harsh word, every time I was hungry, and so on. The spell can be configured to last for a year or 20 years. I think this would be a just punishment for them. Thank you for listening." Harry sat back down and Hermione squeezed his hand supportively. He smiled slightly at her, grateful for her unwavering support.

Judge MacDougal looked at Harry with admiration. What a novel punishment. He looked at his fellow judges who nodded in agreement. "Very well Lord Potter. We sentence Vernon and Petunia Dursley to be placed under the spell mentioned by Lord Potter for thirty years and they will be kept in the minimum ward of Azkaban. Once your sentence is finished in Azkaban you will be transferred to a muggle prison for another twenty years to satisfy the Queen's court. Dudley Dursley is sentence to ten years with the same spell and living space. He will then be required to perform community service at St. Mungos for ten years. Take the prisoners away. This court is adjourned." He banged his gavel before the three judges stood up and left the courtroom as the Dursleys were taken from the court. Dudley had to be stunned and levitated with his petrified father. Petunia went meekly wondering what made her think that they could get away with abusing Harry as they had over the years.

Harry was satisfied that his relatives got what they deserved. Though he knew that Azkaban with the Dementors would have been horrible, he had wanted his relatives to know what he had lived through all of those years.

Hermione smiled knowing that she had helped Harry give his relatives real justice. Personally she didn't think that the Dursleys would still be sane when their magical sentence was done.

Harry and his friends returned to Hogwarts ready to finish the year hoping there were no more surprises in store for them.