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"The Island"

Dark clouds covered the sky and a mild rain poured down. Crumbled houses, dead bodies in crimson red were found everywhere. A village once stood here. But now all that is left are rubble and corpses. In the midst of this, a young boy was standing, with green hair and a very angst expression. Behind him was a woman, with similar hair color, she approach the boy and kneeled beside and whispered to the boy's ear. "This never would have happened if you stayed with me." Then silent sobs came from the boy.

He knew she was right, this once beautiful town and its people never would have ended like this if it weren't for him. He never came here, if he never met them, if he never ran away.

"Let this serve as your lesson," the woman said as she stood up and started to walk away," Come on Zoro..." And the boy followed her.

Roronoa Zoro had been sleeping again and had just awakened from a dream, a strange dream. He knew he was the boy in the dream and the village that was burned down was his home island in the East Blue. But what he didn't know was who the woman was. Another strange thing is that he has been having this dream for almost a week now. And the same event happens all the time.

The swordsman was never the type to think stuff like this too much, but this was too much of a coincident to happen to his small pirate life.

He finally decided to dismiss the dream, upon hearing the enthusiastic cries of his young captain below the crow's-nest fro where he was staying.

"Mina! An island!Yahoo!" the young captain of the strawhat pirates laughed happily.

"Luffy, pipe it down! We all can see it!" Nami, the navigator scolded their captain.

"Demo Nami, I can't help it! We haven't seen an island since we left Mermaid Island. And that's a very long time," Luffy tried to explain.

"That is indeed true. We've been in the New World for a week now and that is the first island we have ever seen since then, Navigator-san," the archaeologist Robin said.

"Wow! Our first island in the New World, wonder what it'll be like," said the rapsy voice of the reindeer Chopper.

"Hahaha! I am sure it'll be nothing compared to the islands I've been!" boasted Ussopp," Have I ever told you about my adventures in the island of the giant monkeys!" Chopper, who was beginning to believe the sniper's story, smiled in excitement.

The rest of the crew began conversing. It has been 2 years since they last seen each other and the last few weeks had felt like a blur to the crew, who still felt awkward towards each other. All of them had changed not just physically but also in mind and strength. They all had become matured over 2 years and because of this they all felt like they all were strangers in their boat. This island gave the crew its former light and closeness. Even the swordsman, who had just came arrived in scene, joined the conversing.

The boat was docked, and Luffy, Ussopp, and Chopper hurriedly ran to shore. "Oi, Choto!" Nami called out. But her nakama was already far from earshot. The crew decided follow the others.

The island was beautiful, white sandy beach, clear ocean view and palm trees grew everywhere. It was an oasis. After admiring the scenery, they decided to explore the new island. Everyone, except Franky, Robin and Zoro, who decided to stay on the ship, joined the exploring.

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Disclaimer: I don't own any one piece blah,blah,blah.

My first fanfic so be kind to me!