When Kurt and Nick saw Dale outside killing Dave Harkin, Nick's boss, they freaked out. They raced out of Harkin's house like their asses were on fire. Screw Dale, they thought, he's a murderer now.

On the way out of the bedroom, Kurt bumped into a chair, which caused his phone to fling out of his pocket. It slid quietly across the carpet and rested out of sight under the chair. Kurt didn't notice. He still had the weight of Bobby Pellitt's, his own boss, phone in his other pocket.

Trying to be quiet, but failing miserably, Nick and Kurt crashed down the stairs and through the hallways, dodging the cat which seemed to be everywhere at once, and eventually made it out the front door. They took off down the street on foot, leaving Dale alone with his kill.

They rounded a corner and slowed to a walk, then began talking as their nerves calmed down a bit.

"You realize we're all going to jail 'cause of that fucking idiot," Nick growled.

"I can't go to jail, look at me!" Kurt cried, looking down at himself. "I'll get raped like crazy!"

"Fuck," Nick whispered. "Me too," he said quickly.

Kurt looked at Nick up and down, checking him out.

"Yeah, totally," he said, unconvinced.

"I'd get raped just as much as you would," Nick told him.

"Oh no, I know you would. Of course you would." Kurt bobbed his head in agreement, though his tone remained unpersuaded.

"You think you're move rapable than I-?"

"Nick, Nick," Kurt interupted quickly, feeling Nick's anger building. "I'm not saying anything like that, I was just saying-"

Suddenly a car's tires squealed behind them.

"Oh, fuck!" Nick swore as they turned around.

But it was just Dale in Kurt's car. He sweved in next to the curb, and the car had barely been parked before Dale jumped out, laughing.

"Holy shit, did you guys see me out there?" He cried excitedly.

"Yeah, we saw you, Dale," Kurt said heatedly.

Dale pretended he had the pen and began stabbing the air.

"Yeah, we saw you," Nick repeated.

"How cool was that?" Dale's happy eyes were wide with adrenaline.

"That wasn't cool, at all!" Nick stepped up to him angrily.

Soon Dale explained himself, that Harkin was allergic to peanuts and Dale had to save his life. But his explanation pissed Nick off even more.

"My boss, who we're thinking about planning to kill, is dying in front of you and you save his life?" He demanded, his tone dangerously calm.

Dale's gleamy eyes faded. "That sounds bad when you say it like that, but..." he broke off as the other guys went past him to the car.

After locking Dale out of the car, Kurt and Nick sat in reasonable silence as they discussed what to do next.

Harkin: Plant peanuts in his shampoo so he'll have an allergic reaction and probably die.

Pellitt: Poison his cocane so he'll snort it up and probably die.

They had yet to stake out at Julia's house, which was what Kurt planned to do tomorrow night.

So they went shopping the next day. Dale, who planned to kill Nick's boss Harkin loaded up on peanuts, which just happened to be on sale. Kurt found some binoculars so he could spy on Dale's boss Julia. And Nick bought some rat poison so he could taint Kurt's boss Pellitt's supply of cocane.

They left the store, each in their own cars, and drove away to their designated boss's houses, planning to meet up at the bar when they had done their dirty deeds.

They waited out until it got dark, watching each house carefully for signs of movement.

Nick watched Bobby Pellitt send a couple prostitutes out of his home, one of which was possibly a cross-dresser.

Kurt watched Julia bend over dramatically to get the bags out of the trunk of her car before strolling inside the house.

Dale sat watching The Notebook in his car, until, startled back into reality, Harkin began flicking on the lights in his home.

Feeling lonely, Nick decided to call Kurt and see what was up.

Harkin left the closet after rooting through his wife's belongings. He went into the bedroom and paused as he heard a faint buzzing sound. His cat jumped out of nowhere and dove under the chair by the bed. Harkin knelt down and looked under the chair, his gut cringing with jealously as he saw a cell-phone. He reached under and snatched it away from the cat, who had begun pawing furiously at the phone.

"Give me that," Harkin hissed.

He straightened up and looked at the phone, unintentionally hanging up on the caller. He frowned and thumbed through the phone, finding the owner's information. Kurt Buckman, along with his address. Enraged that his wife would cheat on him with a man named Buckman, Harkin got his pistol out of the safe in his office and stormed out of the house.