A/N: So this is my third Lily/Severus fiction - I can't help it, I love writing about them. But I think it's sadly going to be my last for awhile, since school starts up very soon. I don't intend it to be too long but I wanted to experiment with the adult Lily & Snape.

All characters & settings belong to the fabulous J.K Rowling.

Prologue: The Great Hall

Lily's throat burned horribly.

So many pairs of eyes were watching her and so many bodies were waiting for something to happen and all she could do was stand there, smothered in her memories.

The tears burned the back of her throat. It had been a bad idea to come here.

It would have been so simple for Lily to just turn on her heel and march right out of the Great Hall, but her feet wouldn't move. So this was what it felt like to be rooted to the spot, this was what it felt like to feel everything coming undone.

It wasn't long ago that she had been so confident and so brave, facing the worst of adversaries. But now, as she swallowed painfully against her sorrow, she wondered where that Lily had gone and if she would ever come back.

It had probably only been a few seconds but it felt like an hour. She was probably freaking the students out. She was probably worrying the staff out of their minds.

And then, Lily suddenly saw, out of the corner of her eye, the one person who had always been her source of comfort and who had been her best friend for the longest time. The one person she really needed then and the one person she was avoiding as much as she could. The one person who had hurt her six years ago and the one person who had so much capacity for good, but had turned to evil for reasons she couldn't fathom…


He seemed to be the only person who had moved, as he rose slowly out of his seat.

Everyone continued to stare. And she sunk to the ground, her knees hitting the cold, merciless floor.

A/N: We will revisit this scene later in the fic, it is actually really important.