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Chapter 11


MISAKI sweat-dropped as her eyes caught Satsuki. The latter was in dazed, wrapped in her own fantasy land. It was creepy, in a way. She shivered.

"She's been like that since she found out about the wedding," Subaru explained to Misaki's unvoiced question.

"Yeah. She was so excited she fainted. And when she woke up, she's been like that. Surprisingly though, even in that condition, she still managed to get everything done," Erika added with awe, remembering the ruckus created by Takumi's call to Satsuki a couple of days earlier.

Misaki nodded in agreement as she took in the Maid Cafe which had been decorated tastefully for the wedding reception. Her wedding reception. She was grateful for the Manager's and her co-workers' support. She had even thanked the three idiots whom she found out had worked as errand boys. She mentally rolled her eyes at the faces of those three who at first were teary-eyed but when she thanked them, they immediately became energetic and she had immediately sought escape from them.

"Thank you very much for your help, everyone."

"Please. You've thanked us enough, Misa-chan. Besides, we had an early start even before Usui-kun told us of the changes," Erika answered, her first word accompanied by an eye-roll.

"What do you mean even before? When did you start?" Misaki asked, her brows furrowed in confusion.

"Before your graduation."


Misaki slapped a hand on her mouth after her exclamation drew everybody's attention. With flushed cheeks, she apologized and then focused once more on her co-workers.

"You mean to say that the alien had asked you to begin preparations even before he asked me to marry him? That he really intended to marry me before he leaves even if...if I hadn't..."

"If you hadn't what?" Subaru asked curiously as Misaki's already red face seem to redden some more.

"N-nothing. I'm just surprised, that's all," she answered evasively. She couldn't tell them about how she had asked him to make love to her, could she?

"Well, he didn't really plan for a wedding reception when he asked Manager about borrowing the cafe. My assumption was he intended to propose to you here."


'So he had every intention of proposing to me. The wedding wasn't planned. But the proposal...I ruined his plans by doing what I had done that night. A plan for a romantic proposal turned into...ugh...what do you call the way he had proposed to me? It certainly isn't romantic...it's...'

Misaki once again gave a once over at the Maid Cafe decorated with flowers that were just as beautiful as the decoration at the wedding ceremony. Finally, her eyes landed on the person who was the main responsible for everything.

"What?" Takumi asked his glaring wife, hands in his pockets as he approached her. He was the picture of innocence.

"It's entirely your fault, idiot Takumi."

He only grinned and hugged his wife, and chuckled when she froze as the others oohed and aahed at them.

"Let's dance, wife," he asked, pulling her without waiting for an answer. She wanted to protest, but she didn't want to make a scene so she went along with him.

"You're incorrigible," she muttered as she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"And you love me for it," he answered proudly.

"And a really perverted one, too," she added, ignoring his words. In response, he pulled her closer until the lower halves of their body were touching intimately. She gasped as soon as she felt the telltale of his desire.


"I'm what?" He asked, grinding his hips, eliciting another gasp from his wide-eyed bride.

"You really can't control yourself, can you?" She hissed as a delicious tingle jolted her spine. She dug her fingers on his shoulder, silently and painfully telling him not to embarrass her.

"I can't help it," he reasoned. He dropped a kiss on her pouting lips before he pulled a few millimeters away.

"I wonder what I have gotten myself into," she muttered, remembering all too well the scene when they changed into more comfortable clothes earlier. He had complained that he wouldn't have the chance to undress his wife from her wedding dress on their first night as husband and wife, so after much coaxing on his part and cursing in hers, she'd let him take off her wedding dress. Of course being the perverted alien that he was, he'd copped a feel to the softness of his blushing bride, much to her anger, embarrassment, and excitement. It would have escalated to something more passionate if Suzuna hadn't knocked on the door and told them that the others were waiting for them.

"You haven't felt the half of it yet, dear wife," he murmured in her ears, grinning when she shuddered.

Misaki's retaliation was cut off when the door to the Maid Latte opened and a very unexpected, not to mention unwelcome, guest, arrived. She and Takumi tensed as they took in the presence of none other than Igarashi Tora, closely followed by Kanade Maki and a few others that they didn't recognize.

She glanced at Takumi's serious face when she felt him squeeze her hand reassuringly. Standing side by side, they waited for Igarashi's approach.

"Congratulations, Usui Takumi-san and Usui Misaki-san. My apologies for intruding in your celebration. Please accept these as a token of well wishes for your union," Igarashi said politely and grandly as he swept his hands behind him to indicate the gifts carried by several people.

Misaki sweat-dropped. As usual, Igarashi's gifts were over the top, easily dwarfing all the gifts they had received from their friends.

"Thank you, President Igarashi," she managed to say even as she wondered what was the reason behind his appearance.

'Trouble, most probably.'

"You actually look like a girl, for once."

Misaki's eyes narrowed at the comment.

"A woman. My woman," Takumi said with a clipped tone as he snaked a hand on Misaki's waist possessively.

"It's not an insult. Anyway, if you don't mind, Usui-san, can I talk to your husband for a minute?"

Misaki jerked after being addressed in Takumi's name. She flushed and stuttered a yes. And as she warily watched Igarashi and Takumi went for the door, she berated herself for acting stupid.

"What was that all about?" She wondered aloud after the unexpected visitor and her new husband was out of her sight. She itched to follow them to make sure that everything was alright.

"YOU enjoy defying them, don't you? Heh. Not like I care," Igarashi commented as Maki handed him an envelope, which he then handed to Takumi. "I can't imagine what you two were thinking. Two days of being married before separation is such a short time, don't you think?"

Takumi didn't respond at Igarashi's jibe but he accepted the envelope with a blank expression on his face.

"A little diversion from time to time, I don't mind it..." Igarashi said as he turned to leave. "Your bride should be grateful. That will buy you some time," he added before he stepped inside his limousine.

As soon as the limousine was gone, an expression finally appeared in Takumi's face. With a frown, he looked at the contents of the envelope. After a minute, his eyes widened.

'So that was what he meant.'

"WHAT did he do?" Misaki asked anxiously as soon as she spotted Takumi.

"Never mind him. Come on. We didn't finish the dance."

Misaki glared at Takumi.

"You'll find out soon enough. How about you show me how good you are? Unless, of course, you don't know how to dance?"

The taunt and the challenge in his voice turned Misaki's attention away from Igarashi's visit. Fire appeared in her eyes.

"I can dance."

"Prove it."

And then Misaki found herself flushed against Takumi's hard and warm body.

"What the...We are supposed to dance! Not this again, Takumi," she hissed.

"We are dancing," Takumi said with twinkle in his eyes as he ground himself to her. He chuckled when she flushed and sputtered incoherent nonsense as he let her feel his need for her.

"We are not dancing! We are...we are..."

Misaki bit her lip to keep a startled gasp from escaping her mouth. If he kept on doing this, she knew the result would be embarrassing, if they were not embarrassing themselves already with his shameless actions. Before she forgot where they were and who were around and most likely watching, she stepped on his foot.

"Ouch. That's not nice, wife," Takumi complained.

"Serves you right. Now stop embarrassing me."

With a pout, Takumi pulled away slightly.

"Much better," she approved as she wound her fingers on his nape.

"You won't escape me for long," he drawled as he swayed their bodies to the romantic tune.

Misaki's heartbeat palpitated at the promise. Much to her chagrin, she felt the same impatience like his.

Later on, Takumi and Misaki both socialized to the few invited guests. Takumi had laughed at the still dumbfounded look of Kanou and Yukimura. The two still couldn't believe that the former demon president of Seika just got married and was blushing and smiling and laughing carelessly and happily. Shintani looked beaten, but he still threatened Takumi that he would take Misaki away if Takumi ever hurt his first love. And Sakura and Shizuko, while also shocked, were really happy for their friend. In fact, the former was almost bouncing in her seat with excitement.

"Misaki! You're the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!" Sakura gushed.

"Just how many brides have you ever seen?" Shizuko asked.

"Well...Just Misaki's."

At Sakura's answer, both Misaki and Shizuko sweat-dropped.

"But that's not the point. I've seen on TV and on magazines a lot of brides, but Misaki's really different. She's glowing with happiness," Sakura explained earnestly.

"Because it's the only live wedding you've ever seen," Shizuko answered. When Sakura was about to protest, she continued, "But she is right. You and Usui-san look really good together, Misaki."

"T-thank you," Misaki said bashfully.

"And your wedding was so romantic, Misaki. It was quiet and solemn. And the flowers are so beautiful. How long did it take for you guys to prepare for the wedding?" Sakura gushed.

'A couple of days.'

Of course Misaki couldn't say it. If she did, she'd have to explain why. On the other hand, she quietly agreed with Sakura's observation. It was a perfect wedding, as far as she could think about. Since she'd never thought about having her own wedding before, she didn't have any idea what she wanted. But her perverted outer-space alien husband had taken care of it. He did a good job of making a wedding that was simple yet really beautiful for her, for them.

"Ne, Misaki, tell me, how did Usui-san propose to you?" Sakura continued.

A vision of a naked Takumi kneeling in one knee in front of her with a ring on his hand appeared in Misaki's mind and she couldn't stop the fierce blush that appeared in her cheeks.

"Oh! It must be very exciting! Tell me, Misaki!" Sakura exclaimed, brimming with excitement and curiosity at Misaki's reaction.

"I...it's...ah..." Misaki hemmed and hawed. How could she tell her friends that indecent proposal? She'd die before she let anyone know!

"Hi there, wife," Takumi greeted, dropping a hand on her shoulder. "What's up?"

Misaki breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the topic would change now that he was here.

"Oh, Usui-san. We're just asking Misaki here how you proposed to her," Sakura explained.

Misaki smacked a hand on her forehead. Knowing Takumi, he'd either tell the truth, or find some way to come up with an even more explicit version of his proposal.

"Hmm...You really want to know? I think I want to hear it from Misa-chan, too. So how did it go, wife?" He asked, looking at his wife innocently.

"Don't ask me that. You were there, remember, idiot Takumi?" She snapped.

"Aw...You're mad again. How could you feel anger on this joyous occasion, dear wife? Hmm...Maybe I should kiss that anger away," he said thoughtfully, drawing her in his arms, tightening his hold when she struggled. "Come on, Misa-chan. People would think I've forced you into this marriage," he said, winking at the giggling Sakura and amused Shizuko.

"Don't you dare, dear husband," she said with gritted teeth, placing a hand on his face to prevent him from advancing on her lips. She jolted when he licked her palm. She immediately pulled her hand. "Pervert."

"How about we leave now? I'd like to have my bride alone as soon as possible," he teased.

She blushed at his words. Smacking his shoulder, she pulled away. She was glad when he let her go.

It would be another hour before Misaki finally succumbed to Takumi's coaxing to go to his apartment already. She would have refused and stayed longer with everyone, but her feet were screaming to get some rest because he insisted that they dance until her feet couldn't take it anymore. Besides, a part of her also wanted to be alone with him. Just the thought of having the privacy of his apartment made her heart race. Her insides tingled with anticipation. She suddenly found herself breathless and impatient.

With a satisfied grin, Takumi guided her to bid goodbyes to everyone. Satsuki, who snapped out of her fantasy land when they approached her, gushed excitedly and hugged them.

"M-Manager! Can't breathe..." Misaki squeaked as she found herself in a bone-crushing hug from the petite manager.

"Sorry, Misa-chan! I'm just so happy for you! Ooh! Usui-kun, please be gentle with our Misa-chan, okay?"


If possible, steam would have come out of Misaki's ears at Satsuki's words.

"Yes, Usui-kun, please be gentle with our Misa-chan," Erika added with an ear-to-ear grin.


"Maybe it should be that idiot woman that should be advised to be gentle. I won't be surprised if she beats her husband to pulp at their wedding night," Aoi commented haughtily, for once dressed formally as a boy. Misaki would never know who had and how that person had managed to made him dress normally.


'Great! Am I going to spend the night calling everybody's name and nothing else?'

"I hope you'll be as loud tonight as you are now, wife," Takumi commented, and then dodge the fist thrown towards his face.

"Idiot! Don't say embarrassing things in front of other people!" Misaki screamed at him with a very red face. She pointedly ignored their laughing friends.

"I think I'm going to pass out. This is so much moe!" Satsuki commented, stopping Misaki's attempts to land a hit on a chuckling Takumi.

"I'm sure you'll have no problem making Sis noisy, brother in-law," Suzuna commented, surprising everybody especially Misaki. Her sister had the same trait as Takumi in appearing without notice.


Misaki felt sweat trickle in her temple as she looked pleadingly at her sister who was chuckling sinisterly.

"Congratulations again, brother in-law. Welcome to the family," Suzuna said to the slightly blushing Takumi.

"Thanks, Suzuna-chan. Don't worry, I know how to keep Misaki quiet as well."

Takumi only chuckled when Misaki smacked his shoulder angrily. Unperturbed, he snaked a hand around her waist.

Misaki clamped her lips to stop herself from cursing him for teasing her in front of everybody. She avoided everyone's eyes, embarrassed. Satsuki was still standing because Erika and Subaru were supporting her fantasy-induced form. Also, Erika was salivating at the sight of Misaki and Takumi's flirting, while Subaru was blushing. Aoi was also blushing with his nose in the air. And Honoka, the only one who had remained quiet the entire time, Misaki couldn't read her expression. When her eyes unintentionally met Suzuna's surprisingly amused eyes, she flushed. Try as she might, she couldn't stop the memories that flooded her mind.

With exasperation, Misaki forced her mind away from what Takumi had done at the gate of her house and thought of something else, which of course, also related to him. Her mind drifted to the wedding that would happen the next day and she grew fidgety as torrent of worries consumed her. It nagged on her through the night that she grew restless for every passing second. Different worries such as what if she tripped on her shoes, what if she stammered and couldn't say the words she was supposed to say, the list went on and on that she was surprised with herself for coming up with even the stupidest reasons that could go wrong on her wedding day.

"This isn't good," she groaned helplessly as she burrowed her face on her pillow. She wished Takumi was with her at the moment. Despite his irritating jokes and teases as well as perverted acts, he made her feel secure and at ease, something that she hadn't thought she would feel from someone especially from a male. "Perfect. Now I'm so dependent on him I can't even sleep without the reassurance of his presence. What will I do once he left for...no no no. I shouldn't be thinking of that right now."

With another groan of annoyance, she rolled over and then sat up.

"Is this what they call pre-wedding jitters?"

She was about to lie again when a faint noise caught her attention. She was about to ignore the noise when the sound grew louder. She held her breath and sat up unmoving as she strained to hear more. Her eyes widened before they narrowed, especially when the noise stopped at her window. It could be nothing. The noise could be anything, but her gut said otherwise. Carefully, she stood and then tiptoed to the window. Whatever it was behind her window, she intended to find out. If it was a person who had bad intentions, then she would make sure that the person would forever regret meeting her.

As the window started to open, she prepared herself. Just like a snake, she coiled her body and prepared to strike.


Just in time, Misaki managed to stop her scream of surprise and her attempt of strike as a familiar blonde hair appeared.

"Nice pose, Misaki."

Misaki could only gape at Takumi as he stepped inside her room through the window. She was even more astounded when he took off his shoes and then made himself comfortable in her bed.


He looked at her with an arched brow.

"Are you crazy? You shouldn't be here," she hissed, finally relaxing from her tense posture.

"I want to check on my bride and watch her cute face as she sleeps and maybe steal a few kisses and licks and bites and a-."

"Your bride isn't here," she snapped angrily, then cursed herself as she felt the heat in her cheeks.

"And I can't sleep," he continued as if she had never spoken.

"Do you want me to put you to eternal sleep?" She asked, cracking her knuckles menacingly.

"You mustn't. I have a wedding to attend to tomorrow. My beautiful bride will kill me if I didn't show up or if I'm late. And if it's possible, I'd like to hurry the time so that I can make her my wife already."

Her annoyance melted. With a defeated sigh, she headed to the door and made sure that it was locked before she went back and slowly sat down on her bed.

"And who is this woman crazy enough to marry an alien like you?"

"A crazy one, too, not to mention violent," he answered as he pulled her. She surprised him by not struggling. Still, she glared at him for his words, but there was no heat behind the glare.

"Gosh. What have I gotten myself into?"

With a shake of her head, Misaki made herself comfortable, and Takumi was delighted at her pliant form when he gathered her in his arms. His lips curved in a gentle smile when she sighed with contentment and burrowed her face on his chest.

"I'm glad you're here. We only have a short time and I don't want to waste it even if we're only sleeping."

Her words were muffled but he clearly understood them. He tightened his hold on her. If only there was another way, he would never ever leave her.

"We can do it, can't we, Takumi?"

If possible, Takumi tightened his hold on her even more.

"We can. We will," he said confidently. He would do everything to make things work no matter how hard it would be.

With a contented smile, Misaki closed her eyes, only to open them wide when she heard a knock on her door. She looked at Takumi worriedly, before she launched into action as the person at the other side of the door tried to turn the knob.

"Shit! Quick! Hide!" Misaki hissed.

Panicking, she grabbed her blanket and then covered Takumi and then arranged her pillows. Afterwards, she took a deep breath and then opened her door with what she hoped was a casual expression on her face. She made sure that her body blocked most of the view to her room.

Suzuna's face greeted Misaki at the other side of the door.

"Sis, you forgot this downstairs," Suzuna said as she thrust a piece of lace to Misaki.


'Geez. Why did I forget the veil? Good thing the wedding dress is in the closet or else the alien would have seen it.'

"Okay. See you tomorrow, Sis."

Suzuna turned and walked away, but her parting words froze Misaki.

"Please don't make too much noise. Try not to enjoy too much or you might forget the time and wake up late for the wedding."

Misaki's face drained of color. Mechanically, she closed the door. There was little doubt in her mind, Suzuna was aware of Takumi's presence in her room.


"Well, covering me with blanket in your bed isn't exactly hiding me, Misaki. I'm too big for that."

She knew that now. Still, she didn't get why he sounded amuse. There was no amusing at being caught with a male in her room that wasn't supposed to be in her room even if that male would be her husband tomorrow.

"I knew it was a stupid idea. Go home now, idiot alien. You shouldn't be here."

"But you are happy that I'm here, aren't you?"


Blushing again, she nodded.

"How cute. Misaki is happy I snuck into her room. I'm so glad."

"Don't say that. It sounds perverted."

With a quiet chuckle, he grabbed her and kissed her hard. The kiss was meant to be short. Takumi intended it to be short, and Misaki had told herself that she would pull away immediately so that they wouldn't get carried away. However, those thoughts flew out the window as they felt each other's body so close. The kiss quickly escalated into passionate kisses accompanied by touches and caresses.

Misaki's heart almost jumped out of her chest when a knock on her door penetrated her brain. She looked at the door indignantly, before her expression turned into fear.


Misaki's blood ran cold at the sound of her mother's voice. She looked at Takumi's eyes wildly. It was one thing to be caught by her sister. But it was another thing by her mother. She wondered if Suzuna told their mother.

"Misaki, don't stay up late, okay."


Misaki cleared her throat when it croaked.

"Yes, Mom," she repeated.


She relaxed as she realized that her mother didn't intend for her to open the door.

"Both of you," Minako added.

Misaki's eyes widened again.

"Kill me now," Misaki muttered as she sagged on the bed.

"No can do. You still have to be my wife and give me children and grow old with me."

Misaki snorted.


"I'll see you at the wedding tomorrow. Don't make me wait, my Misaki," Takumi said as he cupped her cheek and then gently kissed her lips. They shared a gentle kiss, before he went to the window and left.


Misaki blinked at the loud call of her name. She focused on the people around her and noticed that everybody was looking at her with a mixture of curiosity, confusion and amusement. She blushed. With a nervous giggle, she bid goodbye to their friends and then headed to her mother who was surprisingly with none other than Miyazono Maria. She internally grimaced at the thought of Maria-sensei. She approached her mother and Maria-sensei with trepidation, the feeling entirely for the latter. Maria-sensei, just like Igarashi, had shown at the reception without invitation. Left with no choice, Misaki accepted Maria-sensei's presence despite being hugged and whined to for marrying Takumi, much to his husband's annoyance.


Misaki acknowledge the smiling woman's presence.

"Congratulations, Ayuzawa-san. Or rather, Usui-san. I still can't believe you married that man," Maria-sensei said with a smile at Misaki and a glare at Takumi which the latter returned.

"T-thank you."

Misaki took advantage of Maria-sensei and Takumi's glaring contest and faced her mother.


"Be happy, Misaki. We'll always be here for you," were Minako's short but warm words to Misaki who hugged her fiercely.

"Love you, Mom."

And then it was Takumi's turn. Misaki watched with a smile as her mother and husband exchanged warm words.

"Thank you, Mom," Takumi said, already comfortable calling Misaki's mother as Mom.

Tenderness sprung in Misaki's heart. Takumi had never met his mother. And if he had never felt a mother's love before, she had no doubt that her own mother had shown him in such a short time how to be loved by a mother.

"We will go now."

They headed to the door to the sound of applause and another round of well wishes from their friends and family. And just before Takumi opened the door for his wife, he pulled her to his chest and gave her a passionate kiss that lasted until they needed oxygen. After which, he guided his shaky wife outside to the car waiting for them. Teasing and catcalls followed their wake, which had Misaki blushing to the roots of her hair.

"Why are you embarrassed? It's only natural for a married couple," he asked when they were comfortably sitting in the car. His definition of comfortable sitting arrangement was having Misaki on his lap, which she had surrendered to after half-hearted struggles.

"I...Everyone knows what's going to happen n-n-next," she explained with stutters.


"So it's embarrassing, stupid alien," she snapped.

"Hmm...We'll just chase that nervousness away," he said flatly, before he crushed his lips on hers. He kissed her until she couldn't breathe. And he kissed her some more until all she could think about was him. The kiss lasted until they exited the car and he insisted on carrying her. After a brief struggle which she naturally lost, she buried her face on his chest, unwilling to meet the eyes of anyone that might see them. He, on the other hand, chuckled at his wife's shyness, finding it really endearing. He greeted the security guards cheerfully, as well as any other people that they met at the ground floor of the building, even going as far as telling them that his bride was just being unusually shy, which earned him hearty congratulations from everyone, and a really painful pinch from the said bride.

"Welcome to your home, Usui Misaki," he said as soon as he closed the door of his, now theirs, apartment while still carrying his blushing bride.

"Y-yeah thanks," she muttered, her mind unable to comprehend the fact that as his wife, his apartment had become her home, too. She accepted it without reservation. For they both understood that there were no more Usui Takumi and Ayuzawa Misaki. The two had merge as one. Their hearts and their minds had become one for what felt like a long time ago. Their bodies had become one a few days ago, which Takumi intended to repeat as soon as possible and many times over in the future. Takumi and Misaki's name had become one a few hours ago, and they would both hold on to it. Everything that had become one between them, they would love and cherish forever, no matter what difficulties lay ahead. Even if they became separated by physical distance, they would face the future as one, because they were one despite that physical distance. Separated by distance or not, it would always be Usui Takumi and Usui Misaki. Two persons joined as one.

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