It was just a castle.

Or so It looked on the outside anyway. Inside this castle however, was technology that was far beyond modern. Surveillance cameras and motion sensors littered it's stone halls. Making any intruder think twice about their actions. A communications center capable of reaching anyone on the entire planet. Not to mention the various modern comforts that every other normal household would have. The castle was a perfect blend of old and new.

The current intruder however, was not concerned with this, far from it in fact. He was not here to pillage or plunder. He was here to find one man, not just any man, but a man he had thought of as his father. He didn't think of him as that anymore though. All the intruder thought of the man now was that he was a monster. Which is ironic as the intruder's skin was green from head to toe and he had the ability to turn into any animal he could think of.

And yet, the crime his adopted father committed, was far beyond any cruelty any of his animal forms could muster. He could smell his adopted father's scent, it was getting stronger as he progressed further into the castle, the headquarters for his old team, the Doom Patrol. Uncharacteristically he had ruthlessly tracked down his "father". The leader of the Doom Patrol, who had been missing for almost a week. The green boy found it odd that his father decided to hide at Doom Patrol HQ. It was one of the obvious places to stop by and search.

However, it also seemed fitting. Like the final stage had been set.

The green boy known as Beast Boy to most, and Garfield Mark Logan to some, charged through a pair of thick steel double doors as an emerald bull. The doors put up almost no resistance as they broke off their hinges and flew in the air to land in the center of the Doom Patrol's operations room. A circular table rested in the left-center of the room. While the communications center was embedded into the right side of the room. Straight ahead of the changeling was the huge monitor that would pull up maps, information on villains, alert the residents of a domestic attack and much more. It was here that Beast Boy's adopted father, Steve Dayton, A.K.A. Mento stood, his back to his adopted son.

Mento's stance was rigid, his legs slightly spread and his arms were locked behind his back. He hadn't made a move, not even when Beast Boy broke the doors down. The changeling noted this and felt the anger inside him that he was trying so hard to control get away from him slightly. As he morphed back into his human form, Mento spoke.

"So you made it." The leader of the Doom Patrol said simply, Beast Boy grit his teeth to curb his rage.

"Is that all you have to say Steve? after what you did to her?" He hissed through his closed teeth. Mento half-turned so that he was partially facing his adopted son.

"It's what she would have wanted." Mento replied in that no-nonsense tone of his. But Beast Boy was not going to put up with it, not after what happened to her. His hands curled into tight fists.

"You have no right to speak for her! Do you hear me? NO RIGHT!" Beast Boy screamed, the tentative control he had on his temper shattered and he leapt into the air at Mento. Quickly in midair, the green boy morphed into a lion and dived at his father. The Doom Patrol leader managed to roll out of the way at the last second. The changeling didn't even break stride, morphing into a baboon and once again leaping at Mento. This time, he was successful and tackled the veteran doom patroller to the ground. He wrapped his primate fingers around Mento's neck and began to squeeze. Mento saw stars and the edge of his vision began to blacken before he was able to knock Beast Boy away from him with a pulse of mental energy.

Mento continued to keep Beast Boy at a distance as he threw the circular table, along with it's furniture, at the changeling to keep him away. Beast Boy morphed into a cheetah and outran or dodged all the debris Mento was sending his way. The veteran doom patroller tried again to speak with his adopted son.

"I did what I had to do Garfield, it was for her own good!" He shouted at the changeling, as he tried to bring a slab of stone from the ceiling onto Beast Boy's head. Mento hoped to knock him out, but Beast Boy's reaction was solid, morphing into a bat and flying away from the stone slab before it could hit him. The green boy reverted back to normal and fixed Mento with a fiery glare.

"Don't you dare talk to ME about what was for her own good! since you were the one that murdered HER!" Beast Boy shouted, once again lapsing into rage. He morphed into a sasquatch and grabbed the huge monitor that covered the wall. He threw it at his father with every ounce of hatred he could muster. Mento managed to halt it's acceleration with his mental powers just inches from his face and sent it flying right back at the green sasquatch. Beast Boy lifted both his heavy arms and interlaced his fingers. He smashed his combined fists into the monitor as it flew toward him, breaking it in half. The next instant he morphed into a ram and slammed into Mento's chest, slamming the militaristic leader into the stone wall.

Mento sank to an unorthodox sitting position against the stone wall. He thought he might have broken a rib or two, but had no time to check as a very angry green ape was in his face. The ape raised it's right fist and was about to bring it down on Mento's head. Mento dug deep into his mental reserves and blasted the ape away with a burst of mental energy. The blast sent the ape flying all the way to the opposite end of the room. Depositing him unceremoniously into the wall opposite of Mento.

The ape bounced off the wall and landed on the ground, morphing back into Beast Boy. The changeling rose to a kneeling position and put his right hand against the wall to support himself. Mento was still leaning against his wall, holding his aching ribs with his left arm. Both combatants were panting slightly from their exertions.

"You've never had to make the tough decision as a leader Garfield. The decision no one else wants to make, to even think about." Mento breathed out between pants, Beast Boy glared at him.

"You're wrong Steve. I have made tough decisions before, when I had to lead the remaining Titans against the Brotherhood of Evil. My first instinct was to run, run as far and as fast as I could." Using the wall, Beast Boy rose shakily to his feet, his eyes never leaving Mento's. "But I didn't, instead I took a group of unlikely Titans and managed to stop the Brotherhood for good. It was hard for me, to face my fear and make that difficult decision, but I did it. So don't go and tell me that I haven't made tough decisions!" He shouted.

Mento felt a twinge of sadness flow through him. Indeed Beast Boy had made tough decisions, but this was different. This type of thing he was sure his adopted son had no experience in.

"There are different kinds of 'tough' Garfield." Mento said, his normally rough tone a touch softer. "What I did, I didn't do out of callousness or malice. I didn't murder her." Beast boy's glare intensified.

"Really? because the dead body at the morgue says otherwise you bastard!" The changeling shouted and with that he morphed into a velociraptor and charged at Mento once more. The Doom Patrol leader had also managed to get to his feet, but he still clutched his ribs with his left arm. He tore off a section of the wall with his powers and flung it at the raptor's right flank. Beast Boy avoided it by morphing into a hummingbird, the chunk of stone passed by right under him. He continued his charge toward his former leader.

Mento grabbed two more large sections of wall with his powers and put them in front of him. Putting one wall in front of the other, he made a barricade that he hoped would keep the changeling away from him for a bit. His hopes were dashed when a green triceratops smashed through his makeshift barricade like it wasn't even there. Summoning all his mental strength, Mento managed to keep the mighty triceratops at bay. Although the strain of restraining such a big and heavy beast was quickly taking it's toll on him.

"Damn it Garfield! listen to me! you don't understand! I didn't kill her! I just..." The rest of Mento's words never finished as the giant tail of a jade anklyosaurus slammed into his torso. The impact sent him crashing through the wall and past the cliff the Doom Patrol HQ was built on. The militaristic leader began to plummet down into the woods below.

Beast Boy had reverted to his normal form and ran over to the hole he had put Mento through. He had expected to see his former leader's broken form as it fell into the forest several hundred feet below. What he saw however was Mento hanging on to a floating rock. He growled deep in his throat, leave it to Mento to not die easily. He would still die, however, for what he did. He was still having a hard time believing Mento actually killed her. His adopted father had indeed committed the heinous act however. The evidence was there and it was verified by Robin, who was trained by the world's greatest detective. You can't refute something like that.

The Doom Patrol leader struggled to climb on top of the boulder he had ripped out of the cliffside with his powers. He had wrenched his right shoulder out of socket when he had grabbed onto the rock as he brought it up to him from below just a little too fast. Feeding off his adrenaline, Mento finally managed to climb on top of the floating boulder. His relief was short-lived as a grass colored tiger leapt down the cliff from above him. Claws ready to rend his flesh and tear him in two. Quickly Mento ripped another boulder out of the cliffside and slammed it into the side of Beast Boy's head. The tiger let out a roar of pain as it fell rapidly into the forest below. Mento followed suit at a much slower pace, on top of his floating rock.

The green tiger morphed into a flying squirrel and hastily killed the rest of it's descending speed. Landing on one of the many tree branches, the squirrel morphed back into a green human. Beast Boy looked up into the sky to see his "father" floating down towards him on his rock. The image briefly reminded him of Terra, but he quickly shook that thought out of his head. He was too emotionally charged as it was already, he didn't need more of it.

The changeling noticed that Mento's head was moving from side to side, as if searching. The emerald skinned boy smirked, Mento had lost sight of him during his fall and was searching for him in the forest. The near-tyrannical leader was keeping an altitude high enough above the trees to give him time to prepare for most of the changeling's flying forms.

Most, but not all.

Doing something that was very hard for him. Beast Boy morphed into a tiny spider and waited. Eventually Mento was hovering right above him. The leader of the Doom Patrol was moving slowly through the air to systematically scan for the green boy. His slow flight speed would be his undoing. The changeling morphed into a fly and flew up to Mento's floating rock, slowly but surely.

As soon as Beast Boy reached the boulder in fly form, he morphed into a grizzly bear. Mento had just enough time to turn around, his eyes wide, like a deer in the headlights. Then Beast Boy was upon him, tackling him. He pinned Mento to the rock by his shoulders, digging his sharp claws into them and drawing blood. Mento grunted in pain, and Beast Boy went in for the kill, his jaws reaching for Mento's neck.

Steve Dayton knew he was in trouble, the green bear's jaws were just a few inches from his neck and getting closer by the second. In desperation, he used his powers to turn the rock they were floating on upside-down. The rock deposited it's passengers into the open air. Gravity forced the green bear's claws to remove themselves from Steve's shoulders, blood flowing from them, his blood. The veteran Doom Patroller knew that he couldn't continue this fight for much longer. He had to end this now.

Summoning the last of his power, he caught the boulder that was still in the air and flung it at the changeling. The boulder sung through the air like a missile and hit the green bear square in it's furry chest. The impact of the rock sent the bear into the ground at breakneck speed. As Beast Boy crashed into the ground, a huge plume of dust, dirt and debris shot into the air. Mento tried in vain to use whatever mental power he had to slow his descent. It wasn't enough however and he crashed into the ground almost as hard as his adopted son.

Their crashes had sent both of them into unconsciousness. For a few long moments, everything was quiet and still. The dust clouds the two combatants and stirred up eventually dissipated into the air. Suddenly a pair of eyes opened on one of the two downed superheroes.

A pair of green eyes.