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Robin sat at his desk, his fingers dancing furiously over the keyboard. The Boy Wonder's eyes were glued to the monitor, quickly searching through the data that was on his screen. He let out a frustrated sigh as he didn't quite find what he was looking for.

Ten days had passed since Mento was taken to prison. Beast Boy, Negative Man and Robot Man tried to hold a small funeral for Elasti-Girl shortly afterwards. Surprisingly, many honorary Titans attended, along with the original five Titans and the remaining Doom Patrol members. Robin could tell that the changeling was deeply touched by the gesture. Rita Farr was then buried in a cemetary in Midway City. Those closest to her knew that this was the place she considered home.

Mento was taken to some unspecified prison. Neither Robot Man nor Negative Man told him what prison or where it was located. They merely assured him that it was secure. The Boy Wonder didn't like it, but Beast Boy seemed to believe they knew what they were doing.

Robin leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling. For everyone else it was over, Elasti-Girl was bitten by an animal infected with Sakutia, contracted the virus and was "Mercifully murdered" by Mento. The Doom Patrol Leader was caught and jailed, case closed. However, something was still bothering him. The detective in him wouldn't let this rest. All the previous cases of people contracting Sakutia, including Beast Boy, occured in Africa. So why was Elasti-Girl infected on the outskirts of a Ukrainian city?

If that wasn't enough, there were no further incidents with the deadly virus in Ukraine. You would think a green animal of any sort attacking people would draw attention. Yet there were no local authority reports, articles from the press, or sightings from citizens. A dangerous animal like that? no way it could be kept secret!

The Boy Wonder's eyes widened beneath his mask in a sudden realization. What if the animal wasn't wild? What if someone managed to domesticate it? What if they were using it to take out certain people? It would explain why Rita was the only one who had come into contact with it and no one else. The infected animal's owner didn't want anyone else to get the virus. Now, with the Doom Patrol leader incarcerated, one dead, and the other two going their separate ways. Beast Boy's former team was effectively gone.

The Titans leader sat back up in his chair and rested his elbows on the desk. Clasping his hands together and resting his chin on them. Was this person's objective to destroy the Doom Patrol? If it was they had succeeded beautifully. What if they weren't satisfied though? What if they wanted more?

Robin sat long and hard thinking about that.

"Good morning Cyborg!" Starfire greeted her metal friend as she walked through the automated doors of the common room. Cyborg turned his attention away from the kitchen to smile and wave at her.

"Morning Star! Care for some waffles?" Cyborg offered, the Tamaranian took a seat at the table and smiled.

"Yes with extra mustard please!" She said happily, Cyborg cringed slightly, even after all these years it was still hard getting used to Starfire's unorthodox eating habits. He set aside a plate for his alien friend and continued cooking.

"Any other requests little lady?" The cybernetic man asked, Starfire put her left elbow on her right hand and her left index finger on her chin. She was deep in thought before she responded.

"I would ask you to make some of my glorg, but you don't know how to cultivate the fungus." Starfire said. Cyborg shuddered, suddenly he wasn't as hungry as he was before.

Cyborg finished cooking breakfast and the two Titans sat down to eat. Starfire drenched her waffles in mustard. While Cyborg wolfed down his eggs, bacon and sausage like they were his first food in days.

"How goes the research into an antidote for Beast Boy?" Starfire asked, Cyborg paused long enough to let out a loud burp before replying.

"Well I don't know if antidote would be the right word for it, but I've managed to make something that should at least supress his Beast form temporarily." The metallic man stated, the alien Titan looked at him curiously

"Why not an antidote friend? is Beast Boy's condition unable to be cured?" She asked, Cyborg shook his head.

"I don't know, I thought the last antidote would have done the trick. We all saw how well that turned out. BB's DNA has also changed so the old antidote won't work anymore." the cybernetic Titan explained.

"Changed? how has it changed?" the Tamaranian asked.

"I'm not sure, but it's different. I don't know yet if it's good or bad." Cyborg replied. Starfire gasped.

"Does that mean our friend will never be the same?" She asked, a fearful expression on her face. Cyborg smiled a wide grin.

"No way! The world could end and BB would still be cracking annoying jokes! He just might be changing a little physically that's all!" He reassured his alien friend, who's fearful expression vanished.

"Oh glorious! our home would not be the same without Beast Boy! I should make him something to celebrate his good health!" She exclaimed. Cyborg chuckled.

"Just make sure it's safe for him to eat!" he remarked, but Starfire was already in the kitchen, speaking out loud the ingredients she would need for her meal. Cyborg turned back to his food, his expression turning solemn. Mentally and probably emotionally, Beast Boy would be the same, but physically? The way his DNA was changing, it could start to affect his powers. He didn't need an antidote at this point, he needed to figure out exactly what was going on with his green friend.

Jump City National Bank, where checks are cashed, accounts are created, money is deposited or withdrawn, and where the occasional robbery takes place. Unfortunately for everyone today, one of those said robberies was happening now. Three men in black ski masks, grey coats, black jeans and brown shoes. Armed with automatic assault rifles. One of the masked men was grabbing as much money as he could from the opened vault, the others were making sure no one was a hero. The unconscious security guard with a bruise on his forehead and the assault rifles were being great deterrents for the citizens trapped in the bank at the moment.

"Hurry it up in there! clock's ticking!" The apparent leader of the group shouted to the masked man collecting the money. They only had about two or three more minutes before things got more complicated. Cops would start setting up a perimeter and worse, the Titans might show up.

"Don't worry boss, almost done." The robber in the vault said, grabbing one last stack of money and throwing it in his bag. Tying it up and lugging it over his shoulder he went to rejoin his comrades in the lobby. "See? All set. Let's blow this joint."

As the leader of the robbers was shouting to the terrified citizens not to do anything stupid while they exited the bank. The third masked man heard a slight buzzing above him, he looked up to see a mosquito hovering above him. The damn thing kept flitting back and forth, the robber was sorely tempted to try and swat it out of the air when he noticed something peculiar about this mosquito.

It was green.

As soon as the third robber processed this information. The green mosquito turned into a green hippo before his eyes. The masked man didn't even have time to shout a warning to his buddies as the green hippo crashed down on all of them. The hippo then morphed back into Beast Boy, who nonchalantly used one of the now very unconscious bank robbers as a makeshift seat. The green Titan pulled out his communicator and flipped it open.

"Don't bother guys, I already dealt with the problem." He said with a cocky smirk. The robber he was sitting on stirred slightly and groaned in pain. The emerald superhero smacked the masked man roughly on the back of the head. "Dude! furniture isn't supposed to make noise!"

After making sure the police had secured the bank robbers. Beast Boy morphed into an eagle and took the skies. He loved flying, especially when something was on his mind. It was amazing how things never went as intended. The funeral for Rita was supposed to be low-key. Yet, a lot of the honorary Titans showed up. They had attended out of respect for both Beast Boy when he led the assault against the Brotherhood of Evil and for Rita as a Doom Patrol member. The honorary Titans were paying their respects to a superheroine who was part of a legendary team. The Doom Patrol had stopped a good number of the Brotherhood's schemes, saving the world in the process.

The other thing on his mind was the Beast. While initially he had control he eventually lost it. The green Titan was greatly relieved that he didn't hurt any of his friends. Cyborg had fixed up another "Antidote" for him, but they both knew it wasn't enough. He needed to figure out a way to completely control his primal side or he might end up doing something terrible, to either his friends or himself.

Eventually Beast Boy found himself at Jump City Central Park. He landed near a large tree and reverted back to his human form. Leaning against the thick tree trunk, he looked up to the sky. The sun would be setting soon, he should probably head back to the tower before nightfall.

He had only been there for a few minutes when he heard a familiar monotone voice.

"That was pretty reckless." Raven stated simply, standing next to him with her hood down. Beast Boy grinned.

"It was just a couple of bank robbers, figured I would let you guys have some peace and quiet while I handled it." The changeling said. Raven fixed him with a mild glare.

"You should have waited for at least one of us to back you up." She scolded. Beast Boy's eyes widened in mock surprise.

"Aww, were you worried about me? You're such a big softie Raven!" He told her, she rolled her eyes.

"Of course, who else am I going to practice my 'annoyed' look with?" She asked him, Beast Boy rubbed his chin in thought.

"Well you could always see Adonis in jail-ow!" The green Titan yelped as Raven elbowed him in the ribs.

"Very funny." She said sarcastically, Beast Boy just chuckled and put his hands behind his head. Once more he leaned against the tree.

"You know me, always got a joke." He proclaimed proudly.

"Yes, it's a shame that ninety percent of them are bad." she replied.

"True, but that makes the ones that are good all the better!" He countered, beaming. The dark girl shook her head, but the changeling noticed the small smile on her face. They lapsed into comfortable silence for awhile after that before Raven finally broke it.

"So have you come to terms with everything?" She asked tentatively. Back when they were in his mind, Beast Boy was angry and confused, but now he seemed at ease, at peace. The changeling smiled gently.

"Yeah I think I'm ready to move on from this. Rita wouldn't want me to dwell on it." He said softly. "I'm really lucky to have friends like you Raven, thank you, for everything." Raven's response was to wrap her arms around his neck.

"We are always here for you Gar, remember that." She whispered in his ear before pecking him on the cheek. She swiftly released him, turned on her heel and started to walk away, trying to avoid looking at Beast Boy's face which was shocked. "We should head home, it's getting dark." She stated, her voice back to it's normal monotone. The green Titan let out a short chuckle and smiled.

"Yeah I guess you're right." He said in agreement, following her. The dark Titan threw her hood back up over her face.

"By the way, not a word of that to anyone." She said, Beast Boy threw her a mock confused look.

"Of what?" he asked teasingly. Raven smirked.

"Exactly." she stated and took to the sky. Beast Boy chuckled to himself at his dark friend's behavior then morphed into a bird and joined her in the sky. Feeling a lot lighter than he had just a few days ago.