Title: To The Bone
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: Overall: M+, this chapter: K
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Darren
Word count: 5,250
Summary: It's been a very long day and Chris just wants to relax, but then Darren invites himself over and things get a little...out of hand. RPF.
Warnings/Spoilers: ANGST followed by fluff. You were warned.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the Glee universe. Nor do I know Chris or Darren and so I hope to God they never see this...

If Chris thought he hurt the day before, he was sorely mistaken.

Oh ha ha, that was a good one Colfer, his mind throws at him and he muffles a groan as Darren reaches blindly for his phone to shut off the alarm. And then last night comes flooding back to him and he's shoving himself away, pulling a sheet with him because he's aware that he slept very much naked last night pressed against his fucking co-star and his muscles scream in protest and Darren blinks blearily at him.

"Uh, good morning?" he says, scrubbing a hand across his eyes, and Chris remembers that scene of Blaine being walked in on by Burt after Rachel's party. The similarity is uncanny. He starts to wonder if Darren actually fell asleep on-set briefly. Darren tugs the edge of the blanket over to cover his exposed self. "So are you as awkward as I am now or?"

"Very much so," Chris replies, tucking the sheet around him tightly.

"Oh good," Darren nods, his fingers running through his hair. "So…what do we do now?"

"I'm going to shower," Chris announces, inching towards the closet to grab some clothes. "And you're…I don't even know. You're going to do something while I'm in there."

"Something?" Darren raises an eyebrow.

"Not that," Chris mutters, pulling out some comfortable clothes. He'll have to change when he gets on-set anyway.

"I could shower with you," Darren suggests cheekily.

Chris drops his clothes.

"I…uh…you…" he swallows. His mouth is very, very dry. "No," he hisses.

"Kidding!" Darren grins. "Now shoo, go and shower and clean yourself up and all that exciting shower-related shenanigans."

Chris bends to pick up his clothes, back aching in protest, and Darren whistles.

"Oh would you just stop," he growls, stalking into the bathroom and slamming the door on Darren's laughter. Prick.

He lets the sheet drop and folds it up automatically. He's completely aware it will need washing but he can't just let it float around the bathroom. He notices a few marks across his chest and on his hip and he wonders when the hell that happened. Note to self: Change alone today, Colfer.

When the shower is sufficiently steaming, he steps inside and moans. This is what he wanted yesterday. Although how it went wasn't so bad either. But the heat…whatever Darren did helped, sure, but he still aches this morning. But is that from Zach working you so hard or..? He silences his mind and scowls. Stupid fucking thoughts about stupid fucking Darren fucking Chris. Wait. CRISS. Yes. That's what he meant. He groans, and slams his head gently into the wall of the shower. He's so screwed. And not in the good way either.

He's not sure how long he spends in the shower but when the water starts to chill and his skin is a bit wrinkly, he thinks it's probably time to step out. The damned marks have darkened so he makes sure they're thoroughly covered with clothing before leaving the bathroom. In his absence, Darren has left Chris' bed and gathered up his clothes from the floor. But the bed is unmade. Chris scowls and neatens it, even though he knows he'll be washing them later. Because otherwise the smell of Darren on his sheets…he'll never sleep.

He shuffles down the stairs and into the kitchen and…

"So, you're still here?" he asks, seeing Darren apparently quite at home as he eats a bowl of Trix.

"Needed to eat," Darren mumbles around his spoon.

"You could've gotten something after leaving," Chris mutters, sticking some bread in the toaster and heating the water for some blessed coffee.

"That means spending money."

"You do have a full-time job on one of the most popular shows in the country right now, don't you?" Chris looks over his shoulder.

Darren shrugs. "But I can't get Trix from Starbucks."

Chris snorts and shakes his head. "You're ridiculous."

"I know," Darren smiles widely.

When the toast pops, Chris spreads on peanut butter and holds out a coffee mug for Darren.

"You even need to ask?"

Chris shrugs and places the second mug beside his own. "It's polite."

Darren makes a noise around the food in his mouth and Chris looks at him as if to say, Which is precisely what you aren't doing right now.

As he waits for the coffee to steep, he pulls out a bar stool and sits on it, wincing slightly and adjusting himself. He sees Darren's smirk behind his hand and fights very hard not to smack him. Prick. So Chris decides he's going to ignore him from then on, and Darren eventually accepts the silence and averted gazes and stops asking questions and trying to make awkward small talk. When Chris is done with his dishes and sees Darren is too, he picks them up and dumps them in the sink. He'll care about it later but right now he just wants to get in his car and drive to the studio and get out of Darren's presence and shoot a scene. With Darren. Well fuck.

He gathers up his Chewbacca backpack from the door and makes sure he has the script for today's scenes and picks up his keys from the table.

"Well I'm going and I'm not leaving you in my house alone, so you're going to have to go too," he says, slipping on his shoes and looking everywhere but at Darren, who is honestly confused and feeling a bit wounded and wondering what the hell happened to cause this complete change in demeanour.

"Can't we just talk about this?" he begs as he scrabbles for his own shoes and keys.

"Not until I've got everything in my head to stop buzzing angrily at me," Chris mutters, opening the door to the garage and unlocking his car. He just needs some space. Some distance. He needs to talk to someone. And he can't. Because he knows that there are no secrets on the Glee set and it will get around so fast.

"Chris, please," Darren pleads, grabbing his wrist and spinning him around so his back is against the car. He can see the desperation and fear in Darren's eyes and his heart aches a little. "Don't shut me out. Don't do this."

"I just need some space, Darren," Chris whispers and Darren steps back, indicating he'll put distance between them. But not much. "That's not what I meant and you know it."

"Chris," Darren says again as Chris opens the door to his car and he very nearly loses his fingers as he fights to keep the door open. "Fuck this. I know what you're doing. You think I haven't seen this before? You think I'm not as scared about this as you are? I'm fucking terrified because I don't know what this means but I can't have you drive off and not talk to me on the set today and avoid me because this pain in my chest," he pauses and clenches his eyes shut, voice breaking, "it'll eat me alive and consume me whole and I can't breathe right now because I'm so scared."

Chris' fingers are on the steering wheel and he's squeezing so tightly he'll either break his fingers or the wheel. Probably his fingers. Steering wheels are meant to be pretty strong. He's not sure he can respond without crying so he stays quiet. Which only breaks Darren's heart more.

"Please," Darren whimpers.

"Not right now, Dare," Chris says quietly. "We have scenes together today. We'll talk an-"

"Kurt and Blaine will talk," Darren interrupts. "We won't. This will fester unless we talk about it."

Chris puts his key in the ignition, opens the garage door behind him. Waits. Pauses. Breathes. Aches.

"Get off my car Darren and let me get to work," he says, grateful he's an actor because he can keep his voice steady even though his heart is tearing itself into ribbons and he thinks he might be sick.

"No," Darren is so close to tears and why won't Chris just fucking look at him.

Chris sighs deeply, bites the inside of his cheek, feels his heart pounding and wonders why it feels like it's in his belly. "We'll talk about it," he says finally. "Just not now."

"Do you promise?" Darren asks.

Chris puts the car in reverse. "Promise. Now close the door."

Heartbroken, Darren lets his fingers slide down the door of the car. Chris pulls it shut and backs out and Darren walks out after him, the garage door closing behind him and then Chris is gone, driving away, to work, the same place Darren needs to be but he thinks he might be sick as he falls to his knees and lets the tears slide down his face. He's not sure how long he kneels there as the sobs rack his body and he holds his arms over his chest to try and keep himself together because he's sure that otherwise he's going to just break into little shards all over Chris' driveway. And then he hears his cell go off and he's reaching into his pocket for it.

"Hey dude, you coming in today? I thought you had scenes," Mark says and Darren exhales shakily, trying to collect himself. "Dude? You okay?"

His automatic response is yes. His honest answer is fuck no. "I'll be in," he says, and he knows Mark hears the dry, catchy sound in his throat that everyone gets when they cry.

"You find me as soon as you get here, you got that?" Mark says firmly.

"Sure man," he assures, mostly just to appease Mark and get him off the cell.

"I'm serious, Criss," Mark mutters, disconnecting the call.

Darren wipes his eyes, clambers to his feet and slips into his car as a fresh wave of hurt takes over. What did he do?

The drive to the Paramount lot is mostly a blur, broken by traffic and spells of crying and turning on the radio as a distraction and then turning it off because he can't stand to hear music right now and then turning it back on because he seriously needs the distraction. He pulls in, parks, practically runs to his trailer and locks the door behind him as he throws himself into a chair and breathes as well as he can.

"I thought I said to find me as soon as you got here," he hears from the trailer door and he chokes back a laugh at Mark's impatience. He unlatches the door and then sinks back into the chair. "Wow man. What happened to you?"

He shakes his head, knows he looks like a mess, knows everyone looks like a mess after crying. Mark slides a hand across his back as he slips into Darren's other chair, the chair Chris sits in when they're in his trailer rehearsing lines and a sob bubbles out of his throat before he can stop it. Mark's eyes widen and he's gaping and then has his strong arms around Darren and his smell is so not Chris that it helps a little to stop thinking about him and just have a hug that he so desperately needed. Mark doesn't say anything, doesn't really know what to say, but he's there and real and present in a way that Darren wants Chris to be but the younger boy is the one causing all the tears. When he's sufficiently calmed, he pulls back and hunts around for the tissues he knows he keeps in his trailer somewhere but Chris is always using them and they never go back in the same place twice.

"Dude," Mark says gently and Darren turns, wiping his cheeks, "did someone like, die or something?"

Darren almost smiles, wondering if it would hurt him less if someone had died. And then shakes himself because really, the situations are not comparable and he doesn't want to think about who would have to die to make him feel like this. "Just a crappy morning."

"Crappy morning?" Mark snorts. "Crappy mornings don't look like you, man. They look a bit frazzled and a coffee in hand, not bordering on hysterical."

Darren finds the tissues, next to the tea bags in his cupboard of all places, and uses them to clean off his face and blow his nose.

"Is this about Chris?" Mark says suddenly, and it catches Darren off-guard just long enough that his face betrays him before he tries to pretend like it's not. "Okay, so it is. I saw him arrive this morning looking pale and he basically dragged Ashley and Lea away even though Lea was screeching about Amber being free but Chris clearly didn't care."

Darren's glad Chris has someone to talk to. At least, he hopes Chris is talking to them. He guesses it's easier for Chris, because he's been very acknowledging of his sexuality and Darren came out as straight and then he slept with Chris. What a fucking mess.

"Dude?" Mark smacks him with his hand and Darren rubs his arm, scowling.

"It's not for me to discuss," he mumbles, gathering up the things he's going to need for the scenes today.

"Don't feed me that bullshit," Mark snaps at him and Darren pauses, his back to Mark. "It's as much for you to discuss as anyone else who might be involved in upsetting you."

"Fine then," Darren replies, looking over his shoulder as he shoves everything into the backpack he carries with him around the studio lot. "I currently don't want to talk about it because I'm so fucking confused and hurt."

"Ahh," Mark nods, his frustration gone. "In that case, I'll let it go until you want to talk about it."

And Darren's glad that Mark is so willing to just let it drop because he knows Lea and Amber would drive Chris absolutely mental with wanting to know if he started to clam up.

He steps out of his trailer as Mark trails behind him, chattering lightly about the scenes he's filming today and Darren half-listens and nods absently, hoping Mark doesn't notice he's not really caring.

An hour or so earlier

"Chris, what are you doing?" Lea shrieks as he pulls her backwards by her sleeve, making her stumble in her Rachel Berry shoes. "Can't you just let me go and walk forwards like a normal person?"

"Since where were you normal?" he quips, finding Ashley talking with Mark and grabbing her hand, hauling the pair into his trailer while Lea gabbles something about getting Amber instead.

"What's wrong Colfer?" Ashley says as she sits on one of his chairs and Chris paces. She dips her head at the other chair and Lea sits as well.

"Fucking…" Chris pulls on his hair, frustrated. He needs to talk to them and yet he's utterly terrified and he doesn't want to expose Darren like this.

"Chris, sit," Lea demands, pointing at the bench chair in his trailer and he sighs, sitting and biting his lip to cover the wince.

"Oh ho!" Fuck. Ashley saw it. "What did you get up to last night?"

Lea's a little confused until she sees the flush that mars his cheeks. "Oh!" she claps her hands excitedly. "Did our baby get laid?"

Chris shoots her a withering glare but it's enough, she knows she's right and she and Ashley high-five, making Chris slump his head onto the table with a loud thump.

Ashley pets his hair gently. "What happened, boo? We should be out celebrating or something!"

"Celebrating," he snorts against the table. Ashley and Lea exchange glances.


"Boo who?" he mumbles.

"Boo who you," Ashley prods his head with her finger and he looks up at it, eyes crossed because it's so close and then follows it up to her face.

He rolls his eyes and looks to Lea. "Ever slept with a co-star?"

Her mouth forms a little 'o' and she pauses. "Uh, yes. I suppose. Maybe. Why?"

"How awkward does it get afterwards?" he continues, trying to act nonchalant.

Her eyes widen. "Who was it?" she says, and he can see her turning over the cast in her mind, her brow furrowed.

"It was Darren, of course," Ashley says, her eyes not leaving Chris' face, and when his cheeks turn red and his head disappears back into his crossed arms, it's all the confirmation she needs. Lea's mouth is now a much larger 'O'.

"Fucking hate myself," Chris' words are muffled by his arms and Ashley slides onto the bench beside him, tucking her hand across his chest and cuddling him gently.

"It's nothing to hate yourself for, boo," she says. "He didn't…you know, force you, did he?"

Chris' head snaps up so fast you can hear the crack. Lea winces a little. "Fuck no," he says and Ashley holds up her hand apologetically.

"When someone is this freaked out by it and then says they hate themselves, I do worry," she shrugs. "I couldn't see our favourite hobbit doing that but I had to just…check, you know?"

Chris sighs and kneads his temples. "I suppose."

"So um, excuse me, but like, what happened?" Lea cuts in.

So Chris explains, kind of, sort of, in not so many details, that Darren came over because he thought Chris needed looking after and then Chris finally, kind of, sort of admitted that he thought about Darren in a way that wasn't entirely friendship-py, and then Darren kind of, sort of, cut him off by kissing him and then Chris kind of, sort of, realised that he really wanted Darren and apparently Darren wanted him too and so it kind of, sort of, happened.

He's horribly humiliated as Lea and Ashley grin at him and high-five again.

"How good was it?" Lea asks and Chris' mouth falls open and she laughs. "Okay, so you have nothing to compare it to and maybe that's a bit too far but did you enjoy it at least?"

He groans, hiding his face in his hands. "Fuck you, Lea."

She giggles. "Look," she says, flicking a piece of hair to the side with her finger. "I remember when Jon came out to me and when he told me about him and Gavin and how terrified he was at first too. What you did…it doesn't have to mean anything, but you can't avoid each other."

"Can't I?" he mumbles desperately.

"You have scenes together, sunshine," Ashley reminds him and he groans again.

"You have to talk about it," Lea says honestly. "You have to figure out if it's a one-time thing and now you've got it out of your system, or if it means more. And if it means more, then…you know we'll support you. So will Amber and Dianna. They're going to be crowing. It doesn't change our opinion of you in the slightest," she lays a hand on Chris' shoulder and he peers up at her from his arms. "We'll love you no matter what, Chris. Same for Darren. But you can't avoid each other because your scenes will become awkward and fucked up and everyone will start to notice you aren't the easy-going friends anymore and figure things out."

He sighs. He knows she's right.

"Listen to the girl with experience screwing co-workers," Ashley chuckles and Lea gives her the finger. "In the meantime, I think we need to get you into Kurt clothes and make-up."

"And I need to go apologise for not being on set the last half hour," Lea mutters.

"Thanks," he says quietly and they each hug him.

"Unconditional love and support, right?" Ashley smiles and he smiles back.

Lea's right. The scenes are awkward and fucked up. He can't even look at Darren properly and he's glad it's just a group scene in the choir room for now because he can pretend he's thoroughly enraptured in Schue's latest lesson debacle and Rachel's shrill discussion on what she would prefer to do.

"Chris, can you try to just be…" Ryan pauses when the scene cuts again, searching for the word. "I don't know, just less stilted looking?"

He blinks, nods. Sees Lea look at him pointedly. He returns the look with an eyebrow raised and she turns back to saying to Cory that he needs to move here not there because it would look more like Finn was supporting her and less like he was terrified of Rachel's insanity.

"Chris," Darren whispers under his breath.

"Not now," he grits back, turning his attention back as Ryan calls for the scene to be reset and then it's action and he tries to slip back into Kurt, rolling his eyes and nodding and participating as Kurt would in this scene.

"And CUT, much better Chris, thank you," Ryan says, and Chris squashes down a smile because he fucked up before so he's not really deserving of the praise.

They shoot a few more takes from different angles, mostly focusing on Lea, Matt and Cory so Chris sort of zones out as he feels Darren fidget next to him.

"Alright, wrap that up!" Ryan says and Heather and Naya cheer. "We'll do the hallway scene with Kurt, Blaine, Rachel and Dave next. You have an hour off and we'll meet up again in an hour and a half. Chris, Darren, Lea, you'll have costume and hair changes so factor that into your time."

The three nod automatically and the set clears of actors. Chris is almost at his trailer when he feels the calloused hand slide around his wrist and anchor him to his place.

"You promised we'd talk," Darren whispers.

"I never said when," he replies, his eyes falling to the ground and refusing to turn.

"We can't do a scene where we have to interact if you won't even look at me Chris."

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do. I can be professional," Chris snipes.

"Because you're being so professional now," Darren responds.

The pressure on his wrist is getting kind of painful and out of the corner of his eye he sees Ashley and Lea paused outside Mark's trailer. The three are all staring at him and Darren.

"Fine," he hisses. "Just let my fucking arm go."

Darren drops it like he's been burned and Chris stalks the distance and is into his trailer as Darren follows him silently, shutting the door and turning the lock so they aren't interrupted.

"So talk," Chris says, slipping out of his uncomfortable Kurt shoes, jacket and bow tie.

"I was really rather hoping you would," Darren says, rubbing the back of his neck and sitting in the same chair Lea occupied this morning. Her words swirl around him and he leans his hands against the cold metal of the sink. "What did I do wrong this morning?" Darren asks.

"You just…" Chris stops. Darren didn't really do anything. Chris just got scared. The self-hatred and confusion he had bottled up since high school had started to unstopper and he knew he'd say horrible words so he shut down and said nothing instead. "It was me."

"This sounds like that dorky 'it's not you, it's me' break-up line," Darren says.

Chris rolls his eyes and stares down at his hands. "I got scared," he admits. "I don't know. It just overwhelmed me. I needed to get away before I said something I'd really regret and I'm sorry that you had to get hurt in the process."

Darren nods even though Chris can't see it. He'd guessed that much. "I'm not sure if I'd preferred you raging and hurting me, or silent and tearing me apart," he acknowledges.

Chris' heart clenches and he feels like someone just tipped a bucket of guilt over his head. "I'm sorry," he says again.

"It's okay," Darren says softly. "I'm scared too."

"Of?" Chris' back stiffens.

"Of losing our friendship," he says. "Of losing you."

"We work together."

"You know what I mean. You were in that scene this morning and completely disconnected that Blaine was next to you. Ryan told you to be less stilted. I kept having to move my eyes around so the redness wouldn't show up on camera," Darren says.

"You cried?" Chris questions, turning at last, his face filled with pain.

"I told you this morning, I couldn't breathe because it hurt so much," Darren says, and then Chris is wrapping his arms around him and his smell washes over Darren and even though his heart had been beating before, it's like it just kick-started back to life for real now.

"I'm so sorry," Chris mumbles against his neck repeatedly, and Darren's arms slide around Chris' waist to his back. It's not until he feels the shaking and the dampness on his neck he realises Chris is crying now too.

"Hey," he breathes, one hand going to the back of Chris' neck. "Don't cry. It's okay. I got emotional."

"It's not okay," Chris whimpers. "I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt anyone."

"But it happens," Darren says, stroking the back of Chris' neck gently. "It's part of human nature. That we can apologise and accept our faults and move on stronger, that's where we should be going. Not you spilling tears over my emotions hours ago."

Chris sniffles, wrestles free from Darren's grip and wipes his eyes on the back of his sleeve, returning to his place of the sink with his back turned to Darren as he composes himself. Darren bites his lip and makes a decision, standing and wrapping his arms around Chris from behind, his chin resting on Chris' shoulder. Chris would almost go as far to say the touch is intimate, but he doesn't want to get ahead of himself.

They stand there for a few minutes, Darren's hands across his stomach, breathing in sync. Darren can feel the faint flutter of Chris' heart against his palm and he nuzzles his nose against Chris' shirt, even though it's Kurt's, but he can smell Chris beneath the fabric and he inhales.

"What are you doing?" Chris finally says, voice light with amusement.

"Smelling you," Darren answers honestly, taking in another breath.

"What on earth for?"

"You smell good," Darren says, shrugging. Chris laughs and the hurt in his heart starts to fade.

"I smell like new clothes and the musky smell of the clothing trailer," Chris says.

"But just," Darren noses along to the back of Chris' neck and above the collar of the shirt he's wearing, "here, you smell the most like you." He smells again and Chris shivers at the sensation.

"So what now?" Chris says as Darren snuffles his neck. "Are we friends or…?"

"Co-stars with benefits?" Darren offers and Chris snorts. "We couldn't decide last night. Let's just be friends for now. That may or may not feel more and want more from each other."

"You feel and want more from me?" Chris says and Darren freezes. Whoops.

"Er, well…" he untangles himself from Chris, steps away nervously. "I don't know what I want. I was just giving you that option."

"You need to be in this too," Chris reminds him and it sort of sounds like what Mark said to him this morning about him having the right to talk as well. He glances away and Chris steps towards him tentatively, before he's against the small table in the trailer and Chris is directly in front of him. His eyes dart from Chris' eyes to his lips which are slightly parted and as he watches Chris' pink tongue darts out to wet them and he drops his gaze, trying to derail the train of want and need and desire that is chugging along quite merrily, thank you very much.

He sees Chris raise a delicate hand, his long fingers sliding along his face and brush over his ears. He can feel the shaking and places his own rough hand over it to hold it in place, his eyes returning to Chris'. Chris is just gazing at where his hand is, not moving, barely breathing until his thumb twitches near Darren's eye and he closes them, letting the peace course through his veins. Whatever happens, he'll know it'll be okay. Chris came to him, touched him, held his cheek.

Neither moves for the longest time, Chris' eyes wandering from where his hand is pressed to Darren's closed eyes and he marvels at how long and beautiful his eyelashes are, and how utterly ridiculous and yet perfectly adorable Darren his triangular eyebrows are and the slight crease at the tip of his nose and the way his lips are closed and his face is slack and he's just so calm now after all the hurt on his face this morning. Chris can faintly see that his eyes are still a bit swollen from the crying of earlier and his heart twinges again. He moves the pad of his thumb lightly over Darren's eye and his lips part just the faintest bit, and then Chris decides he just doesn't care anymore and bends closer, covering Darren's lips with his own.

There's a moment of brief silence, of nothing, and then Darren's free hand is on Chris' hip, tugging him gently closer as Chris kisses him sweetly, brushing his tongue into Darren's mouth and feeling Darren's mouth open wider automatically to accommodate it. And he tangles his other hand at the back of Darren's neck which isn't as gelled down and plays softly with the curls there and Darren's whimper is swallowed by Chris' mouth as Darren sits back on the table that's digging uncomfortably into his lap and pulls Chris to stand between his legs with the hand on his hip.

When they break away, Chris' face is flushed and his eyes are shiny and his lips are dark red and Darren's heart thuds. He leans his forehead against Chris', keeping him close, sharing their breaths and rubbing circles into Chris' hip with his thumb.

"So we'll be okay then?" he says.

Chris presses his lips to Darren's forehead. "I don't know what any of this means, but we'll be fine."

Darren's smile is shy, honest, breath-taking and Chris feels his heart flutter as he pulls the older but shorter boy into a hug.

He's not aware of it, but outside his trailer door, Ashley and Lea share their third high-five of the day before rushing away…

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