This contains Yuri (Girl on girl love), don't read if you don't like it!

Chapter 1: Moving Day!

The sky overhead is clear and beautiful; the scent of flowers hangs on the air around me. Happiness and tranquility wash over me. Suddenly something blocks my view of the sky, and as my eyes focus I make out a familiar and beloved face. Her short pink hair lightly flutters in the gentle breeze while I stare into her lovely turquoise eyes.

My hand reaches up and brushes her cheek gently. "Estelle..." I mutter as I sit up slowly and find myself in a field of flowers.

She pulls me in to a hug, "Rita, it has been too long..." she whispers into my ear.

My heart flutters as our eyes meet as she releases me, and we just gaze longingly into each others eyes. She leans forward, closing her eyes. My whole body can feel the joy and warmth from her gentle kiss. As she pulls away, our eyes yet meet again. "Rita, I ..." she begins to say, but her voice fades out; her mouth moves but nothing comes out.

"Estelle whats wrong?" I question as my memory and consciousness starts to flow back into me. She just stares at me, with her kind and gentle smile. My hand reaches out, but we begin to drift apart.

The sky darkens as I find myself trying to call out for her, but now my voice won't come. Everything fades out.

The dark rafters above me are an unwelcome sight and despair washes over me. 'That dream, tonight of all nights,' I think to myself rolling onto my side. The blossoms are falling past the window. The room is bare, empty aside from the bed and luggage in the corner.

There is gentle breathing behind me, and I turn to find naked stranger in my bed. She is sleeping deeply, worn out from our earlier activities. I wrack my brain trying to recall anything from the farewell party that was thrown for me.

Most of the mages and researchers had stayed in Halure after Tarqaron rose 6 years ago. It has become like a second home to us, we need a place to stay, and Halure needs protection since all the blastia had been lost. I have been trying my hand at all sorts of new research to occupy my mind after losing my life's passion and work. I was depressed at first, but since then I have gotten back on my feet, and now my research has been noticed.

Tomorrow, I will be moving to Zaphias to be the head of the new Imperial Engineering Lab.

Tomorrow, I will be seeing the woman I've tried to distance myself from.

As I sit in the dark, I begin to feel the pounding in my head. 'To much alcohol,' I contemplated to myself. As I checked the face of the lady next to me, memories of the night began to rush back to me. This pretty lady was a traveler who just happened to be at the tavern.

Although tonight was a special occasion, this situation was not an uncommon one. My social skills have gotten way better than when I was young.

It's so pointless though; watching the sleeping women, I know it won't matter who I'm with, I can't get over Estelle. I shut my eyes. 'I have to make sure to get out of here before she wakes up tomorrow' is the last thought in my head before drifting to sleep.

Rita managed to wake up early and get her luggage outside without waking up her guest. She decided to wait outside and was sitting on her bags. A moving company had picked up most of her things already.

The leaves continued to flutter down from massive tree, a sight she knew she would miss once she moved to the capital. They still have yet to understand how this organic blastia maintained its form and life, but it was widely accepted that the blastia became a spirit and just kept the tree alive.

As the carriage pulled up, Rita's brows furled angrily at the sight of the knights who were chosen to escort her.

"What are you doing here!" she shouted angrily at the twins who had once tried to kill her.

"Obviously we're your escort to the capital," responded the green-haired twin, annoyed.

"That's not what I meant," she retorted, "how are you knights?"

"A certain air-headed princess put in a good word."

"Ugh– of course. Whatever, let's just get moving."

Without a pause the researcher began to toss her bags onto the carriage and hopped in without saying another word.

Rita's company from the previous night, awoken by the shout outside, came out the door as the carriage pulled away. Keeping one hand on the sheet she was wrapped in, she waved goodbye to the carriage.

"Friend of yours?" questioned Gauche with a mischievous smirk. The embarrassed researcher turned to stare out the window without saying a word, her cheeks slightly flushed. Had she not, she may have caught Droite staring at her for a moment, before staring out the window herself.

Opening the gate at Deidon Hold was one of first major problems in the new blastia-free world. The gate was, unfortunately, closed when all the blastia in the world were lost. Without the blastia that operated the mechanism, the quick path between Zaphias and Halure was closed for two years. A whole company of knights had to be assigned to allow passage through the Quoi woods, but even so caravans were constantly disrupted by monsters. The massive gate couldn't be raised by human hands, and it remained closed until a brilliant researcher arrived with a brilliant invention. That very inventor found herself inspecting the motor she had installed four years ago.

"What have you been doing to my tech!" Rita shouted the moment the rusty and loud motor came into sight. The captain that was responsible for the hold stood dumbfounded by the outburst from the enraged mage.

"This is exactly what I expect when I leave Knights in charge of anything!" She continued angrily as she charged up to the engine and immediately began her inspection.

"Well we–," The captain stammered, meekly.

"Ugh! I left a manual for the care here too. The maintenance was so simple anyone could have done it!" she interrupted quickly, further surprising the embarrassed and timid young Knight captain. Her rage subsided for a moment when she remembered Repede was probably smarter than this fool.

"But the–,"

"UGH! This gasket needs to be replaced!" she once again shouted, continuing to dig into the engine. The captain decided to just stay quiet while the young lady was still fuming.

An hour later, Rita emerged from the Knight Headquarters, with the flustered captain following behind, taking precaution to stay out of arms reach from the angry engineer. Finished shouting insults, she quickly reeled around to face the captain who suddenly stopped short in shock and fear.

"The motor should hold out for awhile longer, but I'll to send someone out to install the new one soon. This time I expect you to read the damn manual!" she snapped, jabbing her finger into the man's chest with each word to emphasize her point. He was clearly frightened by the brunette firecracker. She had grown since their grand adventure, and while not particularly tall, it was enough to intimidate the shorter captain.

She began to turn, but then suddenly reeled again. "If I have to send a third engine, I'm going to replace you with a dog," she threatened, then marched away. This venting made her feel better, as did the thought that she now had the authority to shout at a captain.

"Always so angry?" questioned a high pitch voice from the roof of Rita's carriage.

"He deserved it," she said bitterly without glancing up at the twins who sat on the roof.

Gauche and Droite quickly jumped down and opened the door for the young mage. They all settled into their seats, with the twins sitting opposite of her. She began to drift into thought as the carriage began the final leg of the trip. Loud rustling distracted her; she noticed Droite tugging at the collar of her uniform.

"First day on the job?" she asked, glaring at the green haired twin.

"None of your busin..." the twin attempted to retort, only to be interrupted by a strike from Gauche.

"Try to take the new job seriously; we need this."

Rita sighed, "just try to stay quiet you idiots" she barked, looking out the window and drifting into thought. Gauche glared at Droite, who was now ignoring her collar to nurse the new bump on the back of her head.

'A knight escort wasn't necessary, Estelle,' she thought to herself, 'but you could have at least sent someone less annoying.' She let out a sigh, as her thoughts drifted back to the pink-haired princess. It had been an entire year since Rita had seen her, but in contemplation, this was still sooner than she wanted. She absolutely needed the space: to get over her unrequited love.

Rita had forgotten how busy the streets of Zaphias really were. At least Halure had the same quiet and peacefulness of the old caves of Aspio; she really doubted that she would get used to living in the city.

The young mage and her knight escorts left the carriage at her mansion in the noble quarter. Making her way to the castle, she paused and let out a sigh before passing through the threshold of the gate.

The sight that awaited her upon entering the castle's foyer was both fantastic and terrifying to the researcher. 'I can't even believe this–,' she gasped to herself, not blinking as she took in the breathtaking view. First, the now long, silky smooth hair, with its beautiful pink color. It framed a face that had achieved a new pinnacle of beauty and grace in its maturity, and on it a smile. The princess had that bright expression that she loved so much.

Rita's thoughts burst forth unhindered, 'Oh her smile! Her unbelievably gorgeous smile! I feel such unbridled, contagious joy whenever I see it!' She couldn't contain her explosive feelings, a huge grin came across her face.

Estelle rushed up to the now distracted researcher, leaping into a massive hug. Rita's initial joy suddenly turned to embarrassment midway though the massive embrace as her reason suddenly returned. 'That was way to much,' she thought to herself.

Recomposing herself, the embarrassed mage quickly pulled away from the hug.

"Rita! It is so good to see you again," Estelle exclaimed with such enthusiasm that it almost sent Rita reeling again.

"Yeah Estelle, it's been too long," she stammered, trying to stay calm.

"Oh, I can't believe it has been a whole year."

"Well, yeah, I've been too busy with my research."

'Crap, that'll ruin the mood real quick'

"It's okay Rita, I know how important your research is," Estelle commented, her mood having calmed like Rita thought. "Which reminds me, I have not yet congratulated you about the new promotion. Oh, I am so happy that you will be living here and working in the castle!" she continued, her mood perking back up.

The conversation continued happily, almost as though there was never the time apart between the two friends. Estelle's cheery smile never left her face. Rita finally left as it got late, the two saying goodbye happily knowing they would see each other again soon.

Rita sighed as she entered her mansion. 'Ugh, that was so hard,' she thought as she began to work on unpacking her luggage. She recalled the pink princess's cheery smile, 'even if I had gotten over her, I think I would have just fallen for her again.'

The cheer quickly dropped off. "It is so hard" she said to herself, clenching at her now aching chest with her sudden realization. Her feelings hadn't diminished at all.

'Well that was a wasted year; I could have just been with her the whole time, so stupid,' she thought, disappointed in herself. Glancing over all her boxes, she resolved herself and got to work.

The mage managed to work for an hour before being interrupted by a knock at the door. She was once again blinded by the beaming smile of a cheery pink princess.

"I thought you might have trouble cooking, so I brought you some dinner."

"Thanks, come on in!"

The princess was followed by the twin knights, apparently on escort duty.

'Okay, this is going to be difficult. Very difficult. Why does she have to be so nice, so sickly sweet. It's cute though– wait a minute– this means that she was thinking about me!'

'Wait, don't get over excited. Her friend is back after a year, of course it's nothing special.'

The girls went to sit about the table in the dining room, and Estelle set the food down and sat. Rita paused for a second in thought.

'Wait, should I sit diagonally or across from her? Where would a friend sit? If I sit close, will she may take it wrong– wait, if I sit across from her what if it makes me seem distant? She may realize I'm trying to make space from her and suspicious. Crap, I avoided coming to Zaphias for an entire year, she would have noticed already, obviously this isn't a big deal if i just sit across from her. Wait! If she is already suspicious, and I make more space, it could make it more obvious!'

Rita blanked for a second while her brain was whirling, unsure of what to do.

"Sit down, Rita," Estelle said, patting the table next to her.

Snapping out of her internal argument, Rita quickly took a seat at the table. Estelle was already setting out the food.

"I made this myself, I remembered how much you liked it while we were traveling," Estelle said with her cheery smile. "Karol was the one who would always cook it– I hope mine is okay."

'Oh, so thoughtful! Remembering my favorite food. So cute,' Rita thought to herself, taking a bite. She closed her eyes as she chewed and enjoyed the taste of the food made by the girl she loved. When Rita finally opened her eyes, she was shocked to find a the princess leaning toward her with an expectant look on her face.

"Well, how is it?" Estelle said with a expression of genuine worry.

'Nothing has ever tasted so good!'

"I-It's Okay, you did a good job," Rita said; her cheeks flushed as she looked away from the very close face of the princess.

"Thank Goodness!" Estelle beamed.

'Good thing I'm looking away, only bad things could happen if I looked straight into that!'

Estelle leaned back, breathing a sight of relief. Everyone else started to eat as well. Estelle began to chat with the twins about their first day as knights. Apparently the forces were spread so thin that the knights were even willing to accept former guild members, with a little nudging from a certain kindhearted princess.

After dinner, Gauche and Droite stayed downstairs to clean up the dishes while Rita and Estelle went upstairs to continue unpacking.

"Thanks for your help, Estelle."

"I am glad to be of assistance," Estelle said with a cute polite bow that sent Rita's heart racing.

The two continued to unpack for a few minutes in silence. Estelle's face became serious for a minute, with an expression like she was trying her hardest from letting her words leave her mouth.

"Rita, why did you stay away from Zaphias for so long?"

Rita was startled into a pause, before blurting "I got caught up in research!"

'Calm Down, Calm Down.'

"I-I've been trying to make a more efficient fuel."

" I see; you always do get so focused when your working."

"Y-yeah, I guess–"

"I really like the look in your eyes when you get serious and focused on something" Estelle quietly interrupted, with a gentle smile on her face.

Rita's face turned an extreme shade of red. She couldn't get herself calm anymore and her face couldn't turn any more red.

There were only a few boxes left; the mage had to keep from looking at the princess. She tried to focus on unpacking to get her mind off what Estelle just said.

Then; panic.

'Crap. CRAP! Where is it? I can't let her– not again–,'

She realized what she was looking for wasn't on the side of the room she was working on. She slowly glanced over to Estelle, her sense of panic overwhelming her sense of embarrassment.

Upon seeing the box Estelle was about to open, embarrassment began to overtake her again, only to be brutally bashed back in an instant.

"Estelle stop!" she shouted turning, but she was too late; Estelle was already looking at the contents of the forbidden box.

Those few seconds felt like an eternity for Rita.

Estelle froze for a second and then, not just her cheeks, but everything from her neck up flushed into a deep red. She shut the box, faced the door, and promptly left the room. Rita stood frozen for a few seconds, until she heard Gauche downstairs, "Hey Estelle, whats wrong?"

"Even the second time," Estelle mumbled.

Shocked from her stupor, Rita bolted from the room and practically jumped down the stairs to find Estelle leaving.

"Uh– Estelle–," Her face was a bright red.

"R-R-Rita, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow."

With that, Estelle left.

Estelle said farewell to the twins upon entering the castle and promptly rushed to her room and shut the door. She pressed her back to her door and slumped into a seated position.

'The ending was awkward, but tonight went well,' Estelle thought, her eyes drifting as she recalled the day.

'I still cannot believe that she's here, I am so glad. I have missed her so much.'

'Sometimes I wish she wasn't so intense about research, but I guess that intensity is what makes her who she is. She's still working, but now she's in reach. We can spend every day together again. It took so much persistence for us to become friends. And now…'

Estelle's face became focused. She clenched her fist in front of her face with a look of sheer determination.

"…I will make her love me back!"

Author's Note:

So this is my first fan fiction, hope you enjoy it!

And I don't own Tales of Vesperia. Don't know the rules about disclaimers, so I threw it on just in case.