Hi, I'm Rae, and this is my first story, Welcome to Hell. I've always loved the idea of James being the one to break the Potter curse, so... He will. Maybe. You'll have to wait and see!

Disclaimer: I don't own HP (As much as I'd like to)


I don't know why I'm here.

Stuck in the middle of a train station, in the middle of London, for goodness' sake. Mind you, it's not exactly like I can just go up to some random stranger and ask "Hi! Do you happen to know how I can get to a platform that isn't supposed to exist, so I can go to school and live the life of a character that's only real in fairytales? And nightmares." It would break the Statute of Secrecy to pieces. Not to mention I'd look like an idiot. Would it just be so har…? Well. Family of five + trunk (x 3) + owl + owl +… is that… a ferret? Equals positively, probably, maybe, God I hope they are a Wizarding family.

As one of the boys (he looks younger than me) runs through the solid barrier, my fears are assuaged. For now. All that's left is a year, well, 6 months, of Hogwarts life. I'm in deep trouble. It's not every day I get invited to a foreign exchange program in England, of all places. If only Kate could see me now, so far from home, yet so confident (even if I do say so myself). It's a chance that half the students at Rosebank would die for. Or at least kill someone else. God, I'm rambling again. Have I mentioned I really don't want to be here? Cause I really don't. Sort of. Since I've been off in Ramble-Land, most of the rest of the family has left, leaving only the oldest boy. He runs through the barrier into what I hope is Platform 9 and ¾. As he vanishes, I know I'm going to follow.

My name is Issy Anderson. Welcome to the train station, or in my view, the Place for Potential Embarrassing Conversations. (Don't worry, I have a guide to avoid this)


Know where you are going. Otherwise, you will just be standing around doing nothing constructive.

If you forget 1., act like you do. (See part 2 of 1.)

Watch and learn. No comment needed.