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Word Prompt: Labor

"Come on," I say as I pull your hand back to my room. I've already bared my soul by showing you my stockpile room, and I'm tired of waiting. Playing it safe has been exhausting and the image of you in blue and gold is too much to handle. That uniform needs to go...now.

I'm not sure what I expect as my bedroom door shuts, but I whirl around to see confusion on your face. I know you're not used to seeing me in charge or bossy, hell, I'm not used to be in charge of bossy, but I want you...now.
"Bella, we don't..." you try and give me an out, but I go onto my tip-toes to shut you up. Your arms wrap around me after a second, and they help to support me up. I'm short, you're tall, and my toes are starting to hurt. My hands trail from your face to the top of the buttons on your shirt. I want it off, and I want it off now.

You don't complain as I pop each button open and yank it up to un-tuck it. You don't make a move to stop me when I pull on your white shirt either, but when I reach for your pants your hands fly at mine.

"I don't think so, Bella," you say with a teasing tone. "You're sure, though, you want this?"

"I'm more than sure," I answer seriously. I could try and make a joke or be sarcastic, but I want you to know I'm serious. That I'm serious about us.

"Okay," you whisper as you bend your mouth down to mine. This time your hands are pulling on my top, and we only break apart to pull it off over my head. With a flick of your wrist, my bra is falling, and we're both standing in the middle of my room half dressed.

I take a few steps back and sit down on my bed. I try to scoot up, but your hands hit my hips and you don't let me move.

"And, where do you think you're going?" you taunt, and it makes my heart burst. Seeing you shirtless in only half your uniform is enough to drive me wild, but seeing you take control is even sexier than I would have thought. You bend at your knees and begin to unbutton my jeans. "Bella, Bella, Bella..." you tease me as my jeans fall to the floor. I visibly shiver as your hands pull down my thongs. I know I should feel embarrassment, and I sorta do, but then I sorta don't too. "You still want this?"

"Please, I want you," I whisper in a low tone. I watch you nod your head in understanding as your face disappears between my legs.

It's been far too long since I've had anyone down there, and my hands instinctively grab my comforter. Surges of pleasure and newness coarse my veins, and I can feel your five o'clock shadow on my thighs. Your tongue is doing things to me I have only dreamed of, and I'm embarrassed by the noises I'm making.

"Oh, God..." I moan loudly. "Yes...ugh..."

Pressure begins to build, and, for a brief second, I think you realize it too. Your mouth seems to be working faster and faster until intelligible words flow from my mouth and my hips buck once towards your face.

My breathes are labored as your face comes into view with a smirk written all over it. You seem pleased with yourself, and I'm more thank happy, but I'm not done. I want more...I want you, inside of me.

I slowly sit up, ignoring how wet I am and pull at the buttons of your pants. Each one pops up letting them fall off your hips a little more each time until they hit the floor. You step out and push your boxes down, while I stand up in front of you.

There is something different about kissing you while we're both completely naked. It may be that it's easier to forget that I'm naked when I can't see it, and I can let go more, or it's the closeness that isn't there when clothes are in the way. Either way, as I press my body to your warm chest, I heat up. Our kisses become more frantic, before I'm falling back onto my bed with your crawling up my body.

"You're beautiful," you whisper into my lips, and I smile.

I can see that you want to ask me for permission again, but I'm glad when you don't. You have my trust, and my heart, and I believe I have yours, too. My body goes hot as I feel your lining yourself up, heat radiates from your chest, and I raise my hands to your face.

You push in and for a split second, I feel stretching, but almost immediately I'm moaning into your shoulder. You move slowly at first, but as I raise my hips up to meet yours I see confidence build in your eyes. You smile, and I blush as I tuck my head back into the crook of your neck.

"Baby," you murmur into my skin, and I feel your speed start to rise.

"Oh, God, yes," I whisper back urgently as my hips raise to yours, making a loud slapping noise in the progress. "Edward...please..." I urge though I have no clue what I'm pleading for.

My eyes seal shut as my back arches up, and my body feels like it's flying. My limbs are heavy as I fall, and we're both definitely out of breathe.

You body falls on mine only long enough to roll next to me and then you grab me and pull me close. I feel your lips on my forehead as I kick the sheet up over our sweaty bodies.

Both of us seem to calm down after a few minutes, but neither one of us start to talk. I'm not really sure what to say because somehow explaining how amazing that was seems cheap. I may not have been a virgin, but this was different...you were different, and I don't want to loose this, or you. My emotions begin to bubble up as some form of reality crashes over me...how much have I really missed in the last few years? If I was willing to walk away from you, what else did walk away from without a single afterthought?

I'm crying before I even realize it, and I hate that I feel weak. Even with the strength of your hold, I feel small and old.

"Did I do something wrong?" you ask quietly, and my face immediately snaps up to yours.

"No, no you didn't, not at all. I'm being stupid," I explain as I wipe my face.

"You can talk to me, ya know. I'm always here to listen," you offer, and I sigh. Why are you so perfect?

"I was just thinking, if I was willing to walk away from you, what else have I missed out on," I answer, and you nod.

"I understand," you reply quietly, but your voice is off. "Maybe you missed something better."

I think for a second before I catch on to your train of thought, and my body shoots up. I don't even think to pull the sheet to cover my nakedness before I'm straddling you with my hand on each side of your face. You look almost scared.

"No one is better than you, that simply doesn't exist, but I'm thinking about other things. Trips, outings, time with my friends, and my father, what have I missed out with all of that because I had my head in a binder, but this...you, this wouldn't change. I was meant to end up here with you," I push out quickly. "I want to be here with you, only you, Edward. And, for some strange reason, you want me too."

Your face softens as each word comes out until you're smiling. I feel you start to harden between my legs, and I grind down a little.

"I love you," you whisper up to me, and now the tears in my eyes aren't caused by regret, but by happiness. "I don't even know how it happened, but I've fallen very hard for you, Bella. I want you...all of you."

"Then you can have all of me," I answer back confidently. I raised my body to kiss you, and come back down on you. I watch your eyes slowly roll back before I lean down to your ear, "I love you, too."


"Baby, I can't believe you made me my own book," you say sweetly as you come up behind me. I'm holding Hannah in my arms as she sleeps, and I know you've finally come to the end.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," I reply back. "It's just, I know there were times where you questioned what I felt at first, but I wanted you to know first hand that there was only ever you. Even if you dealt with my obsessive compulsive couponing at times."

"I never doubted your love for me," you correct, but I arch an eyebrow. "I didn't, I just questioned your sanity with coupons."

I roll my eyes and start to walk to Hannah's crib. As I place her down, she squirms for a minute before going back to sleep. Your body heat is the first thing I feel before your hand touches my shoulder.

"We really made her," I muse quietly.

"And, she's as beautiful as her mother," you tease back into my ear.

I take a few steps back once I'm confident that she's out, and we leave her room.

When I get to our bedroom, I see your book on the bed. Of course it's open on the last page.

"Is that really what you felt the first time?" you ask, and I nod.

"Yeah, it was hard to write because no words seemed to really fit, but yeah...that is really what I felt," I answer.

"Come to bed with me," you push, and I chuckle.

"Like I'd ever turn you down," I joke as you shut off the light.

The End

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