A/N: Good Evening Everyone. This is a little experiment I am putting out to the fandoms. Or, perhaps it's a journey into my own insanity, I'm not really sure as of yet. The real inspiration for this story was Hawaii Five-O, but for some reason Sheldon has commandeered the plot and run away with it.

This is really going to be the story about how Doctor Sheldon Cooper meets Doctor Max Bergman and the rivalry that ensues…while everyone else seems to get along swimmingly in the spirit of Aloha.

I do not own any of the character from either show. They belong to CBS, both of them.


Chapter 1: Code Ocean Blue

"Oh no, no, no, no, this just cannot work," Doctor Sheldon Cooper sighed, unaware of the entrance of his roommate Doctor Leonard Hofstadter, as he put one hand on his cheek, his eyes telling a story of disappointment, as he stared at the computer screen. He leaned back in his desk chair, folded his arms over his chest and shook his head. "It is just unjustifiable. It cannot be done."

"What has you stumped, Sheldon?" Leonard asked as he walked in and placed his keys in THE bowl, before walking to his roommate's side and looking over at the e-mail that Sheldon had been reading.

"I'm not stumped, Leonard, I've simply come to an impassible point in negotiations." Sheldon stated, as he stood, walked toward the kitchen and put the kettle on. "Nothing could stump me. I have knowledge of the working of the entire universe." He said with distain.

"Alright then, what are you negotiating, Sheldon?" Leonard asked as he rolled his eyes and moved off toward the couch, grabbing the TV remote on his way and turning on the tube.

"I am negotiating a lecture at another department of physics at another highly regarded university. The people just simply must be enlightened by my research and knowledge, but I just cannot justify flying to Hawaii and they will not allow me to communicate via teleconferencing. We have come to an impasse; I am simply going to have to reject the offer." Sheldon stated sadly.

"Oh Sheldon, are you sure you have to do that?" Leonard asked, "I could come with you, if you like, make sure everything is well in order and meets your standards of cleanliness."

"You would be coming along under almost all circumstances, Leonard, for those very reasons, but I cannot fly. Leonard, you know I just cannot fly!" Sheldon stated. "It's unsanitary and too unpredictable. Trust me; I understand the physics of flight too well to risk it."

"You are statistically more likely to die in a car accident then you are flying," Leonard said without really listening.

"I know that Leonard! Why do you think I choose not to drive? It's bad enough I get into a motor vehicle with you every day." Sheldon huffed.

"You could walk," Leonard stated sarcastically.

"And risk being the victim of a pedestrian accident?" Sheldon asked as if it were one of the most absurd ideas in the world. "Good Lord Leonard, you know me better than that." he huffed and poured the water for his tea. "No, I will have to reject the offer."

"That's too bad," Leonard sighed and threw the remote down on the coffee table again, "there's nothing on, I'm going to see if Penny is home." He added as he stood and walked toward the door.

TBBT – 5-0

Once the door had closed behind him, Leonard ran the three steps across the hall and banged on Penny's door.

"What's the matter Leonard?" Penny asked as she saw the frantic look on his face and his panic to dial a number into his phone.

"We have a code blue," Leonard gasped.

"Ocean Blue?" Penny asked in absolute shock.

"Yes!" Leonard huffed as Penny slammed her apartment door behind them.

"Call for back up Leonard, for God sakes, Call for back up!" Penny yelled as she rushed into her kitchen and grabbed her phone.

"I'm trying!" Leonard panicked as his breathing sped up. "I can't handle this pressure."

"Bernadette!" Penny yelled into her phone, "Are you with Howard."

"Raj, are you with Howard?" Leonard yelled into his phone.

"We have a Code Blue, repeat, we have a Code Ocean Blue!" Both Penny and Leonard yelled into their respective phones.

TBBT – 5-0

"Hack faster Howard!" Leonard yelled, fifteen minutes after the code was called and all their friends had rushed in as stealthily as they could and congregated in Penny's tiny apartment.

"I'm trying!" Howard yelled.

"What were the particulars, did he say?" Raj asked as he quickly swigged right from an open wine bottle and towered over Howard.

"Just that it was in Hawaii and he couldn't go because he can't fly!" Leonard stated frantically.

"He has to go!" Penny and Bernadette stated together, "we all have to go!"

"Oh ladies, calm down, I have everything under control," Raj stated as he strutted back to his lap top with his bottle of wine.

"Got it!" Howard stated.

Penny and Bernadette cheered.

"It doesn't look like he's sent a reply as of yet." Howard sighed in relief. "but that doesn't mean he hasn't called, or isn't formulating a reply as we speak.

"Put a block on any outgoing messages, Howard, stat!" Penny stated. "You can do that right?"

"Yes, I can," Howard stated.

"You are so smart, honey," Bernadette cooed.

"Oh shucks," Howard smiled.

"Alright, here's how this is going to go down. Raj, you research everything you can about Hawaii and see if you can't find something to tempt our beloved wack-a-doodle," Penny stated, "Leonard, you book all of our flights, hotels, and activities."

"We're on it!" Raj and Leonard stated.

"Howard, you monitor that e-mail like it's a bomb and you're going to disarm it with pineapple juice and brilliant blue waters." Penny ordered.

"Alright, but what are you going to do?" Howard asked.

Penny looked at Bernadette and Bernadette looked back at Penny. A flash of glee passed between the both of them before they grasped each other hands and began dancing around merrily, "we're going to Hawaii, we're going to Hawaii," they sang.


The gleeful singing was interrupted by another knock on the apartment door and everyone froze, waiting, breaths held and when the second and third knock did not follow Penny rushed forward.

"Hello Besties," Amy stated as she walked in, "sorry I'm late, I've been trying to convince Sheldon of the benefits of his endeavors, but he is immoveable."

A communal sigh escaped the gathering.

"What if we offer him a biohazard suit to wear on the plane?" Howard asked. "Bernadette works in a lab with flesh eating bacteria; she can get her hands on one."

"I could!" Bernadette stated, "I'll steal it in the name of sand, surf and sun…"

"Comic books!" Raj cried gleeful interrupting Bernadette.

"What?" Howard and Leonard asked excitedly.

"Hawaii has a comic book convention every year!" Raj stated happily as he jumped up and pointed at his computer screen, "and this year it is the same week that Sheldon is invited to talk at the university!"

"Hurray!" Howard and Leonard cheered.

"And, their key speaker for the panel on the Saturday, their headliner, is non other than Leonard Nimoy!" Raj added giddily.

"We're going to Hawaii, we're going to Hawaii," Howard, Leonard and Raj sang.

"Wait, are you sure that will be enough to convince Sheldon Cooper to fly half way across the Pacific Ocean?" Penny asked.

"It's Leonard Nimoy!" Howard, Raj and Leonard stated.

Penny looked at Bernadette, then at Amy.

"We're going to Hawaii!" the girls sang.

"Ok, we have to play this really cool," Leonard stated when the girls had finished their celebratory bouncing around. "Sheldon can never know…"

The sharp rap at the door, followed by Penny's name, caused everyone to freeze and hold their breaths.

"Quick, boys, bedroom now!" Penny hissed. "Take the computers!" she added making the boys turn back and scoop up their things as the second and third knock sounded.

The girls giggled.

"Leave the bottle of wine, Raj!" Penny stated and grabbed the bottle out of his hands before she pushed Bernadette and Amy down onto the couch and rushed toward the door, just as her bedroom door closed behind the boys.

"Hey Sheldon!" Penny stated louder than usually as she opened the door, "I wasn't expecting you. It's a girl's night!"

"I'm looking for Leonard," Sheldon sighed. "Have you seen him, Penny?"

"Not since I told him it was girl's night!" Penny stated, half growled.

"But he didn't come back to the apartment, where would he go?" Sheldon asked.

"Oh Leonard, I think he was going to get Raj and Howard and they were going to the comic book store," Penny said.

"He'd go without me?" Sheldon whined.

"Oh I don't know," Penny said hesitantly. "Maybe I misheard, maybe he said Tandoori Palace."

"But it's pizza night," Sheldon sighed.

"Oh no," Penny gasped. "You'd better go back to your apartment and call him!" she stated and shooed Sheldon away.

"Why, I have my phone right here!" Sheldon asked

"Oh but there is better reception in your apartment, trust me, I know!" Penny smiled, "why do you think I go over there so much!"

"I have often wondered at that. I believed it was for the food but you do talk on your phone quite often." Sheldon said as he contemplated her answer.

Penny rolled her eyes, "anything else Sheldon?" she asked.

"No, I'll be find thank you Penny!" He smiled and walked away.

"Good night Sheldon," Penny sang and then slammed the door.

"Nice cover bestie!" Amy smiled as the boys began to pile out of Penny's bedroom.

"Never thought I'd see the inside of that sanctuary," Howard smiled, "and now it's just lost the entire mystique and allure."

"Creepy, Howard," Penny stated.

"Yes Sheldon, I know it is pizza night," Leonard sighed as he walked out of the bedroom, his phone glued to his ear, "I'll get pizza, yes, I promise, right now. Well not right now I'm stuck in traffic. Well because I had to pick up Raj and Howard. Well because they want to join us for pizza and Star Trek. Alright, I'll get the pizza and come right home. Yes, yes, no there will be no pineapples I promise. Good bye Sheldon!"

"Come on, quick, before he comes back!" Leonard stated and ran toward the door.

"Do not say anything to Sheldon before we get back!" Howard ordered.

"We wont," Bernadette smiled and pecked him on the cheek, "don't too be long."

"I won't," Howard smiled and blushed.

"Don't worry, ladies, we'll all be in sunny Hawaii in no time," Raj smiled and followed his friends out of Penny's apartment.

"This is going to be so amazing!" Penny sighed gleefully as she fell onto the couch between Bernadette and Amy.

"Surf, sand and sunshine," Bernadette sighed just as gleefully.

"And a very rousing discussion theoretical physics," Amy added, "It will be such a nice vacation."