Princess Bubblegum Is Bored

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is stupid and I should feel stupid.

Princess Bubblegum was bored in her castle. Very, very, very bored.

"Sigh... a nice Friday, and I'm so bored, I could eat an Octorok..." Princess Bubblegum muttered to herself, her right hand on her chin as she sighed. "What the hell is an Octorok, anyway?"

Princess Bubblegum snapped her fingers as she got an idea. "I know! I'll call my friends!" She firt called Marceline, dialing her quickly. "Hey Marceline, ya wanna do something?"

"...Nah." Marceline said over the phone as she rubbed the back of her head. "I gotta practice my guitar lesson for the Duke Of Nuts."

"Oh, okay." Princess Bubblegum said, a frown on her face as she called the Lumpy Space Princess next. "Hey Lumpy, how about you?"

LSP scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "Oh puh-lease, Bonnibel! I'm going to see some meat dude named Meatwad. He sounds lumping great."

"Oh. That's... okay." Princess Bubblegum sighed as she accepted defeat. She gasped in glee as she clapped her hands together. "I know! Finn will talk to me!"

Later, Princess Bubblegum headed to Finn and Jake's house, where they found Finn and Jake fighting off the science cat and doctor shark.

"Sorry, Princess, me and Jake are gonna go out on some wacky adventure later on."

"But, what about-"

Jake sighed as he remarked after punching the scientist cat in the face, "Princess, you have enough times in the show to be with Finn. Give him a break for once!"

Princess Bubblegum started sniffling as tears appeared in her eyes. "But... Finn..."

Finn groaned as he fell on the ground, being tackled by the shark doctor. "Princess, maybe another day! Not now!"

Princess Bubblegum's lips trembled as she shook with rage and depression, running off crying towards the Ice Kingdom as she shouted, "Fine! Have it your way, silly boy!"

Princess Bubblegum managed to reach the Ice King, being on the path that was leading towards the fortress of the Ice King. The Ice King was looking out from his window, watching the clouds move slowly as he looked down, seeing Princess Bubblegum calling to him.

"Ice King! Kidnap me! Or do something fun!" Princess Bubblegum wailed as she flailed her arms crazily. "I don't care, just make me unbored!"

The Ice King yawned as he headed back into his room. "Sorry, Bubblegum. I got tired of kidnapping. Besides, I got new friends."

The ice King went into his closet, to find Petey Piranha in the laundry bin. "Ready to do another round of hide and seek?"

Petey laughed as he grunted back, nodding.

The Ice King giggled as he clapped his hands together. "Oh goody, goody! I should go invite Spongebob, Heffer Wolf, and the Mayor of Townsville after this round!" He laughed as he ran into his bedroom to hide from Petey.

Princess Bubblegum sniffled as tears came down from her eyes, folding both of her skinny arms as she groaned. "Oh poo! Even the bloody ice King won't play with me!" She began crying loudly as more tears fell from her eyes. "Oh, why am I so bored?"

Princess Bubblegum's stomach growled, causing her to gasp as she got an urge to do something. "Of course! Maybe I can cure my boredom by having something to eat!" She then thought. "But what to do... hmmm..."