Princess Bubblegum was in her personal bedroom, placing her rock buddy on her fluffy yellow bed as she got onto the bed herself, lying right next to the boulder.

"Hey rock, I was wondering," Princess Bubblegum stated as she glanced at the rock. "What are we going to do tomorrow?"

The rock said nothing, of course.

Princess Bubblegum grabbed her pillow and started fluffing it as she giggled. "Oh yes, frolicking with the flowers, that does sound good!" She then picked her nose that she apparently... had hidden in her face... as she flung the booger away. "And then maybe we can invite everyone over to a picnic, so that we can have lotsa spaghetti!"

The rock tilted a bit to the right.

Princess Bubblegum gasped as she slapped herself. "You're right, rocky, that is a bit offensive! I should watch myself!" She then heard a ding, getting up to go get it. "The pizza is here! Be right back, rocky!"

The rock fell off the bed, landing with a loud thud while Princess Bubblegum left.