Hunter: "I'll be back soon Blake." I said as I grabbed my keys off the table. I was wearing my baggy Levi's and Nike's with my Black leather jacket and crimson T-shirt. I was getting ready to go meet my ex-girlfriend to pick up some of my stuff back from her apartment.

Blake: "Good luck dude." I looked at Blake who was looking at me from the sofa.

Hunter: "Thanks." I said while opening the door. I shut the door behind me and walked into the garage. I pulled off a big cream sheet that covered my black Kawaski Ninja and placed the blanket on the bench in our garage. I folded it up and placed my black helmet over my head. I gripped at the handle bars at the bike became pushed it down the driveway and to the road. I put my leg over the bike and pulled at the throttle making the engine roar. I looked up and down the street and pulled out.

I pulled up to her house and brought my leg of the bike and turned the motor off. I looked up to the house and took my helmet off and placed it on the handle bars. I looked back to the house and sighed. Here we go.

Guy: "SOMEBODY HELP!" I turned around and frowned while looking to the house opposite. I saw smoke coming out of the windows and a guy running out of the house coughing and spluttering. I quickly crossed the road and ran over to him as he was bent over coughing. I put my hand on his back.

Hunter: "Are you okay?" I asked while looking up at the house. I saw the flames coming through the windows and the crackling from the glass smashing.

Guy: "Please… help…" I looked around as people started to gather around.

Hunter: "Can someone call an ambulance." I shouted and turned back to the bulky guy. "What happened?" I asked while bending down to him.

Guy: "My girlfriend…. She's still in there…" I looked up to the house in shock. I quickly shrugged my jacket off. I looked around and noticed someone holding a water bottle. I ran up to them.

Hunter: "I need this." I said while taking the water bottle of them and spilling it over my jacket. I walked back to the guy. "An ambulance will be here soon. What's your girlfriend's name?" I asked while he calmed down.

Guy: "Her name's Tori." he spluttered out.

Hunter: "Okay and what's your name?" I asked calmly.

Danny: "Danny."

Hunter: "Okay Danny I need you to watch out the windows in case there is no way to get her out okay?" I said. I through the jacket over my head and held the hood with my hands as I started to run up to the house.

Danny: "Wait where are you going?" I turned around when I got to the door.

Hunter: "To get your girlfriend." I said to him and ran through the front door.

Part 2

I got hit by the sudden smoke that came from the kitchen.

Hunter: "HELLO?" I shouted. My shouts were covered by the flames roaring around the house. I looked around but my attention was brought to the stairs. They were on fire and looked like they were going to collapse as the carpet burned and the banister was smoking. I guess that's were I'm going first. I wrapped my leather jacket around my face and ran as fast as I could up the stairs. I felt the warmth of the fire surrounding me as I stopped at the top of the stairs. I looked around and saw 2 doors. I ran up to the first one and opened it. But it was the bathroom. I closed the door. "TORI?" I shouted. That is her name right?

Tori: "IN HERE!" I looked at the door that had smoke seeping under it. I ran over and grabbed the handle. Instantly regretting it as I felt the door knob burn my hand I pulled away and looked at the door. I took a few breaths in and out and put my hand on the door knob again and this time kept it there. I felt the full raff of the burning sensation heading through my whole arm. But the door knob wouldn't budge. "IT'S BROKE." I heard her scream. I backed away from the door shaking my hand as I felt my hand slowly calm down.

Hunter: "MOVE AWAY FROM THE DOOR!" I shouted. I started to count to myself. I turned to the side and looked to the door. "3, 2, 1." I ran as fast as I could and threw myself at the door. I felt my shoulder collide with the wood and felt it crack under my weight. My body hit the floor and I felt some of the wooden pieces entered my side. I opened my eyes and looked around to see a young blonde girl huddled in the corner. She looked so scared but so beautiful. Her blonde hair that was curly and bounced of her shoulders. She was wearing a pair of those shorts that I think girls called them 'Soffees' or something and a black tank top. I pushed myself off the floor and ran over to her. "Are you okay?" I asked while kneeling in front of her as she stared to shake uncontrollably.

Tori: "Are we going to die?" I heard her sob out. I looked towards the door to see the flames entering the room, the door was scattered all over the room and there was a massive hole from where I entered. I looked back to the fragile blonde who had her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs as she rocked herself and starred at the door.

Hunter: "Look at me." I said while looking into her eyes. God they were amazing. They where an amazing baby blue color that sparkled with the flames. I saw her gaze land on mine. I shrugged my jacket off and placed it on the floor. I grabbed her hands from around her knees and looked at her as I saw tears streaming down her cheeks. "You're going to be fine. I won't let anything happen to you." I said while looking into her blue eyes. I pulled away and grabbed my jacket. "Here put this on." I said while placing it on her shoulders. I pushed myself up and walked to the window and undone all of them trying to get some of the smoke out. I got to the window and looked down to my side feeling a very sharp pain. I looked down trying not to draw attention and scare the girl who only looked around a year or two younger than me. Maybe 17 anyway I looked down to my side and saw a piece of wood sticking out. I looked back to Tori to see her putting on my jacket. I quickly turned around and faced out the window. I grabbed the piece of wood in my side and ripped it out. Making my whole body twinge. I grabbed hold of the wall pretending to look out the window. But I needed something to distract me so I dug my fingers as hard as I could into the wall as the pain went through every bone in my body.

Tori: "Are you okay?" her voice was soft and caring but also scared and lost. I removed my hand from the wall and looked around to her. I noticed she was looking at the blood that had began to seep down my side. She suddenly started to shake.

Hunter: "I'm fine don't worry." But next thing I new she fainted. I ran over to her and bent down to her side. "Tori?" I grabbed her cheeks and turned her face to me. "Tori can you hear me?" I asked while bending my ear down to her mouth and nose. I felt her breath on my cheek and I felt a sudden wash of relief wash through me I don't know why but I let out a little laugh, I think it was because I was nervous. I moved to her side and started to take my jacket off her. I placed her body back down after taking off the jacket. I placed it over her chest and her neck and placed my right arm under her knee caps and my left arm under her neck and pulled her close to me. I felt her head land on my chest and her arms went floppy I pushed myself up and looked at the door to see the flames building up but it looked like behind the door was clear. I moved as far back as I could and started to run towards the door. I ran through the door way with the flames burning the bottom of my shoes. I ran straight down the stairs remembering where everything was. I got to the bottom of the stairs and started to choke. I heard a few crack's and thuds and looked around to see the stairs collapse. I turned around to Tori as I heard her wheeze. I bent my head down and grabbed the hood of my jacket with my teeth and pulled it over her head so the smoke wouldn't get to her. I looked around the room but could hardly see as my eyes felt as if they were burning. I squinted a few times.

Fireman: "Hello?" I heard an echo through the house.

Hunter: "HERE!" I shouted but there was no reply. I looked around again as the flames started to surround us at the bottom of the stairs. "HEEERRRREEEE!" I shouted as loud as I could.

Fireman: "We can't get to you the front door is blocked. Is there a back door out there?" I looked around trying to keep my balance as I felt my body start to go limp. I widened my eyes and saw a door to the left.

Hunter: "YEH." I shouted. I started to run towards the door and pushed it open with my back. I felt myself get extremely woozy.

Fireman: "THEY'RE HERE." I looked to my left from there back garden patio to see some ambulance crew and firemen running towards us. I walked towards them as a doctor ran to us. The firemen ran straight past us. I handed the EMS Tori as he put her on the stretcher. As I handed her to them I felt my eyes suddenly roll to the back of my head and I was falling backwards.