Tori p.o.v

I walked down the street as I watched Hunter run along the road.

Tori: "Hunter?" I sang out as he carried on running. I watched for a minute as sweat broke out on his shoulders and his chest as I watched him pass me on the other side of the road as I turned around and watched him back as I saw the slight wet line down his spine separating his shoulder blades as I licked my lips. He looked over his shoulder and looked straight past me as his eyes suddenly locked with mine. He stopped running and a smile formed on him face as he turned around fully and started to walk towards me with his chest heaving as I stood and watched as he crossed the road.

Hunter: "Checking me out Hanson?" I smirked as he hoped up on the pavement and stood in front of me.

Tori: "Maybe just a little." I said as he smirked.

Amber: "You two are so cute." I looked at Amber as she came out of the shop. Oh shit I forgot she thought we were a couple. I looked to Hunter as he smiled and looked to the floor as he looked back to Amber. "Where having a get together tonight, do you guys want to come?"

Hunter: "What do you think babe?" I grabbed Hunter's hand and looked to him as he smiled and let go of my hand and pulled me into him feeling his warm body push into mine as I wrapped my arm around his waist.

Tori: "Yeah definitely."

Hunter: "Okay sounds cool." I felt Hunter's hand dip into my back pocket as he squeezed my bum slightly making me jump as he chuckled to herself.

Amber: "Alright Hunter, Kelly wants a word about your shifts." I looked to Hunter as he nodded. He looked down to me as he smiled and leant forward placing his lips on my cheek as I closed my eyes feeling the warm sensation take over me as I gripped tight to his tank top. He pulled back as I opened my eyes. "Oh come on Hunter give her more than th-" I felt his lips crash into mine as he held my bum keeping me straight as I bent back slightly as his soft lips pulled back and reattached to mine as I reached up and held his cheeks as I tilted my head slightly getting into the kiss as I ran my hands into his hair. "Okay this is not what I want to see." I heard Amber walk away as I kept the kiss going. I pushed myself into him as I wrapped my arms around his neck as he backed up into a car as the alarm suddenly went off. We both jumped apart as Hunter looked down at the car and quickly got up and looked back to me as I put my fingers to my lips, sucking my bottom lip in as he smirked.

Hunter: "I urgh, I gotta go." I smiled and nodded as he walked backwards almost tripping over a bin as I smirked and watched as he entered the shop as he flashed me a smile and walked in.

Blake: "Okay not something I wanted to see this early in the morning." I turned around to see a shocked Blake.

Tori: "Yeah was a bit unexpected." I said as he smirked.

Blake: "Yeah right. You looked like you enjoyed it." He said as I blushed slightly.

Tori: "Your brother is a really good kisser." I said as he closed her eyes.

Blake: "Ewww, Tori."

Tori: "He is." I laughed out as we both headed back to the house. As soon as we got to the door I looked over my shoulder to see Hunter taking to Kelly as I watched Hunter smile and nod as Kelly talked. His eyes wondered to me as his smile widened as mine did the same. He licked his lips and bowed his head slightly as he looked back up to Kelly.

Blake: "Stop gawping and close the door." I walked in and closed the door as I went straight up to Hunter's room.

Hunter p.o.v

I walked as fast as I could back to the house feeling extremely turned on. Like extremely.

I walked through the front door and took off my shirt and through it into the washing machine and picked up my white tank top and threw it on as I made my way up to the room.

I stopped at my door as I heard some rustling. I blew out a big breath as I jumped up and down and shook my neck.

Get a fucking hold of yourself Bradley.

It's not like your gonna be kissing her for the first time.

Just knock.


Reach your fucking hand up you twat.

I slowly brought my hand up and tapped on the door.


She probably thinks you're a fucking mouse.

Actually hit the door with your knuckles not your finger this time.

I cleared my throat and knocked on the door as I felt my palms sweat as I heard her come to the door. She slowly opened the door as I watched her smirk and lean on the door slightly.

Tori: "And what can I do for-" I took a step forward and crashed my lips into hers as her arms instantly wrapped around my neck bringing me closer as I walked into the room with her backing up as I pushed the door with my hand as I kept our lips together. I locked the door and pulled out of the kiss to quickly reattach our lips as I titled my head slightly. She turned us around as she pushed me back till I hit the bed instantly sitting down as I placed my hands on her thighs as she kept the kiss going. She brought her knees up onto the bed as she straddled me, pushing me down as I laid down as her hands found my stomach. I looked up to her as she slowly pushed my top up and looked down to my stomach as she bit her lip. I ran my hands up her bare legs as she wore her denim mini skirt as I found my hands wondering more than they should be. I watched as she closed her eyes and raised her head as I pulled myself up and attached my lips to her neck. "Shit.." She moaned as I sucked on her collar bone and ran my hands to the inside of her thigh as I felt the heat rising from her. Her chest started to heave against mine. "Hunter…" I pulled my hand back and wrapped it around her waist and to the small of her back as I held her close and flipped us over hearing her let out a squeal as I smiled and looked down to her as she giggled. I bent down and attached our lips as she wrapped her arms around my neck bringing me closer to her as I laid down between her legs pushing my waist into her centre slightly as she let out a loud gasp into my mouth as I smiled and gently rocked into her as she parted the kiss and kept her lips parted as I felt her breathing becoming heavier. She slightly rocked herself against my leg as I felt a dampness forming on my knee as I brought my hands down and to the bottom of her top as I started to pull it up. She lifted her arms slightly as I pulled it straight off her as I bent down and attached my lips to her neck as I ran my hand down her soft body that seemed to have gotten a lot hotter and her breathing become faster as she rocked harder against me as I sucked onto her neck hearing her moans escape her mouth as I brought my hands to hers and entwined them as I raised them above her head and pinned her down as I sucked on her neck feeling her body arch slightly into mine.

Sydney: "Hunter, Tori you home?" I pulled away and looked down to her as her eyes fluttered open. I kept our hands together as her breathing was still fast as I looked into her eyes watching as they looked between mine.

Tori: "Hunter what do we-" I bent down and attached our lips softly again as I felt her smile into the kiss. I pulled back and looked down to her as she smiled and fluttered her eyes open.

Hunter: "Can I urgh... can I take you on a date?" I asked nervously as I saw her smile widen as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Tori: "Hmmm, depends." She said softly as I raised my eyebrows.

Hunter: "On?" I asked as she bit her lip.

Tori: "If I can have another kiss." I smiled and bent down tilting my head slightly as I kissed her bottom lip as her lips closed on mine as I kept myself up with my left arm. I grazed my tongue across her bottom lip as her mouth parted a bit more.

Sydney: "Hunter?" I hear a knock on the door as I pulled back and buried my head into the crook of her neck feeling her giggle as I let out a sigh.

Tori: "He will be out in a sec." She called out.

Sydney: "Okay I'll wait downstairs." I pulled back to look down to her as she smiled.

Tori: "Okay we got a bit carried away." I nodded and smiled.

Hunter: "Are you saying yes for me taking you out then?" I asked as she smirked and nodded.

Tori: "I would love to. But what happened to the rule about me and you kissing?"

Hunter: "I think we already broke that." I said as she smirked and rolled her eyes.

Tori: "Right well considering this would be our first date..." She grinned her head off as I mirrored it. "I don't think we should be kissing." She said slowly walking her fingers up my stomach and stopped as she placed her whole hand in the middle of my stomach as she ran her hand down.

Hunter: "What if Amber says something tonight?" I asked as I found myself bending down to her as she ran her hand down my stomach slowly.

Tori: "Then we say that we've been dared or something. I want to save our next kiss for our first date." She said softly as I hovered above her feeling her hand on my belt as I brushed our noses together.

Hunter: "I don't know if ill be able to control myself." I whispered as I leant down and brushed my lips against hers as her lips parted.

Tori: "Try." She whispered out as I licked my lips and closed my eyes as I felt her warm breath against my lips. "For me." She whispered as I felt her hand run to my side as I blew out a breath and pushed myself up as I inhaled a deep breath as I straddled her. I put my hands over my face and slowly brushed my eyes and my mouth as I pushed myself off her and onto the floor as I walked to the door. I looked back to her to see her sitting up on her elbows as she bit her lip and smirked. I walked back to her and bent down on the bed as I cupped her cheeks and bent forward pecking her cheek as I pulled back and winked at her.

Hunter: "I'll be back at 5 so we can head off to Amber's thing at around 6?" I said as she nodded. "Cool."

Tori: "Do you mean it?" I frowned and looked to her as she pushed herself up slightly. "The date?" I nodded as her smile widened. "Do you even know what to do on a date?" She asked as my smile faded and my mind went completely blank.


I had never been on a date before..

Hunter: "Yeah of course." Lies.

How hard can it be?