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Bravo is Back!

Chapter 1 Version 3 (Yes, Version 3)

"Yukinari!" called Miharu from down stairs the second time. "Are you coming!?"

"Yeah, I am coming!" He called out setting the picture of all of his friends down on his desk and headed down the stairs. He got to the hall way and rounded the corner to spot everyone waiting for him outside the front door.

"Well it's about time!" Kirie said folding her arms.

"Hey guys! Sorry for keeping you waiting for me" Yukinari said, walking up to the group.

"Don't worry Yukinari, Kirie was just telling us where she thought we might find some clothes for Yukina" Miharu said cheerfully.

"That's right so lets get a move on" Kirie said taking the lead to the mall.


"Alright everyone, here is the first store. Now lets find Yukina something to blend in better" Kirie said, standing in front of some popular brand name store before turning to walk in. Everyone followed in pursuit, including Yukinari and Yukuyama before they were stopped cold by Kirie. "Where do you think you guys are going?"

Yukuyama motioned to the door.

"No boys will be entering this store to try something perverted or I will make sure you boys cant walk anywhere ever again!" warned Kirie.

"Kirie, must you take the fun out of every thing? Very well, I make sure Punienari doesn't come sneak in" Yukuyama said smoothly.

Satisfied with his reply, Kirie entered the store.

"Wow Yukuyama, that was very mature of you" Yukinari said, watching Kirie walk in. Yukinari then turned to see the spot where Fukuyama once stood and see him gone. "Some things never change" Yukinari said shaking his head.

His attention was suddenly taking off of the pervert when Lisa leapt onto his back in a surprise hug.

"Hey Yukinari! How about we shop together?" Lisa asked happily.

For the record, Yukinari was still getting used to Lisa. She was always hanging herself all over him. Sure, it was every guy's dream, but after all he was Yukinari.

"L-Lisa what do you think you are doing!?" Yukinari said turning red.

"Oh come on Dear! Isn't this what all couples do?"

"Lisa! What are you talking about?" Yukinari asked, waving his arms.

"Just agree to go shopping with me. I mean come on, I don't bite" Lisa said with a smile.

'Alright Yukinari, I'll say yes this one time, but if she tries to pull something on me, I'll run like hell' Yukinari thought to himself

"Sure I'll go," he said making Lisa smile.


"What do you think about this one Yukinari?" Lisa asked holding a light blue top to her chest.

"I think it suits you Lisa!" Yukinari replied cheerfully to the blonde.

To Yukinari's surprise, Lisa had restrained herself a bit. She did not try to hold hands, hug, or anything but talked and laughed with him. Now, he found himself having fun.

"Then I'll take it!" Lisa said in glee, running to the cashier and handing Yukinari another bag. His arms were covered in bag straps for they had browsed though a few stores before hand. Walking out of the store, Lisa turned to Yukinari, "As a reward for being a good sport for me, Let's go get some ice-cream."

They headed over to an ice-cream kiosk and sat down by a nearby bench.

Yukinari took a bite from his ice cream before saying, "Thanks Lisa."

"Don't worry about it. I am more than glad to since you have spent the day with me."

His heart raced before Yukinari's eyes widened in surprise. She was right. They had spent a few hours together and there was now only a few hours before it got dark. 'What is wrong with me? I lost track of time?' he thought turning to take a glance at Lisa. 'Is she really as bad as I thought her to be or is this the side I never see?' Yukinari shook his head, 'What am I thinking? I need to focus!'

"We probably should regroup with the others and head out of here. Everyone is probably worried about us," Yukinari said turning to her.

Lisa nodded, "I'll give them a call"

"All right put it on speaker"

Lisa pulled out her iPhone and dialed Kirie. The phoned ringed a few times before she picked up.


"Hey Kirie! It's Lisa and Yukinari!"

"Hey! Where are y'all we just got done getting our clothes."

"We are over by the ice cream kiosk. Where do you want to meet up?"

"Well, we are actually not to far from there, so we'll meet up over where you are and head home."

"Okay! Bye!"


Lisa hung up and click the screen off. Then turned to face Yukinari.

In response, Yukinari gave her a small smile, "I had fun today Lisa. We should do this more often."

"Yukinari" she blushed.

The atmosphere on the bench was heavy with light hints of romance and small talk for a few minutes before every one met up with them.

"Hey Yukinari! Hey Lisa!" called Miharu.

"Hey guys!" Yukinari greeted failing to notice that the girls looked a little ticked off.

What he did notice, however was that Fukuyama was mad at him. He ran at Yukinari and tackled him to the ground. He grabbed Yukinari's head and shook it while yelling like a mad man, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER! PUNIENARI! ANSWER ME DAM IT!"

"WHAT! Nothing! Get off of me!" Yukinari screamed trying to get the crazy man off of him.

Kirie ran up and pulled Fukuyama.

"GET OFF OF HIM FUKUYAMA!" Kirie yelled.

Once Fukuyama was once off, up and was clam, Lisa spoke up. "God older brother! He wasn't even holding my hand!" Lisa raised her voice.

Fukuyama opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by Tomoka, "Tomoka is tired and wants to go home!"

"I am tired too! All that shopping wore me out." Koyomi said to everyone.

"Alright then let's go." Yukinari said.


After dinner was done and every one told what they got and did today, Kirie, Fukuyama, and Lisa went home while everyone was getting ready for bed. Yukinari, tired, said goodnight to Miharu, Koyomi, Tomoka, and Yukina. To Yukinari's comfort, Yukina was not sleeping naked in his bed tonight because good ole Kirie made a spot for her in one of the extra rooms in the house before she left. Which left Yukinari to ponder the days events alone in his bed.

'Man, Lisa sure was different today. I felt like I saw a whole new side to her. I wonder how long she will stay like this' he thought before sleep over came him.


"Yukinari! Watch out!" yelled Tomoka.

"Huh?" Was all Yukinari got out before a Frisbee flew right above Yukinari's head. The sudden blow cause Yukinari to loose his balance and fall into the sand.

Picking himself up he saw a figure walk up casually from his peripherals, "Sorry Punienari! I have to show the ladies the FUKUYAMA disk throw!"

Giving a irritated growl, Yukinari walked over to the umbrella his group had set up. From under the umbrella, Yukinari watched the girls splash each other, Tomoka fighting Hayate using Ebi, and Fukuyama flirting with the girls. Then he felt some one behind him.

"My I join you?" asked Lisa in a light blue bikini holding a book.

"Sure Lisa" Yukinari said scooting over for her under the umbrella.

"Thanks" she said before sitting next to him.

Yukinari looked at her book.

"What's the book?"


"That book in your hand"

"Oh I have had this book for a while. I had it since I was a kid and learned my spells from it." Lisa said as she set her book next to Yukinari and started spread a towel outside the umbrella. She laid down and started to sunbath making Yukinari go back to watching everyone.

"Can you rub sunscreen on my back?" Lisa called out to him snapping him out of his trance.

"I...uh sure Lisa" he replied after being caught off guard.

Yukinari started to look in a bag next to the umbrella. After a bit a searching he finally said, "Found some."

He rubbed some on his hands and carefully and evenly spread the sunscreen onto her back.

Lisa enjoying her self, she giggled in delight. "You're a life savor Yukinari," she said once he was done.

Yukinari naturally shot back to his spot under the umbrella. Lisa picked up her book and started to read. Then Lisa looked up from her spell book, "You know I don't bite."

Yukinari looked at her surprised, "W-what are you talking about!?"

She smiled and gave Yukinari a wink, "I know you are scared of girls sometimes, but you know me. There is no need to get nervous."

Confused in emotion Yukinari turned red, making Lisa laugh.

"Hey Yukinari!" Kirie, Miharu, and Yukina yelled.

Yukinari turned to see that the three girls, Miharu, Kirie, and Yukina, come out of nowhere. Then before he knew it, all three of the girls were trying to talk or hang on to a part of Yukinari.

"G-g-guys! What are you doing!?" Yukinari asked, being like any other guy found it overwhelming to have amazing girls all over him.

"Yukinari why are you so red? Are you blushing? I bet you must be thrilled to have us all over you!" Kirie teased.

Yukinari blushed, "What are you talking about!?"

"Oh, no Kirie. Sweet Yukinari just has gotten a sunburn on his face. That's all." Yukina said making everyone laughed. Soon everybody else got back to the umbrella to eat some food. They ate for a while as they laughed and played before heading back to the house for dinner.

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