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Was it too soon to miss her? It didn't matter whether it was or not because I still did anyway. She had frightened the human considerable and she hadn't touched him.

Right after she left, I said my goodbyes to the still shocked human and went on my way. I giggled when I thought about his expression and the fact that he had wet himself when Bella leaned over him. What a site to see. I probably would have had a similar reaction, if possible, had she done the same to me.

She looked furious, an avenging angel. He said her name was Valkyrie didn't he? Well it suits her then. After all Valkyries are mythical creatures likened to angels; how did it go again? I think the myth was that they carried away souls for Odin, the god of death, to take to the underworld. Yes, that's correct.

I got into my Volvo and drove to the gas station, thinking all the way about Bella. When I pulled in I noticed that only one other spot was taken. I listened for the other human that would be there but I heard no heartbeat. When I realized that I was sharing space with another non-human I looked up to be greeted with a beautiful sight, the angel herself stood their staring off into the distance. Desire. I felt desire for the first time in my existence when I first saw her in my vision and now that she was before me I felt it again but only stronger. Who was this mysterious woman?

I made my way over to where she was staring and she took notice of me. "Hello." I said politely. Hopefully she wouldn't dismiss me immediately.

"Good to see you again, Alice." I shivered when she said my name. My wishes had been granted, but it wasn't right yet. Familiarity saying it was needed but I would make that happen eventually. Wait, she knew my name? How long had she been listening to Shane and I? Did she hear him ask me out? Was she jealous? Whoa, why would she be jealous she hardly knows me; except I was jealous when she mentioned her "companion"? I frowned. Were they together?

"Alice...?" much better. Not there yet but still amazing sounding. When my eyes focused on hers I saw the laughter she was holding back. "Is something wrong?"

"No... I am curious as to what you are, though. I'm sure my family will be also." I saw a bit of surprise flicker through her expression and then her eyes unfocused for a split second.

"You have a large coven; I'm surprised the Volturi allow you to stay together. Especially since some of you have very impressive gifts." I was utterly stunned. How did she know so much? "Have I surprised the seer then? I'm sure you aren't use to that." her easy banter made me joyful at how natural her teasing was.

"I'm a better actor than I thought. I knew what you were going to say but it's fun to play along." I had turned my nose up in false arrogance and looked at my nails.

"Liar." she chuckled. "I know you can't see me." She knew? "Or at least see much."

"You do know a lot then."

"That and I can see the future as well and I saw you telling me." she can see also? What on earth was she?

I heard the pump click on both our cars at the same time. I saddened at the thought of having to leave her again, but it must be done. My family needs to know about her and her friend. I wonder if she is like Bella. Guess we'll find out when school starts.

"Well I gotta go. See you at school tomorrow?" Bella and Declan were a hot topic right now at Forks High; apparently new people are a hot commodity. I knew that Forks almost never got new people but still to talk about it nonstop for weeks was major overkill.

"Yes, I'll see you and your coven then. Perhaps we could introduce each other's families?" The friendly smile that graced her lips would have speed up my heartbeat... if I had one.

"I would like that."

"Until then, Alice." Bingo. Just like that. That's how I wanted to hear it said. Her voice caressed my name with easy familiarity; she made it sound like a promise.

Just like that Bella had walked into my life, taken it over and then walked out again.


After arriving home, checking on Declan, I went out and made it just in time to the restaurant to order. The owners were very friendly Shifters that Declan and I had been friends with for years. We made a bit of small talk and gossiped a little about what was going on in the community.

The Volturi were making their presence known in the Americas apparently. Vampire wars had been raging in the South during the last century or so and they had stepped in to stamp it out. This was news to me. While I had been in contact with other immortals in the last decade, I had heard nothing of the wars. Then again it was some time ago and the Italian Shifter knew that I usually dropped of the map for long periods of time.

From what he said the Monarch had done a good job of keeping the situation contained over the last century but there was a rumor of another group of New Borns being made in the province of Washington.

Just my luck I move to a town only to run into other immortals, shifters, and now a possible New Born army. After I had left Alice, I decided to do another sweep of the area to make sure there weren't more immortals I had been missing. Sadly enough I soon discovered a pack of wolves in the area they call La Push. Even worse was that they were all pups; no more than two years into their new life.

No one trusts new shifters, they are too volatile; even older shifters are weary of their young. It was a necessary invasion of privacy to delve into their minds and search them. They history with the coven called Cullen was longer than I thought, but still barely a blip of time in my world. Maybe a century and a half; Declan would not be pleased with this new knowledge.

I opened my mind link with her to see if she was alright and then ask permission for further entry. She readily agreed and was feeling slightly better.

What happened? Her voice whispered into my mind as I waited for the food.

I met the vampire. She is a seer and she is in a coven of six. I felt her surprise.

Such a large one; the Volturi allow this? My exact same thoughts.

They are on friendly terms with the coven. They call themselves the Cullens after their father figure and oldest member. I didn't want to invade too much on their privacy but they could offer some problem for us. But that's not the worst part. I showed her my memories of what I had learned in the last 30 minutes.

She hissed when she saw the shifters. Puppies? They are dangerous, but if they stick with their agreement with the Cullens then we shouldn't get involved. The treaty should keep them out of our business but you know young shifters. They will break the rules sooner or later and from what I can see of the animosity they have of vampires, it will be sooner. You know what we will have to do. We would have to break them; it was the only way for the young ones to learn their place.

I sighed deeply. Declan was not one for conflict but she disliked young shifters. When she was just a sprite, a pack of young shifters had lost control and killed her parents. While she had grieved for them and moved on, she had never rid herself of the hatred she felt for the younger generations of shifters. These puppies would be no exception, and I could feel her unease and distrust of them.

Unfortunately from what I had seen from their memories they had already broken the treaty several times by entering the Cullen territory without permission. The Cullens had been too forgiving in dismissing the blatant disregard for the treaty and allowed them to go unpunished. Cockiness and superiority had grown like a weed in their minds. They thought the Cullens feared them and wouldn't cross them, but I would not allow this.

I showed Declan what I planned to do about the young shifters and although she wasn't happy with it she did agree it was the smarter option. It looked like I would need to contact Alice because I needed the number to a certain Shifter. I planned to call the shifters out first before they discovered our presence and I was forced to eliminate them.



Just as a heads up I dont plan on giving the Cullens bloodlust. Yes they still want human blood but they have very good control of themselves. It never made sense why they had such poor control of themselves. If you had over a centuries practice at doing something wouldn't you be amazing at it? Plus humans cut themselves on a daily basis (not to mention women's monthy menstruations). In my opinion they would have very good control of their inner monsters and it will reflect in my story.

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