Grey white smoke flitted from my lips, the filter of the cigarette I wasn't supposed to have poised in my fingers as I sneered out at the slightly ajar window. It was hot tonight the sticky summer heat clinging to my half naked torso despite the air conditioning blowing against my back. The half finished fag* had lost all taste against the bitter resentment burning on my tongue from my chest; I flicked it out the window, pulling the expensive venetian blinds shut.

When I had become so hateful and bitter to towards the boy, no whore sleeping in the room next to mine I couldn't remember; it had just been a growing and festering thing. Sasuke, my darling baby brother was nothing short of a spoiled, arrogant and fucking perfect in every way I wasn't. They called me a prodigy, a once in every third generation genius but they had it wrong, Sasuke was by no means a prodigy but he was perfect and I was burning from head to toe with envious thoughts.

A pure vision of pale soft skin, dark hair, supple lips and oozing with innocence and purity; it was repulsive and aggravated me more than anything. I said frequently that I hated him, which wasn't a whole lie but neither was it a whole truth; but oh did I despise him with every ounce of my being.

The unspoiled, unadulterated and purely virtuous nature of him was enough to make you sick; starving for attention like a love sick fool, asking me frequently why I hated him and why I wouldn't spend time with him; he was the epitome of my frustration and often faced the bluntness of it.

I stalked like a panther from the kitchen where I was enjoying partially my unfinished cigarette, to sneak back down the hallway to my bedroom; unaware of the smaller body hiding there I barged into it sending the aforementioned body sprawling hard to the floor.

Sasuke looked up with wide obsidian eyes, clutching at his shoulder I had smacked into; sneering happily I noted the bruise blossoming against the stark skin.

My teeth gritted and I snarled at him, "What are you fucking doing out of bed?"

He blinked abashedly looking away to swallow before looking back up at me, "I heard you get up and I wanted to know if you were alright…" He spoke with a soft voice, wary of his parents sleeping a bit further down the hall.

Glaring annoyed at him, I tsked my tongue before replying. "Mind you own business Sasuke, whatever I'm up for at such a late hour is of no concern to you."

The malice and condescending tone of voice brought a hurt look to his face as I barged past again, hitting the same shoulder once again knocking him to the floor before I disappeared into my bedroom. The soft bed looking more than comfortable as I lie on it, my eyes drifting shut with the taste of satisfaction and nicotine on my tongue that wouldn't last very long.

Pleasure racked my body as I woke with a raging hard on and temper to kill, my mind was fuzzy from sleep and the visually stimulating dream as I listened carefully for telltale signs of life in the house; finding non save for my father's volatile snores I climbed out bed. The hardwood flooring felt good against my bare feet as I trudged angrily into the kitchen where light drifted from, Sasuke sat at the island bench staring off into the smooth granite as he held an ice pack to his shoulder that I had banged into.

Oblivious to my sudden appearance and looking all that more ethereal and beautiful, my anger spiked as I crossed the smart white tiles to grab a hold of his sleep shirt in my hand; an indignant cry and he dropped the frozen ice.

Looking at me with wide panicked eyes I smirked nastily at him before yanking him closer, bending my neck down to his protesting face I crushed my lips to his supple ones with heavy force. His trembling hands, cold from the ice pressed against my hot skin eliciting a sharp hiss from between our mouths.

Turning and twisting his face away from mine he let out a cry as I sucked a firm chunk of his skin at the junction of his neck and shoulder into my mouth, biting down roughly to bring forward a love bruise, I continued the war path of bruise's up to his swollen lips once again.

Pushing against me, I grabbed a fist full of his bluish black hair spiking at the back, his arms immediately bent up to grapple at my hand as I backed him against the bench, my lips on his in seconds.

Bucking and resisting against me, he unknowingly spurred the heat pooled in my cock on further till I had enough, I bit into his lip splitting the soft flesh that gushed blood down his chin and in my mouth, sucking greedily I smirked gratefully at the cries echoing and dying between us.

"Aniki, please" He cried out as pushed my knee into his lower regions, rubbing roughly before I pushed him further against the counter, pulling his legs up to hook my hips slightly. Tears ripped from his eyes and I grinded my hip's into his with bruising force; he wasn't hard but it still felt good to me as I continued unmercifully as he whimpered in pain.

Pleasure accumulated to a high point and I halted my furious grinding to drop his trembling legs back to the ground. My voice was thick as leather as I spoke in his ear; "On you fucking knees."

Lust growled hard in my voice, his owlish eyes shining with wet tears as he protested, begging me with frightful eyes. Sexual frustrated I shoved his head down till he sat on his knees, uncaring if they hurt from being dug into the grooves between the tiles.

Jerking his head to an angle where he was looking at me, I fumbled to push my cotton sleep pants down my willowy hips, the hot, flushed and considerably erect height of my male anatomy free.

"Open your fucking mouth and don't bite or there will be consequences." I warned sex driving my actions as he briefly nodded before I stuffed the first few inches of my cock in his mouth.

Gagging and spluttering I forced myself in and out of his mouth, not pulling back till I hit the back of his throat, tears streamed down his cheeks. He cried more forcefully now but that only made the experience all that much better, contracting and gagging from the inexperience he swallowed the best he could.

Murmurs of 'so good' and numerous things spilled from my mouth, uncaring if it was insulting or degrading to him in anyway. I grabbed his head with both of my hand's and thrust myself deeper if possible till his lips were stretched white over my girth.

Crying out with a mouthful he tried to shove my hips away with his hands but I was having none of that, forcing myself into a fast and brutal pace; I face fucked him into oblivion. My moan was throaty and intense as hot searing sperm shot down his throat as is spasmed, with or without consent he swallowed it all.

Rocking lazily in his mouth I rode the waves of pleasure till I stilled, my cock slipping from his mouth as he fell forward the ground my fingers unfisting his hair in the process. Panting hoarsely and crying he shook against the tiles, re-adjusting myself in my pants I spoke to him coldly.

"Go to bed you whore." The satisfaction from the mind blowing blow job I had just received made the insult sound less threatening but I knew it was no less degrading.

He cried hard to himself, pulling into a sitting position he looked up at me with cum dripping from his mouth. Turning I walked away, back down the hallway pleased to know that my father's snores were still loud as ever as I shut my door.

I felt satisfied with myself as I crawled into my bed for the third time that night, but my heart held a pang of guilt as I heard the sound of stomach acid's hitting water as Sasuke threw up into the toilet.


Fag – another slang term for cigarette.

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