I apologise for this but I have been considering removing this story. I have been cleaning up my stories list, getting rid of the ones I disliked and possibly re-writing them, an example of this is 'Disgusting' and 'What I Want'.

I will post a poll on profile for the readers of this story to decide whether I should keep it or not.

Please understand that if I do delete this story IT WILL NOT PERMANET; I will re-write it and re-submit it once I am happy with it. I dislike a lot about this story, the point of view and over flow of it in particular.

In fact I hate this story at the moment.

Feel free to voice your opinions further than the poll by either reviewing or private messaging me; I love to know what you really think of this story.

Thanks guys!

-Tripptych / a m b a, y e a h ?