Hooking up had been Harvey's way of avoiding a relationship. He guessed it was because his parents had gotten divorced when he was six. And before his little boy fantasy of seeing his parents get back together could come true, his father died a year later.

Of course, that had nothing to do with why he hooked up except that his father spent the year before he died trying to replace his mother with one failed relationship after another. So, to avoid several failed relationship and all that kissy, mushy shit, Harvey preferred one-night stands. It was easier.

Although, sleeping with Donna was never in the game plan. It hadn't even been in the ballpark, the parking lot, or the sidewalk across the street where the scalpers stood and tried to sell fake or old tickets to unsuspecting game goers. But it had happened…

Harvey had won a huge profile case, earning the firm a huge chunk of change, and Jessica threw a celebratory party at a local bar. Harvey, in a moment of juvenile ignorance and after a couple scotches, bet a few of the associates (Mike included) that he could out drink them.

Harold or Henry (whatever his name was) and Seth went down first, Ryan followed, and Gregory was the last. It had come down to Mike and Harvey, the latter just unable to allow himself to lose, but before either one could call themselves the victor Jessica broke it up.

Harvey lost some time after that, not that he'd admit it aloud to anyone, and the next thing he knew he was kissing this girl. He didn't know who she was, didn't even know where they were, but he wanted her and Harvey Specter always got what he wanted…


He pretty much blacked out the rest of the night, his head killing him when he awoke the next morning. He ran his hands down his face, opening them to blinding sunlight. He hissed in pain, turning to face away from the window, only to freeze. Someone was in bed with him.

He didn't know if it was his bed, hers, or some random hotel, but the lack of glass walls narrowed it down some. It wasn't his place.

He studied the girl for a second, noting her strawberry blond hair and fair features. She kind of reminded him of Donna. Which would be completely funny…

To him only, because Donna would not find it funny at all. She'd call him a sexist pig and an asshole and a bunch of other colorful terms. As pretty as she was, Donna's vocabulary could get on the ugly side.

And why was he dwelling on Donna when he was lying next to, what he hoped, was a beautiful young woman? He reached out, brushing her soft hair off her face, only to freeze. Holy shit.

The reason she looked so much like Donna was because she was Donna…

"Oh crap. No, no, no." he sat up quickly, ignoring the pounding in his head. The ever present denial crept up on him, as silent as a cat. There was a possibility they didn't do anything. It could have been innocent, drunk friends sleeping in the same bed, maybe. The clothes scattered across the room told a different story.

He had to wake her up. Wait, are you kidding me, she could kill you. Please, he wasn't Mike. He wasn't afraid of Donna. Much…

He pushed his two signs of insanity away, nudging Donna's shoulder. She stirred, turning so her bare back was to him. He nudged her again, she groaned, he nudged her a third time, and she swatted his hand, freezing.

"Hello?" she said sleepily. She turned, continuing in a smart ass voice, "Either we had a fun night or this is awk…" her eyes widened at the sight of Harvey. "No." she shook her head.

"Hi," Harvey responded giving her a forced smile. Better to play this out casually, avoid a fight. There was no doubt she would blame him.

"We did not…"

"We did."

"No." she shook her head again. "We…we can't. We…we didn't."

"Exhibit A," Harvey said indicating the clothes scattered across the floor.

"Cute," Donna retorted sitting up, running her hands down her face. The blanket had slipped, Harvey getting a pretty good view. "Hey," she snapped covering herself up again. "Hope you liked the view because you are never seeing them again."

"Listen," Harvey said quickly trying not to smile, Donna glared at him but allowed him to continue. "We'll pretend it never happened. We can do that, right?"

"Of course we can," Donna responded nodding. "So, this never happened, agreed?" she held out her hand.

"Agreed," Harvey replied shaking her hand…


1 month later…

Donna was late. Not the 'I need to get to work, yesterday' late. Not even the 'damn traffic jam needs to move' late. She was LATE. In her thirty-plus years (the first twelve not counting) she had never been late. Not once.

Of course, that still didn't stop her from checking her calendar six times. She did the math eight times, she checked the calendar a seventh time, did the math one last time, and sat down heavily. Yep, she was late. But that could mean anything…

Oh, who was she kidding. She knew the reason, or she suspected. Her stomach had been feeling weird for a while.

"Damn it," she muttered hanging her head. She didn't need another reason for people to think her and Harvey were a couple. It was bad enough she heard a few of the secretaries whispering about it in the break room. Of course, that had been once and she set them straight in about six seconds. Nobody accuses Donna Ilene Ryan of screwing her boss to get ahead.

Speaking of her boss, how the hell was she going to tell Harvey? He didn't like these things. In fact Donna was pretty sure he hated them. He never showed any interest in them before, and the times he had been around them Donna could practically feel the disapproval dripping off him.

But she was getting ahead of herself. It was still a theory. She didn't know. There could be a perfectly logical reason why she was late. Poor diet, stress, her birth control pills: Yeah, fat lot they did me.

She just had to buy a test, take it, and appease her worry. She was lucky this was her day off. Because she wasn't… she didn't… no… she couldn't be…


She was…

The stupid test came back positive; actually all six tests came back positive. She thought about taking another one, but what was the point. Six was overkill as it was; one more wasn't going to change anything.

She ran her hand through her hair, trying to remain calm. Easier said than done, Donna, she thought to herself. This wasn't happening, she wasn't carrying a Specter. Anything but that...

She glanced down at the tests feeling her stomach drop. Oh, but she was. Stupid alcohol…


I am a huge Darvey fan (Harvey/Donna), but my friend Benny is convinced they won't work because they are too similar. A conversation between him and me brought this out. I won't get into details, it will be hard to explain, but let's just say we have a huge chunk of the dialogue written out.

That is if you want this continued.

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